How to attract a specific person in your life

Attract A Specific Person In Your Life – Get Your Crush To Notice You & Like You Back

Learn how to attract a specific person in your life! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to get your crush to like you back. We’ll be going over some useful body language and psychology tips you can put to use to get noticed by the girl that you like.

So you have a crush on a lady and it’s growing stronger every day, the only issue is she doesn’t know that you like her and you don’t really know how to tell her that you do. It’s a tale as old as time and it’s very difficult to actually know what to do. Which is why today’s video I’m going to give you those answers.

I’m going to tell you how to attract your crush using some simple tips that work.

How to attract a specific person in your life

Ask them to do you a favour 

It might seem a little early to ask them for a favour. How does asking someone for something attract them? If you ask them to perform a minor act of service for you they will associate the feelings of your approval with positivity according to dating coach, Mario Sinelmann. It’s a bit of a sneaky trick but it is completely harmless. Don’t make it something that is too hard or annoying to complete. Keep it simple by asking them to do something like helping you to move (which gives you extra time with them as well) or asking them to pick you up a coffee when they come to see you at lunch. 

Laugh at their jokes 

Everyone likes to think they are funny. Making someone else laugh is one of the nicest things we can do as people. It releases so many feel good hormones and makes you instantly feel happy. So if you are out with her and she cracks a joke, laugh and make sure she knows you think she is funny. It will release a happy hormone in her which she will then associate with you. 

Share your flaws and imperfections 

It’s time to get candid. Opening up to someone about things that make you vulnerable, makes them feel special, trusted by you and also they are more likely to open up to you. This deepens the relationship and makes it more than a surface level fling. For example maybe you dislike your laugh, you could tell her this after your laugh and she will be happy that you have opened up to her. The trick here is not to put yourself down all the time by self-deprecating yourself because that will lower your value. You want to be open, honest but remain of high value. 

Be present on social media

You can’t be with her all the time and you don’t want to message her all the time because you will start to look desperate. So how do you stay at the front of her mind? It’s simple! You need to be active on social media. Focus on the channel she uses the most like Instagram for example. Post pictures and stories of you when you are out with your friends or doing something interesting. Make your life look as exciting as possible and she won’t be able to resist being a part of it. 

Ask them to watch a scary movie with you 

Only because we have already celebrated Halloween does not mean you can’t invite her to watch a scary movie with you. This could be at home or in the movie theatre. Either way ask her if she would like a scary movie night. She will get a fright and suddenly she will be grabbing you so that you can keep her safe. It will encourage more physical closeness which is important when you are trying to attract your crush. 

Carry a warm drink in your hand

According to research, people who have a warm drink in their hand appear more approachable than those who don’t. If you take a moment to think about people you have first met, if they have a takeaway cup in their hand they appear to be more casual. People who are more casual are often more approachable and easy going. If you want to attract your crush, you need to appear as approachable as possible. You can use this as an excuse to buy more takeaway coffees if you like and if anyone asks, you can assure them that you are doing it for science. 

Mimic your crushes behaviour

This is something we do subconsciously when we meet someone. You can move things along though by doing it on purpose. For example maybe they have a distinctive way that they speak, you might start to speak at the pace they do. Or they might always say some specific language that you pick up as your own. 

This will make you seem familiar to them because you are doing the same things they are. They will feel more connected to you and closer to you. 

Wear the same colours that they do 

Sex therapist, Cherly Chr says “Notice which colours they wear the most often, and then add some of those colours to your wardrobe”. Your crush will definitely notice you and be attracted to you if you are wearing the same colours that they do! 

Play some tricks on them 

If you want the treat, you need to play some tricks on your crush. Playing some silly pranks on your crush is another way of flirting with them and showing them how you feel about them. Keep it light, don’t go doing something too serious! Maybe scare them as they walk around the corner and give them a slight fright. It will supercharge the chemistry between you both. 

Find some unusual similarities 

Dating coach, Madeline Mason Roundtree says “we are attracted to people we perceive as similar to ourselves, and research suggests attraction will increase if we perceive our commonalities as rare or unusual”. So the stranger the thing, the closer you could possibly get to your crush.  Maybe your parents both went to the same high school or you both have the same star sign! Whatever it is, dig around to find out something that you can bond over. 

Be yourself 

I can offer you some tips and tricks when it comes to attracting your crush. They will work and help you win over the special person in your life. The thing is though nothing is as important as simply being yourself. You need to show her the real you because you can’t act like someone else for the length of your relationship, now can you! Tell her all about the real you and display your own behaviour to attract her to you. 

Be a little touchy feely 

When you occasionally touch someone, it intensifies the feelings you have about each other. It doesn’t matter if it is picking a hair up off her shoulder or touching her leg subtly as you make a joke. Whatever it is, will help your feelings towards each other grow.

It will also show her that you like her and want more if she is ready to give it over. You can do it casually when you are walking through a park or when you have finally bagged a romantic date with her. 

Spend lots of time with her

You don’t want to smother her and be overly clingy. Every lady, even your crush values time alone and likes to have their own life. Giving her this space will make you far more attractive than being in her space all the time will. It will also set you apart from other guys who might struggle not to be clingy. 

At the same time you do want to spend as much time with her as possible because you want her to get to know you and have time to develop feelings for you. So arrange an appropriate amount of dates with her. Also try to spend time with her and your friends or her friends. This will make it feel less structured and she won’t think of it as time spent with her. Have a mixture of romantic dates and more casual dates to balance things out. 

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