mistakes guys make trying to impress women

16 Dumbest Mistakes Guys Make Trying To Impress A Woman (AVOID REJECTION FROM YOUR CRUSH)

Are you interested in learning how to impress a woman? Well one of the first things you really need to learn is what not to do! Today we’re going to be discussing 16 of the dumbest dating mistakes guys make when they’re trying to impress a girl. When it comes to getting a girls attention and approaching her in the right way, you may well mean well but it’s all too easy to end up doing something that will ruin your chances with her if you’re not careful. So if you want to get a girlfriend and impress your crush, be sure to avoid these 16 things.

Mistakes Guys Make Trying To Impress Women

Guys, honestly we love you but when it comes to impressing us sometimes you go too far. We can see when you are trying too hard to gain our attention. Sometimes when you are doing this, you end up making mistakes. 

I am here to stop you from making those mistakes. In today’s video, we are going to talk about some of the dumbest mistakes guys make when they’re trying to impress a woman. 

My name is Anna and keep watching to find out more. 

Being to sexual 

When you first meet a lady or you are going out on your first date, it’s important not to be too sexual. If you go on too strong and all you want to do is sleep with her, she will find you creepy, which won’t end well. If you show your sexual intentions to early on, it will put the lady off and she might end up rejecting you

Not being sexual at all 

If you are dating and have been for a while it is important that you drop some sexual hints through flirting. This is to avoid being friend-zoned by the lady. If she thinks that you are not interested in her sexually, she will find someone who is. So make sure not to shut off this area of the relationships. If you are trying to impress a woman, be a little bit sexual but wait for a few dates in. 

Don’t act too cool 

To cool for school. This is not something that women want. They do like it when you are naturally cool and mysterious. Just not like you are too cool to be on the date with your lady. Don’t try to be someone you are not and don’t exaggerate your coolness. 

Pretending to share her hobbies 

There’s nothing worse than when a guy pretends to share his hobbies. It’s amazing when you actually do share the same hobbies and that is a great foundation to build a relationship. It’s not great though to say you have the same hobbies when you don’t. It will be very awkward when a few weeks later, she is taking you horseback riding, her favourite hobby. Only to find out that you have never ridden a horse and are very scared. She will realise that you lied to her and played along. Guys, just never do this to a lady.  

Texting to much 

No one likes being bombarded with texts 24/7. It’s cute at the beginning for the guy to message the girl first. She will most definitely have butterflies. If you are messaging her all the time though asking her what she is up to, she will get bored. This is most definitely does not impress her

Texting too little 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, don’t text too little. If you never text her, she will assume you are not interested. The same goes for if you take ages to message her back. This will just put her off completely. You need to text her just the right amount. This can be confusing, but what isn’t about women guys! 

Flashing your money 

Ladies love it when a man pays for dinner. They also do like it if a man has money. What we don’t like though is a man who shows off the money he has. If you start talking about all the expensive cars you have or all the money you have in your bank well that will not attract us. The point is guys, ladies don’t like this. They would rather you say nothing and just pay for the meal. 

Spoiling her from the get-go

It’s really nice if you pay for dinner but spoiling her with gifts, especially on the first date. Because well, it’s a little cringy. Don’t get me wrong if you have some flowers on her first date, that’s cute. Jewellery though would be too far. You don’t have to ever buy a ladies attention. If she is the one, she will pay you all the attention you need. 

Talking about your education 

Talking about the school you went to, impressive. Talking about how smart you are, not so impressive. Let the lady approach this subject especially if you went to a private school. Otherwise, it can come across as a little bit over the top. If she asks about your education, tell her about it but don’t show off. 

The first kiss 

The first kiss is such a magical moment. A lady will dream about the first kiss for so long before it happens. So when it finally does happens make sure it is magical. Don’t ram your tongue down her throat or just go in to hard. Make it romantic, gentle and lovely. That will really impress her. 

Using big words to sound smart

This does not impress ladies. There is nothing more downgrading than a man who uses words, you can’t understand. It’s obvious that this is so that you sound smart and not because you really use the words. This isn’t sexy. Just stick to your normal vocab and she will love you. 

Making the first date too extravagant

Putting some effort into a date is lovely. I have said in past videos that a unique date is just amazing and so special to a lady. Just don’t make it too extravagant. For example, taking her to a black-tie event would be too far. She will be thinking, what will our other dates be like? Is this the peak? She might also think you are trying too hard. Keep the first date simple and unique, that’s the winning formula guys. 

Meet the friends and family 

If you are in a relationship, this is really nice and important. If it’s the first date, it would be strange and off-putting to ask the lady to meet your family. It would also be strange for you to say “I can’t wait to meet your family” on the first date. If all goes well, these things will come. You just have to wait for it to happen. 

Giving to many compliments 

Giving a lady compliments is important when it comes to dating. If you over compliment her though it comes across as very desperate. Giving her a few well thought out genuine compliments is lovely. Complimenting her every 5 seconds is not. Think of a couple of genuine compliments and say them to her, they will go a lot further. 

Acting needy 

If you start acting too needy early on, your crush will simply leave. They won’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is going to be very needy. This includes always having to see them and know what they are doing. You are better off giving your crush space, especially at the beginning. Let her come to you and you never know what may happen. 

Not having clear set intentions 

If you act like you don’t want to be on the date or date a lady, she will be confused. She won’t understand why you are even there! You might be protecting yourself by trying not to act too interested but this will actually be very counterproductive. To her it will look like you don’t want to be there and so after the date, she won’t bother contacting you again. Instead, tell her that you are so excited to be on this date with her. 

If you are just wanting a one night stand make this clear as well guys. She will probably be keen for a one night stand as well. If you play it out to be a date, when in fact all you want is to sleep with her, this will hurt her. So just be honest from the get-go and set clear intentions. 

So, guys, I hope you have learnt something today. Try your harvest to avoid these mistakes and everything should work out ok. 

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