Girls Do THIS When Waiting For You To Make A Move (Does She Want You? Find Out Now)

Girls Do THIS When Waiting for You to Make a Move (Does She Want You? Find Out Now)

It should come as no surprise at all that women do not want to make the first move. Mostly because they are afraid of rejection and putting yourself out there is a very scary thing to do, especially in today’s society of high expectations and stereotypes to fit into.

Unfortunately for you guys, it means that for the vast majority of women they are waiting for you to make the first move so they don’t have to. And there might be some of you out there who also don’t want to be making that first move, to which I hope you all know that you will be stuck in limbo until you decide to walk away. Nobody wants that right?

So how are you supposed to know that a woman is waiting for you to make the first move, because nobody wants to make a move and then get rejected. Talk about embarrassing!

Well, don’t panic guys because we have done all the research and found some key factors that can help you determine where you are on the dating spectrum and whether or not your lady friend is waiting for you to make the first move.

There are a number of signs to look out for and hopefully the more you know the easier it is to spot them early on so that you can blossom into a fruitful relationship.

Signs she wants you

Eye contact

As the famous saying goes “the eyes are the window to the soul,” it shouldn’t be too shocking to know that when someone makes direct eye contact with you for more than 3 seconds they are trying to communicate with you nonverbally.

For women who find you attractive and want you to make the first move, they will hold your gaze as an indication to let you know that they are interested in you.

They will also hold eye contact with you during conversation to let you know that they are listening to what you have to say and you have their undivided attention.

So the next time you’re in a group conversation and you’re chatting about something and then you notice there is a lovely lady making direct eye contact with you, why not make the first move and see what happens?


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re hanging out with your friend – a lady friend – and during the conversation you start to notice that the jokes and the banter start to become a bit flirtier than usual?

That’s because she has developed feelings for you throughout your friendship and wants you to know without her having to come out and say “I like you”.

The more flirty references or compliments you notice she starts to give you, the more she has feelings for you and she’s dropping all these hints hoping that you’ll catch on and flirt back, maybe even ask her out on a date.


When a woman decides that she likes you and she feels like the two of you have surpassed that stage of your friendship where you can loosen up a little bit and not worry too much about crossing boundaries, she will slowly start to branch out with how she touches you.

She’ll start to sit a bit closer to you so that your legs can touch – sounds very simple, but for women, it’s so important that even the little details are acknowledged.

When she laughs at something you say her hand will automatically reach to your arm so she can feel your muscles and have that skin on skin contact.

With every touch she does she will gauge your reaction to see if she is overstepping any boundaries she may not know about. But it’s important to understand that every touch she gives you, she is hoping that you will mirror her and do the same back.

Touch is a very important aspect of a relationship for women as the way we interact with others and how we move our bodies with theirs speaks volumes on how comfortable we are with them, how well we work with them and how other people will view us.

If you’re feeling a little awkward around a person but trying really hard not to let it show, trust me, there’s someone who can look at your body language and just tell you’re in a situation you don’t want to be in.

So maybe the next time you’re hanging out with a lovely lady and you start to notice the proximity between the two of you is getting smaller, she’s reaching out into your personal space a bit more and maybe even brushing her hand against your – she’s waiting for you to hold her hand.


The more interested in you a woman becomes, the more questions she will ask you in order to gather information about you or just simply know how your day is going. 

Maybe it will start with a “what’s your favourite colour?“ type of question and then the more frequently become “how’s your day going? What have you eaten today?”.

Women are natural nurturers so when she starts asking questions about you or she wants to know all she can to make sure that you are looking after yourself physically or mentally. This is a clear indication that she does have feelings for you and she’s waiting for you to make the first move.

Receiving a lot of questions can be very annoying understandably, but for us we’re basically just trying to get information about you. Just know that this is her way of checking in with you without coming out of their comfort zone and telling you she has feelings for you.

So, if you notice the question is becoming more frequent then this is a good sign that she has feelings for you and she’s probably waiting for you to ask her out on a date so that she can level up from friend to girlfriend. 


This one is for a handful of women because a lot of women that we have spoken to don’t actually experience this emotion, but there are a good portion of women who have admitted they get jealous when they’re waiting for a guy to make the first move.

Imagine this: you’ve met someone and the more you get to know them the more feelings that you have, you’re a little too nervous to let them know, so you just bide your time and wait for them to ask you out.

You’re waiting and waiting but they are not asking you out, and then you see them with another person or someone else showing interest in him. The green-eyed monster will raise its head!

If you’re around a girl and she starts to show signs of jealousy then take the hint that she’s waiting for you to make the first move.

Signs of jealousy can differ from woman to woman but one of the most common signs is facial expressions changing towards the sour end of the spectrum.

Now, I understand the frustration that must come with the idea that women expect you to be a mind reader when they are known to constantly change their mind as their emotions fluctuate.

But, we’re hoping with these signs now being told to you that you can spot them yourself when you’re conversing with the lovely ladies and know which route to go down. Almost like having subtitles in front of a person you’re speaking to – a lot easier to understand and there’s no way you can go wrong.

Think of these signs as green flags that as soon as you’ve seen it, you know exactly what they’re thinking and how to go about getting to the next stage.

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