23 Subtle Signs She Wants Your Attention - It's Time To Notice Her Already!

23 Subtle Signs She Wants Your Attention – It’s Time to Notice Her Already!

Is a girl trying to grab your attention and are you not sure if she wants more or if she is just being friendly?

It can be hard to pick up on those subtle signs that a girl is trying to get your attention.

Guys are often a lot more obvious when they want a girl. Most of the time they would just tell her what they want.

Girls prefer to take a less obvious approach. In their minds they might think that they are being obvious, but in your mind it’s hard to tell. This is just how some girls are and it’s most definitely sadly up to you to decipher those subtle signs.

I’m going to tell you about 23 of those subtle signs so that you are not left guessing next time a girl looks your way.

Signs she wants your attention

She always laughs at your jokes

You might be funny, but you are probably not as funny as she finds you.

Girls will often laugh at a guy’s jokes when she wants to attract him and grab his attention.

The good news is that even though she might be laughing a lot, she still finds you funny otherwise she wouldn’t bother laughing at all. 

She plays with her hair 

I am sure you have seen a girl twirling her hair around her finger before.

This is a flirty type of behavior for a girl to display and normally means that she wants your attention

She maintains eye contact

The whole time you are talking to her she maintains eye contact. She does not let her eyes wander around the room and you won’t catch her looking at another guy.

Her attention is firmly on you, and she hopes you will give her your attention as well. 

She breaks the touch barrier 

She starts with little touches, when she laughs, she puts her hand on your shoulder or when she is listening intently, she puts her hand on your thigh.

They are quick touches, but she is still breaking the touch barrier, and this is her trying to move things to the next more serious stage.

It’s not a very subtle sign but the touches can be so quick you might not even notice. 

She stands close to you 

Whether you are alone with her or in a group setting, you notice that she moves in closer and stands close to you. She is trying to get close to you and is doing it physically as well as emotionally. 

She mirrors your behavior 

Using the same language that you use, acting like you and even speaking like you do.

This is called mirroring and it’s something we do when we are around someone we like.

If someone acts more like us, then it feels as if we know them, and this is when we can form a deeper connection with them. 

She seems nervous when she is around you

She might seem a little nervous when she is around you. Fiddling with things that are around her and maybe even displaying closed body language by having her head down.

You can reassure her that she does not need to be nervous by admitting that you are a little nervous or you might like it when she is like this! 

She looks sad if another girl flirts with you

If you are still trying to figure out how she feels about you then it can put you in a tricky position when another girl flirts with you.

You might be tempted to flirt back because the other girl is being more direct. When you flirt back though you notice that the original lady looks sad or even a little angry at you.

This is because she is also trying to pursue you but is just not being as obvious about it as the other girl. 

She wants to spend time with you 

She is the one who normally organizes the next date, or she bumps into you accidently on purpose .

It’s not really such a subtle sign when someone wants to spend time with you. It is obvious that she is trying to grab your attention. 

She is always dressed to impress

Whenever you see her, you notice that she always looks great. She is dressed really nicely, great make-up and her hair done is always done. You might think she always looks great and maybe she does.

She is probably putting in a lot of effort to look like this for you though because she wants to impress you by always looking good. Her dressing like this is more likely to grab your attention and well, it works, doesn’t it? 

She finds reasons to talk to you 

She might message you and mention that she has seen something that reminds her of you, or she might send you a work problem that you might be able to help her with.

Basically, she finds any reason to get in touch and talk to you. 

She always needs your help 

She regularly asks you to help her move or fix something on her car. You might start to think, does she not have anyone else that can help her?

The reason is she wants it to be you because she wants as much attention from you as possible and wants to spend time with you. 

She draws attention to her mouth 

She licks her lips or runs her fingers across her lips. What she is really doing is drawing attention to her lips.

She wants you to kiss her and this is her subtle way of showing you that. 

You make her blush 

You pay her a compliment or make a risky joke and it makes her blush.

It can be hard to tell if a girl is blushing nowadays because of make-up. If you catch her on a non make-up day though this can be a fun time to see if you can make her blush. 

She looks back at you 

If you have had a girl do this to you before then you will know the over the shoulder look as she walks away works.

It grabs your attention and makes you think about her long after she is gone. 

She makes sex jokes

Not all girls will do this, but some will to grab your attention. Men are likely to have their attention grabbed by something sexual because they are more interested in sex then women are.

She might slip a sex joke in while she is flirting with you, or she might just come out with one.

Either way she is doing it to shock you and grab your attention. 

She cups her face with her hands

Girls do this a lot and for more than one reason.

Part of it is to draw attention to her face. The other is to block out the other people and noise that may be surrounding you both.

It’s like she is creating her own wall. It shows that she wants to give you all of her attention. 

She does a little turn on the catwalk 

Ok, more like on a footpath as opposed to a catwalk but still. Whilst walking away from you, she stops and does a little spin while looking at you.

There are 2 reason, firstly she wants to have one last look at you, secondly she wants you to have one last memory of her. 

She plays with her jewelry

Twirling her necklace around and playing with a bracelet or the rings on her fingers.

It can be quite distracting when a girl does this. It is because she is trying to draw your attention to certain parts of her body. The neck and wrists are both sensual places on a lady. 

She wants to know everything about you 

There seems to be a never-ending list of questions she is asking you.

This shows that she simply wants to know everything about you.

The more she knows, the better connection you both will have and the more information she can use to grab your attention. 

She nods a lot

When you are talking to her, you notice that she nods at everything you say.

This does not mean that she agrees with everything you say but more that she wants you to know that she is listening to you.

It is her way of showing you that she is really engaged with what you are saying.

She follows all of your social media accounts

She is your friend or follows you on every single social media platform that you are on, even Spotify!

The reason for doing this is she wants you to notice her in all these different places and this is her way of making sure that you do. 

She likes your status updates and photos

You notice that anytime you put something on social media, she reacts to it. Whether it is with a like, or a comment, she is one of the first to engage.

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