THIS Makes You Magnetic to Women - Your Crush WILL ALWAYS Notice You

THIS Makes You Magnetic to Women – Your Crush WILL ALWAYS Notice You

Have you ever stood in the mirror before you stepped out of the door to go on your first date, and felt like a fraud with imposter syndrome? I think at some point we all do it. We all lack the confidence needed to grab someone’s attention within the first three seconds of meeting them.

Let’s be honest, if you’re not feeling ten out of ten no one around you is going to believe that you are a ten out of ten. 

Some men say that women are so complicated that half of the time they can’t even be bothered to try and woo them. And to be honest, sometimes I agree with them. Women are extremely complicated. Sometimes they are so complicated that they don’t even know what they want themselves, yet they expect you to. Confusing right?

So, to help with the confusion ahead of you when entering the dating pool, we’ve dived face-first into the water and found these habits and tricks that you can do to make you a magnet for the women. A woman magnet to be precise! So, settle down, grab a beer or water, and let us tell you how you can bag that babe with half the complications.

How to be magnetic to women


You could be the most handsome man on the planet with the perfect hair, perfect smile, and chiselled jawline, but if you smell funky, you will find yourself alone.

Basic hygiene is a must for everybody. It’s vitally important to look after yourself from the inside out, which means washing every day and brushing your teeth!

Please do not be that guy that rocks up smelling all kinds of sweaty and think that spraying deodorant will cover the smell. Trust me it hasn’t, and you probably smell worse!

On top of showering every day. A good aftershave contributes to your attractiveness and all women love a good smell. If your scent lingers on them after you’ve hugged and they can still smell it, well, talk about heart eye emoji! Women will be able to smell you before they’ve even spoken to you and once they get a whiff, they will flock like birds around you.

Dress sense

Even if we don’t want to admit it, we all judge people based on what they are wearing before we have even spoken to them. It’s a shallow thing to do, but I think it’s human nature because we all do it.

If you want to get that girl to look at you twice, you’ve got to dress well.

Now, you don’t have to go out and spend three months’ worth of your payslip on expensive clothes. It’s not always about the money, it’s how you wear the clothes that you’ve got. The environment that you’re in dictates the clothes that you wear. You’re not going to wear a tailored suit if you’re about to build a brick wall in a construction yard, are you?

Here are some simple and easy tips to help you dress well for your dates. 

  • If you’re going for an evening meal in a fancy restaurant, wear a nice pair of shoes with either dress pants or a suit (depending on your level of comfort). 
  • A pair of fitted jeans is a must in the wardrobe. We don’t play with boot cut jeans, leave them to the old folks and the cowboys. Also, don’t sag them around your butt, you don’t look cool you look silly. 
  • Accessories do matter, they could bring an outfit together. So, if you have a nice watch or a ring that you like, wear them with pride. Not only will you look classy and bougie, but women’s eyes will also be drawn to your hands and wrist. We all love a nice pair of manly hands.


Over 65% of women have said that a funny man who can make them laugh is instantly more attractive to them.

A good sense of humour is a great ice breaker for initiating a new meeting but also helps avoid any awkward silences or boring conversations whilst you’re trying to get to know the ladies. 

Now you may be thinking I’m the funniest guy out of my friends for sure! There’s a difference between being funny because it’s natural and being unnecessarily mean (but you think you’re being funny) to those around you to make yourself look good. It makes you look like a fool more than anything, which is a huge turn-off for all women.

There’s nothing worse than a rude guy who thinks he’s god’s gift. Plant those feet on the ground buddy and humble yourself. 


This might sound like the easiest thing in the world to do, and you may even roll your eyes thinking ‘why is this even included it’s something everybody does every day!’ You would be surprised how many times a girl has said something so simple and a guy has not paid any attention to it and nodded their head anyway. 

It’s not hard to pay attention when you’re in conversation. If you have initiated it and you want to get to know the girl, you need to listen to her. She’ll tell you all of her interests and hobbies. Essentially giving you all the information you need to impress her in the long run.

Don’t know what to get her as a present? She’ll have told you about her favourite chocolate and flowers. Don’t know where to take her on a date? She’ll have mentioned a hobby she likes that you could turn into a date. It is that simple. She will feel appreciated and cared for. 

Eye contact

Nice and simple, when you’re talking to a lady make eye contact with her so she knows that you are listening to what she’s saying.

Undivided attention is such a babe magnet and separates you from the vast majority of men who just nod their heads during a conversation and contribute very little to the subject.


Women love a confident man, and confident men stand out in a crowd like a sore thumb but in a good way.

If you’re not feeling confident within yourself it’s okay, you can fake it until you make it. Drop your shoulders and push them back, chest out and chin up while you’re walking around.

I can guarantee you will catch the eye of everyone when you walk past. Your confidence is like a magnet that they can sense from a mile away.

Be careful with this one though, sometimes being too confident can come across as conceited and that is a huge turn-off for women. Being full of yourself makes you look arrogant and to women being with a man who thinks he is better than everyone around him is an ick in itself, it is also embarrassing to be around when other people witness it too.


Sometimes trying to get a woman’s attention can be a very daunting thing to think about, and men can overcomplicate it in their heads and give up before they have even started. Hopefully, these pointers will show you it’s not as difficult as you may think, and you can catch her if you just do a little bit of effort.

You might have to step outside of your comfort zone. Trust me it will be worth it as your confidence builds and you feel good about yourself. You will impress the ladies, but you will for sure impress yourself with these tricks up your sleeve.

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