Girls Do THIS When They Don’t Like A Guy Romantically – Signs A Woman Doesn’t Want You

Learn how to tell if a girl isn’t interested in you romantically! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing some of the signs a woman isn’t into you. As unfortunate as this situation can end up being it’s often a lot better to find out sooner rather than later. Sometimes people simply aren’t meant to be together.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if a girl likes you or not then this video is bound to come in useful.

You have put in all the hard work, the impressive dates, the flirting, using the right body language and saying all the right things. So why does the girl that you are dating seem uninterested?

It is at this point that it can be hard to tell if she likes you or not. It’s important however that you tell quickly otherwise you could spend ages chasing this girl only to realize she’s not actually interested in you romantically.

Then, not only have you wasted your time, but you’ve missed out on the potential of other ladies that were interested in you. It’s a lose-lose situation and it’s a shame because it’s one that can be avoided.

In today’s video I’m going to tell you what girls do when they don’t like a guy romantically. And once you know the signs to look out for it’s much easier to withdraw from a situation early and be able to move on rather than get friend-zoned.

Signs She Doesn’t Like You Romantically

She takes ages to reply to your texts

When this happens we normally start to come up with all sorts of excuses as to why the other person is not replying to our messages.

We find ourselves checking our messages over and over again. Our phone feels like it is strapped to our hands at all times, and it can even drive us a little crazy.

You might tell yourself that she is just really busy or is working all the time. The truth is that if someone really wants to speak to you, they can always make time.

There are always five minutes in the day to send someone a message and let’s face it we all have our phones on us all the time. We see everything that goes in and out, there is no excuse.

So, if she takes ages to reply to your texts, it is because you are not as important to her as you may think. 

When she does reply to your texts, her answers are blunt 

When she eventually manages to reply, it is short and sweet. You could call it blunt even.

There is no excitement or happiness in her messages. You send her long messages asking her about her day and talking about how your own day is going, only for her to send you can one-word texts.

If it feels like she’s icing you out, it’s because she is. She is trying to show you that she does not like you.

If she liked you romantically she would be sending you lovely long messages. Not short, unemotional ones. 

She constantly flakes on dates 

You’ve plucked up the courage to ask her out and she accepted. So, you organized a super romantic date, only for her to cancel at the last minute. You feel disappointed and confused.

Why would she cancel right before you are both going to meet up? It’s because she is probably not romantically interested in you, and she is leading you on.

It’s not a nice thing to do. Take it as a sign to move along and let her relationship with you end naturally. 

When you do see her, she avoids physical contact 

When she does turn up to dates, she avoids physical contact completely.

She sits or stands away from you and never tries to touch you. If you put your hand on her shoulder she looks uncomfortable and swipes it away. This again is a classic sign that she does not romantically like you.

When we like someone we want them to touch us, and we want to touch them. We try to break the touch barrier so if someone is trying to avoid this, it’s not good news.

She might actually be overly cautious of touching you or nervous. So, look for other signs that she is suffering from nerves before backing away. 

She talks about other men

She makes little comments about good looking men that she sees when you are both on a date. Or she mentions some guys that she has been spending time with.

She might not be doing this on purpose, but she is doing it because romantically she is not interested in you.

Sometimes girls automatically do it when they don’t like a guy to try and show them how they feel without having to directly tell them.

If you notice this, you should bring it up with her and ask her to be truthful about how she feels about you. 

She brings up her ex-boyfriend a lot

She is constantly comparing you to her ex-boyfriend and talking about past experiences that she has had with him. She is probably still in love with him and might not realize it yet.

When she does though she will leave you and chase after him. It is better to notice this pattern of behavior and leave her before she leaves you. 

She never makes the plans and leaves that to you 

She never asks you if you would like to do something or go on a date. She leaves it all to you.

You suggest and organize every date which at the beginning you might not even think about. After a while though, you will realize that you are doing all the heavy lifting and she is just turning up.

Girls are normally natural organizers and they like to arrange dates. So, if she is not offering to do this, it’s most likely because she is just not that interested or invested. 

She looks uninterested while you are speaking 

You are telling her about your day at work and she has a plain look on her face. She is not nodding back to you or even replying to what you are saying. She is simply uninterested.

You might think that she just has a lot on her mind but as I have said earlier on in the video, if she really liked you then she would put the effort in to impress you.

This is a sign of how she feels, and you are better to break things off. 

She never asks you about you 

You find yourself always asking about her, but she never asks you about yourself.

You ask her questions about her job, hobbies and friends. She answers them and tell you what you want to hear but then does not reciprocate it by asking you any questions.

She is not romantically interested in you at all. She might just have wanted to go on a date or be stringing you along. 

She never makes any effort 

She does not phone, text, arrange dates, talks to you very much and she forgets important things you have told her.

Basically, she puts zero effort into you. This can really knock your confidence and make you feel like you are not good enough. You are though but you are just not supposed to be with this girl.

There is another girl out there who will fall in love with you and treat you much better. You are better to tap out early to avoid too much of your confidence being taken.

The longer you stay, the more painful it will be. 

She tells you that she is not into you 

If she sits you down and tells you that she is not into you, it’s important that you listen to her.

Sometimes we block out things that we do not want to hear. We ignore what someone we like says because it is easier to be hurt. This is not the solution though because if she does not feel the same way there’s no point forcing it.

You could try and go on more dates with her, but you are wasting your time because she has made up her mind.

It is better to leave things on a good note as well because you never know in the future you might meet again, and she might fall madly in love with you! 

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