How To Seduce Women Emotionally

How To Seduce Women Emotionally (Build Strong Emotional Connections To Get Women To Like You)

Learn how to seduce women emotionally! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing seduction, more importantly emotional connections and how these play such a vital role in relationships and getting women to really like you.

Emotional connections are really important when it comes to building long-lasting relationships. An emotional connection is a bundle of subjective feelings that come together to create a bond between two people. They are basically feelings and experiences that bond people together, kind of smushes them together in a form of loving glue. Seducing someone using the power of emotional connections could be a difference between having a connection that lasts and one that dies. So today’s video I’m going to show you how to seduce a woman using emotional connections. This could improve the luck that you have with the ladies and it can ensure that you have stronger more worthwhile relationships.

I can hold my hand up and vouch for every lady and say that there’s been people that we have dated that lacked an emotional connection and they had no idea what this actually was, therefore it caused a breakup. So if you want to know more don’t move like and subscribe.

How to get a woman to like you by building strong emotional connections

How to seduce woman emotionally 

It’s not all about fast cars, boats and money. If you want to be able to seduce a woman emotionally then you need to dig deep into your emotions and learn to express yourself. Let’s look at some ways you can do this – 

Leave out the small talk 

In the world of dating, small talk has its place but it is not useful if you want to build an emotional connection with someone. You need to really get to know the woman and everything about her. So instead of asking her what she likes the most about her job? Try asking, what her dream career would look like and what she hopes her job is like in the future. By digging a little deeper you also stand more of a chance when it comes to connecting with her in a shorter amount of time. You could spend weeks beating around the bush or you could get straight to the point, which one would you rather? 

Connect with yourself and the world around you 

You won’t even have a chance to seduce a woman if you don’t first connect with yourself and the world that is around us all. You should try and travel, go on adventures and learn about new cultures. Spend some time connecting inwards as well and learning specific things about yourself. This will make you a better person in the long run and a catch! 

Offer her value and be real

How much money would you spend on something that you really needed and you knew would be worth every penny? Probably a lot. The only thing more precious to most people than money is time. You can’t buy time back, once it’s gone, it’s gone. So if you want to seduce a woman and build an emotional connection you need to make sure that you have something valuable to offer her so that you are worth her time. One of the ways you can do this is by being real and being yourself. If she likes you for who you are, your relationship will last a whole lot longer. You should also have your own full life that you can share with her. I am talking about having a good friendship circle and fun hobbies that she can join in with. 

Look into her eyes

You asked her on a date and she said yes. Finally you both have a chance to be alone and connect. It’s not all words when it comes to connection, body language can do a lot as well. Eye contact in particular is a great way of building emotional connection. Look into her eyes when she is speaking and make sure you look interested in what she is saying. Give her the odd flirty look as she’s walking back from the toilets. These are brilliant ways to seduce a lady and make her feel special. 

Connect into your real opinion 

After a few years of being alive, we lose our real opinion. Our thoughts get taken over by the world around us. We get told what we like and what we don’t like by friends, marketing and family. It’s important that we reconnect with our real opinion, it does not matter if someone likes it or not because it is our own opinion. So if your favourite colour is pink but you have been telling everyone that it is blue, start being honest about what you like. It won’t make you look weak, it will make you look strong, independent and individual which makes you way more likely to nab the girl. 

Mirror her behaviour 

We subconsciously start to mirror people’s behaviour when we are around people that we like. We might start to use the same language as them or pick up a glass at the same time as them. The other person might start to notice and they won’t think “oh what a copycat”, they will think “wow they have similar behaviour to me, we are so similar”. They will immediately feel more connected to you. 

Share your stories with her 

Everyone has stories. Interesting things we have seen and done, even if we have not travelled. You should share these with the woman you are trying to seduce. It will make you look worldly but also offer a chance for connection. For example maybe you will tell her the story of the time you travelled to Thailand and saw an elephant. She might reply “I love elephants, they are my favourite animal but I have never met one, what are they like?”. You can then tell her about your experience and you have something connecting you. Stories bring people together. 

Joke about yourself with confidence 

It’s funny when we joke about ourselves and it shows that we don’t take life too seriously which is a great trait to have. You don’t want to do this in a self-deprecating way because it’s not attractive when someone is just putting themselves down. Make it a joke though and she will feel like you are relatable. She might think oh I have the same problem and then it’s another way you have connected with her. 

Connect with her through her values 

To do this you have to understand her values and have asked her about them already. This is something you could do when you are not making small talk. Then once you know you can connect with her about them. Maybe you share similar values or you can relate to the ones she has. Values are a great way to connect with someone because in the longer term, they will know that they could settle down with you as you share the same life values. In the shorter term however, she will be seduced by the idea that you think in a similar way that she does. 

Use what she gives you 

It is no secret that women love to talk and if you let them they will talk and talk. You just need to listen to what she is saying. She will say things about things going on in her life, at work and also about her past. You can connect with her via the things in her past, maybe her work or something going on in her life that you have also experienced. You can also remember things that she has told you and use these things. For example maybe she told you she is going out to the theatre with a friend on a particular date. The night before that you could message her and say have so much fun. She will be amazed that you remembered or cared enough to message her about it. 

Be vulnerable around her

Open up, it’s not something that men are naturally good at and it certainly isn’t something we do often. If you want to emotionally seduce a lady though you will need to open up and be vulnerable around her. You might have had a really bad week at work for example and one of your colleagues really upset you. This is something you could tell her and she could offer her opinion on. It helps you both to connect otherwise the connection is just one sided. 

Share your fears and vision for the future 

It’s a big one but if you can be brave enough to share your fears and vision for the future then you are on the right track to emotionally connecting with a lady. If you have spent time connecting with yourself and connecting with the world around you, you should know what your fears and vision for the future is. Share it with her and encourage her to open up and share hers as well. 

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