Sexual body language signs


In today’s video we’re going to be discussing body language, the subtle signs you can look for that will reveal if someone is sexually attracted to you. Wouldn’t it make things so much simpler if you could figure out if someone was into you simply by paying attention to their body language?

You may have stumbled onto today’s video because you’re interested in learning about the following topics: How to read a woman’s body language, how to tell if a girl is attracted to you, how to tell if a woman is interested in you and many more along a similar theme. Today’s video on female body language and attraction signs will come in helpful in all the situations mentioned.

If you have dated a girl or have been in a relationship with a girl you’re going to understand how important body language is. When we think of body language we often think about it being used in flirting.

It is an especially important part of how we communicate with other people though, including when we are in a relationship.

Body language is a powerful form of communication and really shows you how someone feels about you.

If you wanted to know if someone was sexually attracted to you, body language would be the first place to actually look. It communicates to you how the other person feels and if they are attracted to you.

In today’s video I’m going to talk to you through some sexual body language signs so that you can identify if a sexual spark is there.

Sexual body language signs

The accidental touch 

Oops sorry did I touch you? The accidental touch is when someone touches you without meaning to. Now, when you are walking past someone on the street and we touch them as we pass them, that is an accidental touch.

What is not so accidental though, is when we are on a date and the other person sits close to you so that your legs can touch or when they brush up against you.

These are all called ‘seduction cues’ and slowly but surely they are showing you that they are sexually attracted to you.

If you want to show someone that you are dating that you are sexually attracted to them then you can also try out the accidental touch to show the other person how you feel. 

Head nodding 

If you are on a date and someone is nodding a lot at everything you say it shows you that they are really interested in you.

Sure, they are really interested in what you are saying but they are actually showing that they are interested in you.

They are just so happy to be around you and they can’t get enough.

Making an interaction as interesting and positive as possible is a seduction cue. Positive experiences help seduce people plus it makes it really memorable. 

Body glances

This is quite an obvious sexual body language sign.

You catch someone glancing at your body. Their eyes are looking you up and down and admiring your body.

This is a clear sign that someone is attracted to you and probably thinking about you in a sexually way.

When it gets this obvious, you can introduce some flirting into the conversation

Lip licking 

If you notice someone licking their lips while you are talking to them, it’s a sign of sexual attraction.

When we are sexually attracted to someone our tongues become more active and our lips moisten more because we want the other person to kiss us.

We also might start doing things that we would not normally do like wearing lip gloss to try and attract them to our lips.

The other person might even lick their lips slowly or run their fingers over their lips to draw attention to them. You could also draw attention to your lips if you wanted the other person to kiss you. 

Intense eye contact 

If someone holds your gaze then it is a sign of interest. They might catch your eye from across the bar, looking you in the eye while you are speaking and holding your gaze.

These are all intense forms of interest and attraction. When you hold eye contact with each other, it can also increase arousal between the both of you.

Eye contact really suggests that you are both interested in each other and that you have a desire to connect.

So, if you are on a date and the eye contact is intense, then it’s a great sign. 

Open body language 

Closed off body language is when someone seems as though they are in a bad mood or just do not want to be around you.

Open body language is the opposite of this. When thinking about open body language, picture someone sitting in front of you, leaning forward, intense eye contact and their arms are on display.

When someone displays open body language it’s a sign that they are comfortable being around you. Through open body language, you both might lean in and get closer.

These are all signs of sexual body language, and it really is a great sign. 

Head tilting 

When someone tilts their head it indicates engagement and interest both of which you need for sexual attraction.

Picture this, you are talking to the other person, and they tilt their head when you say something interesting. Straight away in your mind, you start thinking, they must think I am interesting.

This type of body language makes you feel comfortable around the other person and like they are interested in you. If you tilt your head when you are on a date, the other person will know that you are interested as well. 

Hair flicking

This one is something that specifically girls do when they are attracted to a guy and want to flirt with him. Girls will twist their hair and flick it if they are attracted to you.

This could be because they are a little nervous around you but it’s also a form of body language that shows you that they are interested in you.

The next time you are on a date with a girl watch what she does with her hair and take note to see if she is displaying some sexual body language. 

Chest out 

Men will often puff their chests out and it is a type of body language. Women find it sexy when men take out more space and have well-toned bodies.

If a man is puffing out his chest and making it look bigger, a woman is going to be more attracted to him. Obviously, men can make this too far but if you do it a little, a woman is going to find this sexy.

She also might realise that he is trying to impress her and see this as a sign of sexual body language. 

Smiling and smirking 

Do you know the difference between smiling and smirking?

Smiling is something you do when you are happy, maybe when you are talking to someone that you really like. It is a very important part of body language. It tells the other person that we are having an enjoyable time and having fun.

Smirking is more seductive. It’s often painted in a bad light or labelled as fake, but this is not true. We often use smirking to seduce someone, especially when we are dating them.

Both smiling and smirking are important sexual body language signs. 

Eyebrow movements 

When we are attracted to someone we often show them through our facial movements including our eyebrow movements. We move our eyebrows up and down when we are listening to someone speak.

Girls also flutter their eyelashes when flirting with a guy. Remember to take note of what you are doing with your eyebrow movements when you are dating someone.

You can also watch what they do so that you can tell if they are attracted to you. 

Getting closer 

At the start of the video, we talked about accidental touch. Well, we are going full circle because sometimes the accidental touch becomes a thing because you are moving closer and closer to the other person.

You edge closer and closer to each other because you want to touch.

This is an obvious sign of sexual attraction and also tells you to make a move. If you both keep getting closer then they are just as interested in you, as you are in them.

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