Make Her Worry About Losing You & She Will Chase You

Make Her Worry About Losing You & She Will Chase You – How To Make Women Want You More

Has she started losing interest in you? Do you want to learn how to get a girl to want you more? In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to make a girl worry about losing you and how this can actually end up re-attracting a woman. This helps to keep a girl interested in you and if you want to get a girl to like you more, using this type of dating technique can lead to make a girl chase you and she’ll realise why she misses you so much, because you actually really likes you.

Have you ever felt under appreciated by your lady, perhaps it’s as if she’s slowly slipping away. Or maybe she’s not showing you as much attention as she usually does. It’s normal to feel this way, especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time. Your partner can start losing interest in you, and I get it it’s a scary and painful thought, but if you really like her though and you want that relationship to carry on then you need to actually make her worry about losing you to get the balance back.

It might sound strange and you’re probably thinking will that actually work? Because when it comes to us ladies, we like to chase a man and we like to know that he is the best candidate of dating for us.

So if we are worried about losing you we will chase a little harder and rediscover all of your best stuff. We will cover why it’s important to actually be vulnerable in front of her, and why you should always be honest and obviously some many other amazingly important things.

How to make her worry about losing you

Be vulnerable around her

Vulnerability is when you are open and honest about things that upset you and about your emotions. It is not something that comes as naturally to men as it does to women who are typically ruled by their emotions.

Men find it harder to open up and there is a stigma around this type of behaviour. This stigma exists between men though and not between men and women. Sure a woman wants a man who can protect her and look after her but she also wants a partner who can open up to her and tell her how they feel. She wants to get to know you and understand you and one of the only ways to do this is by being vulnerable around her. If she upsets you, tell her. If you are feeling down or sad about something, tell her. 

Not many men do this which makes you different to most men. If she has found a partner that can be vulnerable with, she is unlikely to want to leave you and will be worried about losing such a catch. 

Be honest with her 

Being honest with your partner is a key component of a healthy relationship. If you are hiding things from your partner, like the fact that after work last week you went out drinking with your friends but you told her you were at home playing video games. She will find out, it’s often said that all women should be in the FBI. This is not far from the truth, they really should be. Women have a way of finding things out through friends or friends of friends. Let’s say for example that you did lie about going for a drink with friends and your partner found out. She would feel really hurt and let down. Plus she would be wondering why you were lying to her which would make her think that maybe you are not the best person for her to be in a relationship with. 

This could have all been avoided by you being honest with her and saying after work today, I am going out with my friends for a drink. Being honest really is the best way to not just start a relationship but to make her worried about losing you because not all men are like this. 

Let her know that you are thinking about her 

This is as important when you are first dating as it is when you are in a relationship. You need to make sure that your lady knows that you think about her during the day and when you make decisions. For example if you got offered a promotion at work that meant you would need to be away for 2 days every week, you need to make sure that your lady knows that you thought about her and discussed it with her before simply saying yes. 

When she knows she is on your mind she will feel really loved and treasured which will mean she will develop more serious feelings for you which will make her worried about losing you. The deeper the feelings, the more worried she will be about losing you, simple! 

Accept her for who she is 

Every girl has been out with a guy who has tried to change her in some way. He might have told her to dress differently or asked her not to hang out with certain friends. Whatever it was, she probably did it at first before realising that she did not want to change for him and so she left. Accepting her for who she is the greatest gift you could give her! After dating or being in relationships with guys who have tried to change her, accepting her for who she is will be so refreshing to her. She will think you are the absolute best partner for her and she will constantly worry about losing you. 

If you have chosen to enter into a relationship with her, you should understand her and love her for who she is anyway. 

Don’t control her 

Girls really hate being with a partner that controls them. Even if you don’t think you are controlling her at all, if you have asked her not to see a certain friend anymore…you are. It’s important that you let her be her own person and live her own life without someone controlling her. You might be doing it because you are worried about losing her but this will actually push her away further. 

Instead let her be independent and it will make her value you more and worry about losing you. 

Don’t always be available or say yes 

I’ll start by talking about this point in relation to dating a girl. If you think she is drifting away after a few dates then start not always being available. Don’t text her back so quickly, leave it an hour or so and then reply ‘oh sorry I was busy’. She will start to wonder, what is he busy with? Is he dating another woman? Her mind will race and when you do pay her attention she will value it a lot more than she did before. 

If you are in a relationship with a girl, it is a little more tricky. You can’t simply just not pay her any attention because she will think you are calling the relationship off which is not what you want. Instead you can stop paying yes to everything she asks for. For example, maybe whenever she wants something like a takeaway, you say yes. She will start to expect that whenever she asks for something, she gets it. If you think she seems to not be as keen on you as before, instead of spoiling her by saying yes to everything simply say ‘no not today’. She might be a little taken back at the beginning and even shocked because she is used to hearing yes. After this though she will start to wonder if your feelings are not as strong for her as they once were. She will start putting more effort in because she is worried about losing you. So sometimes you need to be the ‘no’ man. 

Distance yourself and practise some self care. 

It can be really hard when a partner starts to pull away. It’s important that you take some time to yourself to think about what is happening to you and to do things that you enjoy. Not only does this give her some space to think, it also gives you some space. After a while you might think ‘actually I don’t want to carry this relationship on, I want someone who always likes me’. This is ok as well. 

If you want to carry on the relationship though, practising some self care by exercising and seeing friends will help you be the best version of yourself which will make her seriously worry about losing you. Who wouldn’t want to be with the best version of their partner? 

Finally, absence makes the heart grow fonder so the distance would be what brings her back amazed by how understanding her partner is! 

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