Don't Be Fooled by The Lies Women Tell Men (Women Lie About THIS All the Time - Learn to Spot It)

Don’t Be Fooled by The Lies Women Tell Men (Women Lie About THIS All the Time – Learn to Spot It)

Have you heard of a white lie? A white lie is still a lie but it’s a little one.

It’s not as serious or does not have serious consequences compared to a normal lie. Most people tell these little lies all the time. Maybe to spare someone’s feelings or to protect themselves.

They are not as damaging but they are still a lie. Women often tell little white lies to men and men can often find themselves fooled by them.

Today I am going to reveal to you, 15 lies women tell men. You might have heard some of these before, others you might not have realized were lies and some might be brand new.

Lies Women Tell Men

She says ‘I’m fine’

If a girl says ‘I’m fine’ then I am here to tell you that she is not fine!

Girls are never ever fine when they say they are fine. It normally means that something is bothering them.

You might have said something that slightly upset her or maybe she is worried you are also dating another girl. Honestly, anything could be wrong which is why you can never believe her saying ‘I’m fine.’

The worst thing you can do is ignore it. So, you need to ask her how she is feeling and find out why she is upset so you can move on. 

She says ‘I never do this’

When she kisses you on the first date does she say ‘I never do this’ or when she sleeps with you on the third date does she wake up in the morning and say ‘I never do this’. These are unfortunately white lies.

She most likely has done anything she says she hasn’t done before. She is afraid of you judging her and that is why she is saying this white lie.

Try not to think of her badly for it but instead get to a place where she does not feel judged by you. 

She says ‘I’ll be ready in five minutes’

I am sure you know about this little white lie. If she says she will be ready in five minutes, she is not telling the truth.

Girls always take way longer than they should to get ready. In fact, sometimes it can take hours.

Remember we have a lot more to do then you do and also getting ready is part of the fun! 

She says ‘I’m not drunk’

Anyone who says they are not drunk, probably is drunk.

This lie is not just limited to women, men tell it as well.

You might be wondering why she feels the need to lie about this. Well it’s because again she does not want to be judged by you.

She might feel like you won’t like her very much if she is drunk so she hides it. 

She says ‘I’m usually not this crazy’

This one normally comes up when she is with her friends and they are all going wild. She might be taking shots and climbing on furniture when she tells you that she is not normally that crazy.

The truth of course is every time she is with her friends, she is that crazy and if you want her in your life, you need to accept that!

To make her feel better you could say something like, I love the crazy side of you. 

She says ‘oh, he’s just a friend’

Hmmm this is less of a white lie and more of a straight up lie. If a girl says he is just a friend, you should probably question it. Girls can be friends with guys and you don’t need to be controlling around girl, guy friendship.

If sometimes it does not seem right though or they seem less like friends and more like something else, then don’t just accept it when she says they are just friends. Ask around or just study them when they are together.

If it still does not seem right then save yourself from being hurt in the long run and call it a day

She says ‘I didn’t expect anything from you anyway’

This is a classic. You ask a girl what you would like for your birthday and she says that she doesn’t want anything. So you listen! Skip forward to her birthday she seems upset that you did not get anything and says “I didn’t expect anything from you anyway” ouch!

This can really cut deep. First of all, if she does say that she doesn’t want anything. Don’t listen because she does want something but doesn’t want to ask.

Get her something you think she might like; it does not need to be anything big or expensive.

Also explain to her that when she says she doesn’t want anything, you believe her so she needs to be more open and direct with you. That way you both have open lines of communication early on and it stops it from happening again. 

She says ‘I promise I won’t get mad’

She can’t promise that because she does not know what she is going to say! Instead expect her to get mad and be understanding if she does. You can’t hold her to her word in this situation. 

She says ‘I’m not that type of jealous’

All girls get jealous and actually it shows you how much they like you so you should think of it in a positive way.

If she does say that she is not the type of person to get jealous then she is lying to you. If you are spending time with your friends who are girls then she will probably be feeling jealous.

Even if you explain that you are just friends and she meets them, she will probably still be feeling a little jealous.

It’s unavoidable and it shows that she cares but if she tells you she is not jealous, she is lying. 

She says ‘I don’t care about her, she’s in your past’

This lie is most likely to do with your ex. Maybe you have mentioned something from your past and it is to do with your ex.

Now she doesn’t want to seem jealous and she wants to play it cool so she says that she doesn’t care about her. The truth is your ex might be in your past, but she does care about her and you.

No girl is comfortable with the person they are dating talking about their ex. It’s the simple truth.

If you can avoid ever bringing up your ex then that would be a good idea. 

She says ‘I’m on my period’

She might be on her period. She also might not be and is trying to avoid doing anything sexual with you.

If you have only just met her she probably does not feel comfortable doing that with you yet.

If you are in a relationship with her, she might just not feel like it at the moment. It’s not something you can really question her about, but it is something to take note of and think about. 

She says ‘Sorry my phone’s dying and the charger is on the other side of the room’

What she really means is, I don’t want to talk to you anymore or I can’t be bothered messaging you back.

Even if her charger is on the other side of the room, why can’t she walk over and get it? This shows that she isn’t that into you or interested in you.

To save yourself from being hurt, you need to probably call it quits. 

She says ‘I’ve not had sex with many people’

It doesn’t really matter how many people you have sex with.

If you ask a girl how many people they have had sex with she will probably feel really awkward and judged.

That is why she will probably lie and say that she has not have sex with many people.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to tell you and be honest with you, it’s just that she doesn’t feel comfortable to.

If you want to impress her then just play along with this lie until she feels more comfortable. 

She says ‘I don’t care about looks’

No matter how great your personality is, she still cares about looks.

Now that doesn’t mean that she wants Brad Pitt or that she will only date you if you are also super handsome.

It’s just a lie to say that she doesn’t care about looks when she most definitely does.

She says’ I have a boyfriend’

If you meet a girl and ask to buy her a drink and she says ‘sorry I have a boyfriend’ then she is lying.

She probably did not get the best first impression of you or is not interested which is why she has come up with this lie instead of just being open and telling the truth.

It can be hard when this happens to you and feel like rejection but just remember it is less about you and more about her. 

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