Signs she's secretly head over heels for you

Signs She’s Secretly Head Over Heels for You

It can be difficult to define romance. When talking to an extremely friendly girl, it might be challenging to tell the difference between friendliness and playful teasing.

There could be a good reason why she is keeping her sentiments from you; not everyone will reveal their cards right away.

Perhaps she has second thoughts about your affection for her. She might not want to make things awkward especially if you guys were amazingly good friends to begin with. Maybe she is in a committed relationship.

For some reason, she’s trying to hide her attraction and act as if she has no interest in you. Even if you two are ‘just friends,’ there is something weird about you two that you can’t help but notice.

You see that she is different from your other girl-friends and the way that she acts around you is proof enough.

So, does she have a secret crush on you? Well, she most certainly does if she’s doing these things.

How to tell if she secretly likes you

She keeps making close contact with you

When we like someone, we tend to touch them more often. Big bear hugs are an obvious example of a kind of touching. Some people are more reserved.

She could, for one, lay her head on your shoulder if she’s worn out. Or, if you’re joking around, she could gently touch your arm.

While you may overlook these behaviors as “just being kind,” don’t completely ignore them.

Touch is one of the most persuading signs of flirting, according to research. If she is touching you more often than normal, this is one of the blatant signs that she likes you.

She wants to be close to you physically because she enjoys and craves your company.

She wants to celebrate your birthday with you

No matter if you have known each other for a short while or have known each other for years, she’ll definitely be as happy about your birthday as she would be for her closest friend.

She will want to do something on your birthday to show you that she cares about you since she likes you, which is the best excuse for her to do this. She may also give you a present or perhaps do something nice on top of remembering your exact birthday.

No matter how grand or little the gesture, the very fact that she is considering it says a great deal about how she thinks about you.

She lets you meet her friends and family

Someone interested in you will want to share more personal details with you.

Relationships are an important part of these inner circles. They also want to know what the people who support them think of you. It speaks something about their devotion to you when they show you off to the people that mean the most to them.

Once you have been welcomed into their circle, well, it’s official. The way they introduce you to their loved ones will also let you know how they feel about you. They will gush about your accomplishments and end up sharing what they have learned about you.

She notices your body language

How she reacts to your body language is the other side of the coin. Few guys pay enough attention to their body language, whereas the majority of guys focus on what they are saying to a girl.

This is a serious mistake, because women have heightened awareness of the signals a man’s body sends.

She will almost certainly say “yes” to you if your body language is sending the proper signals. Let’s be real. When it comes to women, being attractive and in good physical shape is indeed useful. The signs you send them though, are far more important.

Any man should pick up some basic body language tricks that makes women want to be more than just your friend.

She complains about her relationship or just dating

Is she flirting with you even if she’s in a relationship?

Well, how does she describe her relationship with her partner or their dynamic? It may be a sign that she values your opinion and feels you will pay attention to her if she constantly vents to you or complains.

However, it is also possible that she is testing your level of interest to see whether you and her would end up dating. This is also especially true if she is seeing someone else but is still acting seductively towards you.

It is probably not a good idea to try and convince her to break up with someone else as her friend. When she is ready, she should make that important decision on her own. Also, pressing her might be uncomfortable and just create some conflict between the two of you.

Still, showing your support for her and your opinion that she deserves nothing less than the best gives a clear message that you stand ready to help her when the time comes.

She fixes herself in front of you

People often change how they act when they are around attractive people.

Men could straighten their posture a little bit and smooth down their hair. When speaking to someone they find especially attractive, girls basically behave in the same way.

Be on the lookout for things like smoothing her hair or her outfit. She might not even realize that she’s preparing herself for you, so it might be a strong sign that, at the very least, she thinks you are attractive.

She lets you into her world

One does not just randomly confide in someone else. Instead, they check to see if a person is safe and trustworthy before they open up.

This is particularly true if the person has experienced betrayal in the past. So, it’s a perfect sign if she regularly shares intimate details about her life with you.

It shows she values your opinion and has trust in you. She also feels comfortable with you and is not afraid of being judged.

She is cautious about the girls around you

She probably has more reasons than a simple curiosity for wanting to know about your social life. A girl who is interested in you will try to find out whether you are seeing anybody else right now.

She will probably become curious and ask about your girlfriends if she notices you hanging around them.

Subtle comments, such as “so how long have you two been dating? ” Or sly remarks like “you guys look so great together! ” are a few examples of how a girl can make an effort to know the nature of a guy’s relationship with other girls.

She is genuinely curious about your life

Does she remember your go-to takeout order? Now, when we care about someone, we get invested in their life. Does she mention your favorite movie even if you don’t recall telling her the title?

A girl will want to know the details of a guy’s daily schedule if she likes you since having things to talk about is important. So, expect her to interrogate you regularly about your job, hobbies, relationships, and morals. And the best of all? She’ll truly be interested in your answers and pay attention to them.

She might even begin participating in some of those particular interests or hobbies herself.

She lets you know that she is available

She may be being forward by asking about your relationship status, but she still has to figure out how to let you know that she’s single, isn’t that right? A girl will try to give you hints about her relationship status if she is romantically interested in you.

To make it clear that she is open to meeting new people, she’ll either talk about dating and her most recent experiences or whine about the people she’s seeing. It is her way of letting you know that, despite the attention she’s having, she still has her sights set on someone else.

So, how can you tell if a girl likes you but is keeping it a secret? Detecting it isn’t always easy, but it isn’t always hidden either.

You must be aware of these ten signs if she is actually trying to hide her sentiments.

We express our emotions through so much more than just our words; we also do it through our actions, our moods, and encounters with others. Knowing these signs should lessen some of the guessing for you.

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