Soulmates & Twin Flames

Where Is Your Soulmate? Learn What A Soulmate Is & How To Find Your Soulmate

Soulmates are almost like mythical creatures. We hear about them in movies or written about in books but we aren’t even sure if they really exist. So today’s video, we are going to explore what a soulmate is, why you deserve a soulmate, how to find a soulmate and where to find a soulmate. We’ll also touch on the topic of the law of attraction and how a positive mindset can make all the difference. I hope today’s video helps to motivate and inspire you on your journey.

Soulmates & Twinflames

What is a soulmate?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a soul mate is a person ideally suited to another person or a close friend. Basically, a person that you instantly feel a powerful connection with. It might seem cliche but a soulmate is often that special person that you lock eyes with across the room and can’t help but be drawn to. When you are together everything feels lighter and brighter. They understand you and you understand them. You connect on another level and you might think to yourself “wow I have never felt this way before”.

It’s very common to feel overwhelmed by your feelings when you meet your soulmate and be almost in shock by how strongly you feel connected to them. Over time you will understand this is because you were supposed to meet each other. It’s often said that every person has one soulmate but you can actually have more than one soulmate. The feeling you get will always be intense though and yes, it will be just like the movies. You will both be crazy about each other and they will probably be all you think about! So, what is a soulmate? It’s the person who understands you more than anyone else can, that you have a crazy connection with and makes you feel like they complete you. 

It’s important to note here that a soul mate can just be a very close friend. Like your absolute best friend who feels like a long lost sibling. In this video, though we are discussing romantic soulmates. 

Why you deserve a soulmate?

Have you been searching for your soulmate for a long time? It can be exhausting trying to find the person who is your soulmate. Sometimes we even find ourselves in a relationship but we are scared to be too serious in case our soulmate comes along but we miss them. This can lead to us feeling like we don’t deserve a soulmate or it’s something that happens to other people but not us. 

It’s like in a movie when the main character is searching for their soulmate. It’s all they want and so they go looking for one. They don’t realise they are not looking in the correct places and they feel lost, and as if they don’t deserve a soulmate. 

Every person on the planet deserves to find their soulmate. How do I know this? Because every person deserves to be happy and loved. Yep! It really is as simple as that. 

Before we move on to how to find a soulmate, let’s go back to that movie example. How do those movies normally end? Well, it’s almost always a happy ending with the main character finally finding their soulmate, they just had to start looking in the right place. 

How to find a soulmate

There are things you need to do before finding your soulmate. Some people get lucky and randomly stumble upon the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Others have to put in a little more work. 

Let’s talk about some simple steps that you need to take so that you can find your soulmate. 

Firstly you need to be yourself. Often when we date people we show them a different side to ourselves, a side that is not really us. This is very natural and almost every person on the planet has done it! We like to impress people especially when we are dating so we try to act how we think they would like us to act. This doesn’t work though when it comes to finding a soulmate because a soulmate is someone who has similar values and ways of being as us. So if we are acting like someone else, we might miss them! They might not realise that actually, we are very similar. If you find it hard to be yourself, look at your friends and family and ask them what they love about you and then focus on those things. 

Another way to find your soulmate is to not seek perfection. We often have this perfect person in our minds. They might look a certain way and act a certain way in our minds. Then we meet them and they are nothing like the picture we have painted so we immediately think, that’s not my soulmate and retreat. When in fact it could be, we are not even giving them a chance! So stop picturing perfection and leave yourself open to whoever comes along. Trust that your soulmate will be perfect for you just the way they are. 

Changing your surroundings and opening up your mind can help you find your soulmate. That’s because they will often come along when you least expect them. Maybe you have always loved the idea of being a part of a comic book convention. You have collected comic books your whole life and find them to be an escape. Your friends don’t understand and sometimes call you a nerd which you laugh off but actually hurts. You push yourself out of your comfort zone and attend the comic book convention. While listening to a presentation you spot someone to who you feel connected. You walk over to them and strike up a conversation. Fast forward 10 years, they are your partner and soulmate. If you had not gone to that comic book convention you would have never met your soulmate. Changing your surroundings is a great way to possibly find your soulmate. We’ll touch on this more in the next point. 

Find your soulmate using the law of attraction. The law of attraction is based on positive thoughts and believing that ‘like attracts like’. This means if you believe in something positive, something positive will happen. Have you ever noticed that when you are in a really good mood, everything seems to be going well? But when you are in a bad mood and are thinking in a negative way, everything just keeps going wrong. That is the law of attraction! Our thoughts attract what comes our way. So if you want to find your soulmate, you need to start thinking positively and telling yourself ‘I will find my soulmate’ and ‘I deserve a soulmate’. Keep these thoughts in your mind and see what happens. 

Where to find a soulmate? 

Now you know how to find a soulmate and some different things you can do to attract them, you need to know where to find a soulmate. 

I mentioned earlier in the video that changing your surroundings is a great way to find your potential soulmate. This is because changing your surroundings widens the size of the group of people you meet which increases your chances of finding the one. It’s also because if you are changing your surroundings by doing something you naturally love, the people in those surroundings already have something in common with you. For example, if you decided to join a tennis club, you might meet your soulmate who also loves tennis, which can lead to you having more things in common. It could also be while you are travelling or at work for example. 

Look at the people around you. I know I just told you to widen your circle and I stand by that but sometimes it also pays to look at the people around you. Your soulmate could be right under your nose but you just don’t know it yet. Look at your friends and work colleagues, do you share a special connection with any of them and could it be more than friendship? Is there someone at work that you have always liked but never asked out? Take the risk, they could be the one! 

Sometimes to find your soulmate you need to believe in fate. Let me tell you a story! I have a friend who decided to move countries. They travelled to the other side of the world and ended up in a city that they didn’t really like. They did however feel a pull from another city and so they packed their things and moved once more. After moving, they needed to find a job and started applying all around the city. They thought they might like to work in an office but saw a job for a shop and they applied. The manager of the hop phoned later that evening and said that their application was the last on their desk and they would like to interview them. So my friend went to the interview, they remember as they were leaving an old employee walked in and my friend was told that they would be coming back to work. They did not exchange a look but my friend remembers it clear as day! Fast-forward to now, after being friends for a while and realising that they were very similar and shared the same values, they entered into a relationship and quickly realised they were soulmates. They both feel as if it was fate that brought them together. The moral of the story? Your soulmate is out there, looking for you, you just need to find them.

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