Girls Will LOVE These 19 Conversation Starters - Attract All Women With These Small Talk Tips

Girls Will LOVE These 19 Conversation Starters – Attract All Women with These Small Talk Tips

Have you ever found yourself on a date and everything is going extremely well until you run out of conversation topics. There is nothing to say next and it just falls flat in silence, so you both sit in awkward silence looking around the room trying to not make eye contact with each other.

Now it can end what could have been a great date and they could just be the one who got away.

Wouldn’t it be nice though if you had some conversation topics hidden up your sleeve ready to use whenever you actually needed them. Well, I’m going to spoil you because that is what I’m going to help you with today.

I am going to be telling you 19 conversation starters that will attract women and can be used on any type of date.

Interesting conversation starters

Food and drink topics

This is a great starter conversation topic. Asking a girl what types of food she likes to eat and what she likes to drink, gives her something to talk about and gives you some information about her. If she says, “I love Italian.” You could make sure that your next date is at an Italian restaurant. 

Music topics

You could ask a girl what her favorite type of music is, who her favorite artist is and if she’s ever been to a concert? There is so much within the topic of music to discuss. 

Television topics

There are a lot of interesting TV shows available that you could discuss. You could ask a girl if she has seen a specific series that you might also be watching, or you could ask her if she has any recommendations. This shows her that you trust her opinion. 

Movie topics

Girl’s love talking about their favorite movies and recent ones they have seen. They want to know if you have similar movie tastes. You could even recommend that your next date be a movie and then you won’t need to speak at all! 

Work topics

If you have not already, you should always ask a girl about her work and what she does. This can lead to all sorts of interesting conversations especially if you both work in similar industries. She will also feel she can come to you in the future and talk about work and any problems she might be having. 

Hobbies topics 

Asking a girl about her hobby is a great way to bring out the passionate spark she has within. Her hobby might be her career, a sport, or a craft that she likes to do in her spare time.

This can really get a girl talking and keep her talking for ages. You also might find out that you have a similar interest which can help your relationship develop. 

Pets and animal topics

Who does not like animals and pets? A wonderful way to break a silence is to ask a girl if she has any pets. Even if she has none at the moment, she might have had some in her childhood which she talks about. You might leave the conversation knowing something more about her and her favorite animal. It is a way for you both to get closer and for you to show your cute, caring side. 

Travel topics

Travel is a great conversation starter and topic. Not everyone has traveled but most people have been somewhere, even if it is the country they live in.

You might have a bucket list of countries you want to visit that you can share with her. She might have a gap year planned and you both might end up deciding that you will go to Thailand together.

When you are talking about traveling, you never know where the conversation will end. If you have traveled a lot, share some interesting stories from places you have traveled, girls really enjoy hearing them. 

Future plans

This is always an interesting topic to discuss. Asking a girl what her future plans are allows you to see if you will fit into them. She might be wanting to move to Australia in the next few months when you would rather stay put. It’s great to find out these things early on.

This topic is also one that girls are passionate about, so she will want to know what your future plans are so that she can see if she fits into them. 


It is nice to ask a girl about her education, where she went to school and if she went to university. You could ask her what she studied, why she studied it and if she enjoyed it.

She might have future plans when it comes to education, or she might have finished an interesting degree. It gives you both a chance to discuss it and who knows, you might find out that you went to the same university! 

Pet peeves

Everyone has a set of pet peeves. Small things that annoy them. For example, I hate it when the empty toilet roll is left on the ground and not replaced. I always think to myself, this is not difficult! Not serious things that would make or break a relationship, they are just small things that annoy everybody.

This can be fun to talk about because you learn what the other person finds annoying, and you know to avoid doing that. They also know what to avoid doing around you.

Some people have very unusual pet peeves and so it can be interesting to find them out. 

Personal struggles

This is a great way to get your date to open up to you and be vulnerable. When someone is vulnerable around you, they feel closer and more connected to you which is important.

You could start the conversation by talking a little about your own personal struggles and seeing if she relates to them. It’s a great way of building trust between the both of you. 


Now this conversation is controversial. If you don’t know much about politics, I would stay away from the subject. You need to consider the conversation and what it will look like before you start it.

You also need to respect whatever your date says. If something big is happening in politics, it can be an exciting topic and you get to know the other person’s thoughts and opinions. 

Dreams and aspirations

Dreaming is something we all do. We all have visions and dreams for our futures and things that we want to achieve. When you ask someone about their dreams, it often releases their passion.

When we are talking to someone who is passionate about something, we become very attracted to them. So, this could be a great conversation for you both to have. 

Ethics and Morals

Everyone has their own set of ethics and moral beliefs, why not ask her what hers are? Or you could ask her what she thinks of a specific set of ethics. For example, you could ask what she thinks about loyalty?

Make sure you remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Respect hers when talking about sensitive topics like this one. 

Naughty stories

If you would like to discuss some naughty stories with a girl, then why not use it as a conversation topic.

You should probably know the girl quite well before you dive into these stories. Be sure that she is going to respond well. Try also to do this somewhere private, away from other people. 

Conspiracy theories

This one is a fun, but you need to be able to read the person and see if they will respond well to this one.

If you know a lot about conspiracy theories, why not bring up one and ask them what they think happened.

Remember not to pick one that could be offensive to them. If you keep it light, then this can be a fun and memorable conversation topic. 

Life and Universe

This one is quite a deep but interesting one. I wouldn’t dive straight in with this one though. But if the conversation starts to turn philosophical, it might be an appropriate one.

Firstly, you will need to decide the type of angle to take it depending on the person and what they are like.

Secondly, you will need to open up the conversation. You could ask if they think there is another solar system, or about how huge the universe is.

When it comes to the topic of life, you could ask them what they want from their life and what they enjoy most in life. 

There is a vast array of subject matter that comes under this umbrella, there could be many discussions to be had about life and the universe.

And finally, love 

If you have been on a few dates and things are getting pretty serious why not bring up the conversation of love?

It can be a nerve-racking topic to bring up because you don’t know what the other person is going to say.

You don’t need to start by saying ‘I love you.’ You could ask them how they feel about love and their experience with it.

This will help you gather information and learn how you should approach it when it does come to the time that you want to say I love you.

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