How To Make Someone Miss You - 11 Powerful Psychological Tactics

How To Make Someone Miss You – 11 Powerful Psychological Tactics

Have you ever missed someone before? I don’t mean a member of your family or friend but someone romantically. Often when you are left missing someone you actually end up liking them more.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, it is nice to be missed by someone. It makes you feel special, important, and wanted. 

In today’s video I am going to tell you how to make someone miss you using psychological tactics. 

How to make someone miss you by using psychological tactics

Stop communicating with them every day 

Give them space to miss you because that will be when attraction really develops.

If you are texting or phoning someone every day, how are they supposed to miss you? You need to stop contacting them every day.

They might even start to feel bored because you always end up talking about the same things.

She will be wondering what you are up to and why you are too busy to get in contact with her. She might even start to worry that you are seeing someone else.

It is not easy to stop communicating with someone everyday especially when you like them, and you want to speak to them. It’s important though, because otherwise they will become too dependent on you and expect you too always be there.

Don’t ignore them all together though but cut down the amount of contact you have with them and see if they become more interested in you. 

Form an emotional connection

If you really want somebody to miss you then you need to form an emotional connection with them. This means that you need to be vulnerable with them and they need to be vulnerable with you.

First you need to show them that they can trust you by showing interest in them and listening.

Secondly you need to open up to them and be vulnerable.

Finally, you need to ask them a leading question like so how is your relationship with your mum? And then give them the space to open up and be honest with you.

Once you have that emotional connection, anytime apart will leave them missing you. 

Use the power of your scent 

Scent is an incredible trigger for your memory.

We often smell things, and it takes us right back to a holiday or a person that we used to know.

If you want someone to miss you then having a signature scent is a great place to start.

Either pick a scent that you always wear, or one that suits you but also stands out.

If you can pick one they might smell often, like a common brand or pick a scent that is common like coconut for example.

Every time they smell this smell, it is going to take them straight back to thinking about you. Just don’t forget to spray it before you see them! 

Take things slowly 

Don’t rush into anything. I like to think of a relationship as a chocolate bar. You could eat the whole thing at once and then be left with nothing to look forward to. Or you can savour it, eating it in small sittings. This bar lasts so much longer, you get so much more joy from it.

The same goes with relationships. If you rush through it, you end up with no joy, nothing to look forward to or miss.

Some people jump straight from dating to living together, then have children and get married. For some people this leads to happy ever after, but for others, they realize they want to go back to the beginning, take it slower and enjoy those early days of a relationship.

Basically, don’t be in a rush to do everything, take it slow and let them miss you

Be as mysterious as possible

This tactic is similar to taking things slow.

If you give everything away, you risk losing the other person’s interest. You don’t want to hide yourself from the other person, but you do not want to give everything away.

You can easily be mysterious by just letting them talk more in a conversation. They will instantly feel as though you are hiding something and want to know more.

This will lead to more dates and them pursuing you. 

Send them pictures 

When you are not together, show them that you are thinking of them so that they can think of you and miss you.

Send them pictures of things that you are up to or that remind you of them. Maybe you spot a t-shirt, and it is in their favorite color. Why not send them a picture of the t-shirt and say, this color reminds me of you.

They will instantly start thinking about you and missing you. If they start sending you photos as well, you will know they are thinking about you. 

Be independent and be confident 

Both independence and confidence are key in the world of dating.

Independence is important because if you are always around and always available, how is anyone supposed to miss you? You need to have your own life going on and they can simply slot in. It also means you are busy, so you don’t always have time for them, which gives them time to miss you. 

Confidence is important because you need to feel confident in yourself to attract someone and get them to miss you.

Being confident will also help you not panic when you give the other person some space.

You might be worried about doing this because you might think they will move on. If you are confident, you won’t worry as much and believe that they will still be interested even though you are not in contact all the time. 

Post your fun on social media 

When you like someone what is one of the first things that you do? You check their social media of course.

If someone is attracted to you, you can be certain that they are stalking your social media so that they can see what you are up to.

You want them to see you doing interesting things that they might actually want to do with you.

That is why it is important to post fun things on your social media that keeps them interested. You might find that they ask you, did you have fun last weekend? This is probably because they have seen the fun you have had. 

Look your best when you see them 

If you want someone to miss you then you need to make sure they have a great memory of what you looked like.

One way you can do this is by always looking your best when you see them. Dressing well and keeping up your basic personal hygiene is key.

Choose a style that works for you and make sure you have nice new clothes and shoes so that you can impress anyone you are on a date with.

Leave them hanging 

Don’t always reply or send a message straight back because it does not give the other person a chance to miss you. This might mean picking up the phone on the last ring or texting back after 10 minutes or half an hour.

They will be thinking about what you must be up to and will be longing to hear from you. 

Take something from them 

You might be thinking, stealing isn’t cool? I am not asking you to steal something from the person you are trying to impress.

Taking something of theirs by mistake though like a hoodie, jumper or bag means you need to return it. This is the perfect excuse to have to see the person again!

You could also give them something like your hoodie. It will smell like you and when they are smelling it, they will think about you and maybe even miss you! 

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