Women Really Desire THIS In a Relationship - Do THIS & She's Yours

Women Really Desire THIS In a Relationship – Do THIS & She’s Yours

Here are the fundamental needs of a relationship that every woman craves. 

Men and women are emotionally at odds when it comes to what women want in a relationship. Our connections seem to be missing in some way.

Most young men are unable to fully engage with their female lovers, while female lovers are not entirely open to their male partners either.

Men aren’t providing what women need, therefore they are not opening up. Women are suffering; they are feeling let down and angry.

Women go distant from their partners when they are in pain and feel unheard. 

Giving your partner what she needs can help her feel seen and encourage her to open up once again. 

Learn the right skills to get to know your partner better

Feeling loved

When women feel appreciated, they are able to relax and open themselves up. Arguments end, there is plenty of good times between the sheets, and their nourishing feminine energy infuses every aspect of your life.

The common thread of every disagreement you and your partner has is that she doesn’t feel loved.

She probably doesn’t feel loved enough if she is concerned that you are going out with your friends, upset about her day at work, or only speaks in small fragments when she speaks to you.

Learn to see past her words, deeds, and moods to the true cause of the situation. 


The majority of your relationship will be spending time together. You want to make sure that it’s spent with someone who can act as both a lover and a best friend. 

When you’re feeling low, you can confide in a companion. Someone with whom you may celebrate accomplishments, who never fails to support and encourage you.

Someone you can watch binge worthy TV together in the evenings after a long day at work. Or even someone to play scrabble with if that is more your type of thing. 

In such private yet pure moments, we realize this is where that deep bond is formed between two people where you are able to relax, feel safe and simply be you.

Without friendship the relationship will never last, or it will drag on for years never going past a surface level of connection.

Make sure you don’t take each other for granted, respect each other, have fun and show up for each other when needed.

To feel safe

From a very young age, a battle is fought for women’s safety, sexuality, and self-worth.

Women need a secure zone where they feel they can trust their relationships due to the torrent of disempowering messages being conveyed to them around their sexuality. She wants to believe in your power.

She wants you to feel capable of handling everything she shows you. Particularly the weaker stuff.

She wants to know that if she asks for anything daring, you won’t criticize her.

If she instructs you to do things “This way” instead, she wants to know you won’t give up in defeat. 

Emotional intelligence

We seek emotional development. We want someone that is an adult without us constantly playing the role of a mother. ‘I have my own issues to worry about; I’m not here to lecture you on how to treat me or others.’

You should not need to be taught the fundamentals of life by your girlfriend if you’re an adult who is in or starting a committed relationship

Relationships with higher emotional maturity are more enduring and provide couples with a sense of security and closeness. 

Aspects of emotional maturity include being able to manage your own life, not being easily enraged, being sympathetic, and demonstrating empathy.

All of us want those qualities, especially in a partner. 

To feel seen and heard 

Women seek to be appreciated. She wants to know that you are paying attention to her and that you understand how she is feeling.

Although she doesn’t necessarily want you to feel her emotions, she does want you to see them.

If she is sitting across from you and you fail to see that she is struggling emotionally, and on the point of tears, she will start to lose trust in you.

She will question, “How long will it be until he realizes that I am hurting right now?” Will it take him days or weeks to notice my misery or show enough concern to support me through it?

Even in a partnership, life may feel quite lonely, if you don’t have that emotional support from a partner.  We don’t want to feel like we have to rely on ourselves when times get tough.  

A secure, mature relationship is about being there for the other person, helping to pick them up during their down days.

If you don’t feel it’s necessary to help out your partner when they are feeling low then it may be you’ve not branched out of that teenage relationship mindset. You need to think if you are ready to date seriously.

Stimulation (and romance)

Not only physically, which I’m sure you can do, but I’m referring to intellectual stimulation.

Every relationship begins with a lot of fun and games. The first animal urge you have for your partner fades off with time, but you are still drawn to them. They make you laugh, and you can’t wait to strip off each other’s clothing.

Women require more. They want to be able to have a variety of conversations. They want to be questioned in a way that makes them pause before responding. She wants knowledge that contradicts her fundamental ideas. She desires a vast range of information and wants her ideas to be valued and heard.

And for this reason, we want intellectual stimulation. With someone who always pushes you and makes you think, life won’t ever get uninteresting. 

Add a little (or a lot) of romance, and we’re good to go. 

To be allowed to be nurturing 

Both male and female energies have the want to protect and nurture.

Women want to see where your defences are weak. They want to know that you believe in them enough to be vulnerable with them. They want to be able to support you during your difficult times.

An integrated, evolved guy who possesses both a healthy dose of masculine energy and a small amount of feminine energy would appreciate his woman’s caring. 


Back in the day, women required men who were resourceful, while men searched for women who could reproduce.

Women still search for men today who possess strong survival skills and the capacity to work and support their families. Call us traditional, but we like a man who can take the ups and downs that life brings.

I don’t know anything about motors, so I want someone who can light a fire, fight a bear if necessary, and most surely defend me during the end of the world. I’m joking, because obviously women can do those things too.

We want a guy who is resourceful and capable of taking care of us when the going gets tough, just like you would expect the same from a lady.

Men should, however, be completely capable of being resourceful and provide stability both financially and emotionally if they are to be called the leader of the family.

To feel sexually desire 

What sets your connection with your partner apart from the ones you have with everyone else in your life?

Your partner and you have that physical connection. Women require a sense of sexual desire.

They want you to recognize and respect them as a sexual, feminine entity. Give her body praise. Feel her and eagerly grab her. Both of you will gain from you letting her know that you see her as a sexual creature, whilst emotionally stimulating her at the same time. 

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