Weird Things Men Didn't Know Women Find Attractive

Weird Things Men Didn’t Know Women Find Attractive

We all know that men can’t wrap their heads around the mystery that is Women, and what they want. I don’t think women themselves know what they want, so how do they expect men to know? These are the questions that haunt us at 3 am.

There are some questionable things that women find attractive when looking for a partner, which aren’t necessarily traditional – I mean they’re not featured in the Hollywood movies where the guy gets the girl of his dreams because he’s followed the steps that the popular girls have taught him.

These are some things that women find attractive that might shock you, so make sure you’re sitting down and ready for this! Let’s get into it.

Women find these things attractive

Body parts

Yes, you heard right. Different body parts are attractive to women for different reasons, we know it sounds weird, but hear me out before you skip.

Now these aren’t your traditional naughty parts that you’re probably thinking about, no no, these are random parts that you wouldn’t look in the mirror and say “Oh I have good…the ladies will love me”.


Women love hands. There’s something about a man who has nice sized, groomed hands that gets them going. It could be because hands can represent a sense of security for them.

If you ask a woman why she finds hands attractive, I would be surprised if she could give you a straight answer that wasn’t along the lines of “I’m not sure, I just do.”


Arms are another strange part of the body that women find attractive, although, this one is more because women love a nice hug and cuddle.

They feel safe when they’re in a man’s arms which sounds so cliche but so true.

Now, when they say arms are attractive, we had a look into this to get some details for you; maybe there’s some things you can do to help your arms appear more attractive? For starters, a bit of muscle. This depends on the personal preference of the woman, but the general gist is that if there’s a bit of muscle on the bone then it’s attractive to a woman.

So we’re talking on a scale of prepubescent boy to The Rock, anything from the middle to the end would get you in the good books of women. So don’t go running to the gym and lifting all these crazy weights. A few press ups at home here and there will get the blood pumping and the muscles standing out a bit more.

Bonus – rolling your sleeves up

There is something so sexy about a man who’s come home from a long day at the office and rolled his shirt sleeves up.

Not only does it display your hands and your forearms, but it also gives off the impression that you’re hard working.


A nice, noticeable collarbone links into that playboy, sexy man vibe that women go for. Often pairs with a nice set of pecks or shoulder muscles and you’ve got it in the bag!

I think the attractiveness to a collarbone is very closely linked to those women who love a bit of Christian Grey and the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.


Although it might sound really strange to you, women love to see the veins in your hands, forearms and – not all women like it, but even in the biceps.

Again, it links into the strong, masculine vibe that some women love to have around them.


This may sound so straight forward, and you might think ‘well of course,’ but you’d be surprised how many women love a man who grooms himself.

From a nice haircut, to clean, freshly trimmed fingernails. I mean, who would want to be touched by a man who has dirt under his nails?

I know you might think it is too feminine to look after yourself, but trust me guys, basic hygiene and grooming a big green flag for women.

Not only does it make your physical appearance more attractive, it also shows a woman that you’re not a man child who has to be reminded to brush his teeth or get a shower.


Thank you darling

People really underestimate the power of manners and how far ahead it will set you from others if you use your please and thank you’ like you were taught from a young age.

A man who is polite to everyone he comes into contact with, regardless of their age, gender, job title, etc… not only shows that he was raised correctly, but also shows how he values other people and has a kind heart.

Do you say thank you? Do you give the waiter the same level of respect that you would give a CEO? If you do, you’re in there with the ladies. If you don’t, what are you doing? Get practicing!


Babygirl, my love, sweetheart

A man who uses pet names when he’s talking to you or flirting with you, is a man who has read a few romance novels or watches one too many romcom movies and women love it.

There’s something quite endearing about a man giving you a nice nickname that only he calls you.

Now, don’t get me wrong there are some nicknames that don’t give off the same vibe when you take into account different accents, the tone and attitude behind it – meaning women don’t want to feel belittled by being called ‘sweetheart’.

So, I suggest that when you toy with nicknames to watch her reaction and then you’ll know if it’s a yes or a no go.


Eyes are the window to the soul

Although you can’t control if you need to wear glasses or not, men who do wear glasses are extremely attractive to women.

This ties into the hard-working office look that wearing a nice shirt with the sleeves rolled up look that women also love.

Glasses are a stereotypical accessory that is more than often linked to intelligence and hard work – something women find extremely attractive in a man. Nobody likes a slob who has no ambition in life, who would rather sit on their butt all day watching TV or playing video games. Where’s the sense of pride and drive to work hard for what you want?


A 3-piece suit

It comes as no surprise that every woman we spoke to has voted 100% to the fact that they love to see a man in a suit. A suit that has been tailored to their body is a bonus as it hugs all the right places, but a suit nonetheless.

A man in a suit gives us such a boss man vibe that it makes all women melt from the inside out! Now, don’t go wearing a suit to the store that would be a bit strange, but if you can wear a suit to work then by all means wear one, and watch all the women fawn over you.


Tiny sun kisses

Freckles are a unique part of a person and research shows that women adore men who have them.

Little kisses from the sun on your skin some might say. Again, we know you don’t have a say in the fact that you have or don’t have freckles, that is down to genetics.

But, for those of you who do have freckles – and possibly ginger hair or ‘strawberry blonde hair’, just know that you are kryptonite to some women. They will melt from the inside out when you look at them. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


There you have it, some things that women find attractive in a man that range from standard to extremely weird. I wonder where you stand on the scale?

Hopefully, after hearing these few ideas you can take a look in the mirror and decide for yourself what features and attributes you have that you wouldn’t normally think are attractive, that women actually do find attractive.

If you take anything from this video guys, let it be this – no two people are the same and each woman has her own set of preferences.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t look like the guys in the magazines or on the big screen, sometimes they don’t look like that either. Sometimes, a smile and a polite attitude will get you a long further!

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