16 Things To Say To A Woman To Make Her Obsessed With You (WORKS ON 98% OF GIRLS)

16 Things To Say To A Woman To Make Her Obsessed With You (WORKS ON 98% OF GIRLS)

Once you really understand how to talk to a woman, you will have the single most important skill that you need in the dating world. Some men are better than others when it comes to striking up a conversation.

If you believe your conversational skills are not strong and you are worried you will never have much luck with the ladies, you don’t need to. You can learn these skills and understand them. It just takes a little time to master and practise! 

Whether you are a natural conversationalist or think you need to brush up on your skills, today’s video is going to focus on 16 things you can say to a woman to make her obsessed with you. 

What to say to a woman to make her obsessed with you

Tell her a joke

Girls love it when a guy can make them laugh. Laughing releases endorphins which make us feel a rush of happiness. So, if you make a girl laugh, you make her happy.

This can be an incredibly powerful way of making a girl obsessed with you because she will associate you with being funny and making her happy. She is more likely to want to continue a conversation with you and see you again. 

Pay her a compliment 

Girls absolutely love nothing more than when a guy pays them a compliment. You could simply tell her that you really like how she has done her hair today. You can be sure that she will never forget it.

We tend not to compliment our families or friends very often and many of us don’t feel very happy or confident because of this.

If someone does compliment us, we hold on to it. She will always look at you and think, he likes my hair when I wear it like that, or he likes the way I dress.

This is a wonderful way to end a conversation because you have ended it on a high note. 

Find some common ground

One of the quickest ways to connect with someone is to find common ground with them.

If you are talking to a woman, the more you learn about her the more likely you are to find common ground. Ask her questions about things she likes doing, books she likes reading and things she likes to eat.

This gives you more of a chance to connect with her. You might like to read the same type of books or like doing the same leisure activities or have similar hobbies.

Another great way to connect with someone is to ask them where they were brought up and what school they went to. You may have some kind of connection to that place, even if it is just ‘oh I saw that place in a movie or my favorite gaming shop is there’. It is still forming mini connections between you both. 

Notice details about them

Take note of the things they tell you. Normally they will give you quite a few details about themselves even if you have only been speaking for a few moments. Even if all you learn is their name it can be helpful.

When you use someone’s name in a conversation it makes them feel like you are listening to them. This is always a good place to start and then you can find out more details like how many siblings they have, or what kind of job they do.

If you then use these details in a conversation next time you see them, they will feel cared for and will know that you are interested in what they have to say. 

Bring up current topics 

If you are stuck on a conversation topic or you are not ready to dive into the questions and compliments, why not try bringing up current topics.

As a rule of thumb, it is a good idea to avoid topics about politics and stick to lighter conversations. Try something pop-culture related, what has happened lately that you could talk to a woman about?

You can often learn these things by doing a quick skim read of social media. 

Ask her about her favorite movies or TV shows

This is a great way to fill any silence that might happen. Asking a girl about her favorite movies and TV shows allows her to speak about herself for a while.

You can also see if there is any crossover between what she likes and what you like to watch, if there is, then this connection can be a great conversation starter.

Ask her what she is passionate about 

Learn about her passions by asking her, what she is working towards or what she loves doing?

Everyone is passionate about something. It might be career related although it is often a hobby or interest that they might spend a lot of their time doing. 

Do not mansplain something to her 

This is a good point to remind you not to mansplain anything to her. Mansplaining is when you explain something that is quite simple to a woman because you assume she will not know how to do it.

For example, it might be how to use a remote control. You start explaining how to use it even though she is very aware how she should be using it.

Stay away from mansplaining. 

Do not talk about your ex

Avoid talking about your ex or comparing them to the girl you are currently talking to. Stay well away from this topic! 

Pay attention to the things she says 

Listen to everything she has to say and show her that you are listening by looking her in the eye when she speaks to you. This will show her that you are interested in her. 

Ask to be introduced

If there is a woman that you would like to speak to, but you are not sure how to get her attention, ask to be introduced to her.

You could ask her friend to introduce you, or you could ask your friend to make the introduction. This is also a conversation starter because you both have a connection through someone else. 

Don’t be afraid of the mundane 

Have you ever found yourself in a nervous mess because you are trying to come up with clever conversation topics?

Sometimes the more mundane, the better. You could talk about what type of milk you like, if she is interested in you, she will join in the conversation.

Don’t be afraid to dive in and discuss seemingly mundane topics. 

Scan the room 

Look around the room and scan it for women that you might like to strike up a conversation with. Remember that you won’t nail great conversation every time.

Practice makes perfect, so striking up conversations with different women might be helpful. 

Approach her from the right direction 

If you are walking up to a woman, then walk from the right side. It is the best side to approach someone from and so it’s a good first impression. 

Use the right conversation angle 

When you approach a woman to start a conversation, you need to be facing the right direction.

Try to have it so that you are facing out towards the room, and she is facing towards the wall. That way all her attention is on you. She will be focusing on what you are saying instead of being distracted by her friends or other people in the room. 

Get close to her 

When you first meet someone, you should give them as much personal space as possible.

Once you have formed a connection with them through the conversation you have had, then you can move in and get closer to her. Try leaning in as she speaks to you.

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