Girls Do "THIS" When Hitting On A Guy! 19 Signs She’s Hitting On You (Is She Flirting With Me?)

Girls Do “THIS” When Hitting on A Guy! 19 Signs She’s Hitting on You (Is She Flirting with Me?)

Is she hitting on you? It can be hard to tell if a girl is hitting on you or just being nice. Now I get it the reason is they do look very similar don’t they. Especially to a guy who just wants to know if a girl is interested or not.

So, gents, how do you tell the difference? Well, you need to be looking for the signs that prove she is hitting on you.

Now some of these signs, they can be easy to spot but others they can be a lot more difficult.

I’m going to tell you about 19 signs that prove she is hitting on you. Now these signs are going to help you to stop missing out on the ladies that you think are just being friendly and nice.

Signs she’s hitting on you

She won’t stop smiling 

Every time she sees you, she is smiling.

When you say something that is not even that funny, she laughs. She might even comment on how she cannot wipe the smile off her face when she is around you.

This is a wonderful sign and one that not only shows she is hitting on you but also that you make her happy. 

She is very excited to be around you

Whenever she is around you, she seems excited. She mentions how much she likes to spend time with you and that she cannot wait to see you again soon.

If a girl does this, you know that she likes you

She does not hesitate to touch you

Normally the guy has to be the one to be brave and break the touch barrier.

If she leans over and touches you without hesitation, then she is showing you clearly that she is into you. She wants you to touch her back and is not shy about showing you that. 

She changes the way she dresses

If you knew her before now, you would know how she used to dress. Perhaps she always wore jeans and a top, but now, you notice that she is wearing a dress whenever she sees you. She is trying to attract your attention. 

She is giving off sexual energy 

Sexual energy is a feeling which can often be found in the air. It is exciting, flirty, and most definitely sexual. It makes you both feel naughty and like you might end up in her bed tonight.

She might make some sexual remarks or just be using her body to show you how she feels. 

She sits close to you

It might seem like she cannot get close enough to you. She wants to be as close as possible, so she shuffles closer to you when you are both sitting down.

When you are standing, she leans in and listens to what you are saying.

This can create a fun, exciting energy between you both. 

She flirts with her body

When she is flirting with you, it is not just her words that are doing the talking, it is her body as well.

She moves close to you when she says something flirty and gives you a quick touch. She might touch your arm, shoulder, or leg.

Girls often use their bodies in creative ways when they are flirting. 

It’s all about eye contact

Is she making eye contact with you? Looking you straight in the eye or giving you the flirty eyes from across the bar and then approaching?

She is most likely already hitting on you or is about to start hitting on you. Eye contact is significant, and it is something that can spark a connection which is why she would use it if she wanted to grab your attention. 

She is a big talker 

When she doesn’t stop talking to you. She asks you all sorts of questions and comes up with wacky conversation topics. It’s quite simple, she is hitting on you and wants you to find her interesting.

She wants to get to know you in a short space of time and she wants you to get to know her.

Well, the best way to do this is by talking, which is why it might seem like all she does is talk. 

She is nervous around you

She struggles to get words out and she seems really nervous when she is around you.

Nerves are a good sign because it shows she cares. You might notice that she started out by being really confident and then ended it by being a little nervous.

This is because at the beginning she was hitting on you and by the end of your conversation she liked you. 

She talks about your future

This one might surprise you. Why is she bringing up your future together when you have only just met, and you don’t even really know if she is hitting on you yet?

Well, it’s her way of showing you that she likes you and sees you both going further.

Normally a girl will do it in the form of a joke and say something like, can you imagine how great our children would look. Don’t panic, she doesn’t really want children with you there and then, don’t take it as a red flag, she just wants to show you that she does see this going beyond the conversation you are currently having. 

She fidgets 

She plays with her fingers, with the wrapper on her bottle, with literally anything around her!

Fidgeting is something ladies do when they are nervous around you. A girl being nervous around a guy is normally a good sign, it shows that they care. 

You’re flirting with her

Yes, this is a sign that she is hitting on you. We flirt with people that are hitting on us, it’s instinctive. Even if we don’t realize that they are hitting on us, our brain does. Once it does, we start flirting back and that is when it moves into a new territory.

Of course, not every woman that flirts with you will be your type, so although you might flirt back, you might also realize that she is not the one for you. Either way, you got to flirt! 

She asks you a lot of questions 

If a girl asks you questions, it is because she is interested in you. It might start off with the basic questions about your job and then move on to more personal questions.

This is her way of finding out more about you and shows you that she is interested in what you have to say. 

She flicks her hair

Girls flick their hair when they are trying to impress a guy. It might sound strange, but it works, and you have probably fallen for it before.

She might flick it behind her shoulder or flick it forwards. Subconsciously she is trying to draw your attention to her neck which is a very sexy part of the body

She bites her lip

This is a type of body language that girls display when they are flirting and hitting on a man.

She might slightly bite her lip while she speaks to you, or she might bite it when you are both flirting.

Lip biting is easy to miss so you need to keep your eyes peeled to notice it. 

She lets you into her personal space

Everyone has a bubble that is their own personal space. We do not like other people entering this bubble unless we invite them into it. We don’t often invite friends into our personal space like we do people we might be romantically interested in.

If she lets you into it by touching you or moving closer to you then it is a good sign. It shows that she is inviting you in. 

She gives you opportunities to kiss her

Instead of you having to put in a lot of hard work, she creates a moment so that you can kiss her.

She might be the one to lean in, or she might say something like “kiss me.” 

This can be one of the most nerve-wracking moments when a guy is hitting on a girl, so it’s great if she does it for you! 

She shows her body off subtly 

She wants you to see her body, but she doesn’t want to be too obvious about it.

It might be that she wears a short sleeve dress or a low plunging top. Normally girls pick outfits to show off a few parts of their body that they are proud of and want you to notice.

They might wear a dress that is tight around their curves, or they might wear a backless dress. Girls love it when a guy compliments them when they do this.

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