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10 SEXY “Older Guy” Traits Younger Women LOVE! Girls Find These Super Attractive & Desirable

Older men dating younger women, what’s the deal? In today’s video we’re going to be discussing what it is that attracts younger women to older men? The traits that are typical of older guys that women find attractive and desirable in a relationship.

What Attracts Younger Women To Older Men?

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘love knows no bounds?’ It means that love has no boundaries, no distance and no reason. 

Basically, we can’t help who we fall in love with. It just happens! 

Especially when it comes to age. Age is but a number. Although it is still slightly taboo in our society for a woman to date an older man, it is very common. Some of the most famous people in the world are older than their spouses.

Many women like to date older men. They are just naturally attracted to them and like to spend time with them. 

In this video, we are going to learn about 10 older guys traits younger women find sexy. Are you ready?

Trait 1: They are more mature 

This one is less of a trait and more something older guys naturally have. 

It can be confusing because women’s brains are 4 years younger than men but lady’s reach maturity earlier.

Scientists say that women reach peak maturity at 32 and men reach it at 40. 

This means that if a lady is dating a younger man, maturity-wise, he is a lot younger than her. Which can make it hard. Especially when it comes to things like settling down, buying a house, getting married and having children. 

While younger men are still interested in partying, older men are working on their careers and future selves. 

This is what women want. They want a guy that is ready to commit to them and treat them well. 

When it comes to sophisticated conversations, older men are also better at these because of their level of maturity. Which makes dating them more enjoyable. 

Trait 2: They are more experienced 

Yes, I am talking about the bedroom.

But also in a relationship. 

Older men have seen more because well…they have lived longer! They have most likely dated more people and have been in more relationships.

Older men have picked up tricks in the bedroom and really understand what women want, which is super sexy! Older men also understand that sex is not just for men but also for women. 

In relationships, they understand what women need, which women really find sexy. It means the relationship is normally more balanced. 

Trait 3: Searching for a daddy

Some women have strained relationships with their dad’s at a young age. It gives them something called ‘daddy issues’. They start searching for someone who is the opposite of their father. 

In an attempt to find someone who is the opposite of their father, they search for older men who are similar to the dad they had while growing up. Women seek a mentor, a friend and someone who will offer them advice. 

While dating an older man, she finds that she is naturally attracted to older men and continues the cycle. 

Trait 4: They know what they want in life 

Older men have spent time working on themselves. This means that they know what they want in life. They have a future planned out and they would love someone to spend it with.

Whoever they date or are in a relationship with will need to be able to slot into their lives. They won’t be changing their future plans but they would include a lovely lady in them.

The fact that older men are super sure about what they want in life is super sexy. 

Trait 5: Older men are mysterious 

Older men have a certain sexy mysteriousness to them. They have seen things that you only see with age. They have a certain seriousness to their face and lines on their forehead. 

Women find it so sexy, they want to know more about their story and what they have done. 

Older men tend to ask more about women on a date as opposed to talking about themselves, which makes them super mysterious. 

I once dated a very sexy older man. He was really mysterious and had travelled the world. His stories made me weak at the knees and I was instantly hooked. 

Young women find it so sexy to hear about older men’s adventures, stories, successes and failures. 

Trait 6: They are very understanding 

Older men treat women with more understanding and respect than younger men do. They have a lot of previous experience in relationships which means they are more understanding of women’s needs. Older men don’t have time for small issues, they are big picture thinkers. They have more patience and will get to the root of a problem. 

These guys will resolve any issues, they don’t care for game playing because well, they are too mature. 

They understand why women feel hormonal sometimes and that they like thing’s a certain way. Older men are willing to listen and learn. Women find this trait very sexy. 

Trait 7: They are ready to get married 

Older men are further along in their lives and are more mature. Because of this, they are more ready to settle down and get married. Women are often looking for someone to settle down with and someone who will not break their hearts anymore. 

Younger men are not mature enough to settle down in marriage but for some lady’s that’s all they want. Older men make younger women feel safe and secure which makes them great marriage material. 

If an older man asks a younger woman to marry him, the woman is delighted. She no longer has to suffer heartbreak and can spend her life with someone very special. The older man loves being with a younger woman, who is full of energy and youth. 

Trait 8: Older men have more money 

This is a brilliant trait most older men have. Not only have they had longer to work and develop their careers. They have also had longer to practise the art of saving. Younger men are to immature with their money. They spend it on frivolous things which won’t last very long. 

Older men however invest their money in things like stocks and shares which will multiply in value and offer a more stable future. Women really want a stable future where they do not have to worry about things like money and older men offer this to them. 

Older men might already own things like cars or houses which younger men simply don’t. 

Women find this very attractive and very sexy. 

Trait 9: Older men help around the house 

Older men are more likely to be clean and help around the house. They may already own a house and have had to keep it clean themselves. This means that they are house trained! They enjoy helping around the house with things like laundry, cleaning the bathroom and bedrooms. 

Older men are almost always a lot cleaner than younger men. This means that the younger woman does not need to clean up after him. House chores and cleaning is a subject that younger couples often argue about. With older men, there is simply no need because one of his best traits is that he will help around the house. 

Trait 10: They treat women well 

The final trait which is also the most important one, is they treat women well. 

I have dated younger men before. I have found them to sometimes be immature, unwilling to commit and inexperienced. Older men though have always treated me so well. They have treated me like an equal and I love that.

I am not the only one. Younger women want to be treated well by the man they choose to be with. Older men naturally do this because of all their life experiences and wonderful traits listed above. 

If you are an older man looking for love, why not date some younger women? They will find you very sexy and attractive. You might just find the lady, you would like to settle down with! And when you are 60 she will still look 25, bonus! 

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