Girls Will Find THIS Sexually Attractive! What Makes A Guy Sexually Attractive To Women?

Girls Will Find THIS Sexually Attractive! What Makes A Guy Sexually Attractive To Women?

I’m going to tell you about what makes a guy sexually attractive to women.

You probably often hear about what women do to sexually attract guys. But don’t often hear about how guys sexually attract women. We often focus on women and what they do to pull a man in and gain his attention and sometimes it is interesting to flip that script and focus on what a guy does to attract a lady.

Some of what a man does is similar to what a woman does, and other parts are completely different.

Once you understand what a guy typically does to attract a woman you can do more of it. So, if you do even a few of these you will have women chasing you.

What makes a guy sexually attractive to women

Relaxed confidence

Women find it so sexy when a man is confident but what is even better is relaxed confidence.

This is when a man is confident, but he does not look like he is trying to be, it just comes naturally to him. 

Masculine vibes

Women normally go for guys who have masculine traits.

They look for things like walking on the roadside to keep her safe, carrying a heavy bag for her and if your interests or hobbies are more masculine. Women hope that this masculinity will translate into the bedroom. 


You cannot really beat charm when it comes to sexual attraction.

Women love it when a man can charm her and puts the effort in to charm her.

Men no longer really do this, and it is quite rare to find one that does. Which is why it’s such an attractive trait. 

An attractive style of humor

Women love it when men are funny, but they don’t like every style of humor. They do not really like it when men make sexist jokes, rude, or overly sexual jokes.

Sure, the odd sex joke is not bad, but overall, you should steer clear from these.

When a man has the right mix of humor, it is a winning formula for a woman. 


Women want to know the real you. They are not interested in playing games and finding out later that you are not who you say you are.

If you are authentic, they will immediately pick up on this and trust you more. Trust is what helps build the sexual attraction that you are looking for. 

Wear sunglasses

When men wear sunglasses, women think, what’s underneath them? It makes you look mysterious which is a trait that women often chase and look for. 

Be a nice person 

This one might seem straightforward to you, but it is something that women will always find attractive.

The ladies find it very sexually attractive when a man is a nice person. Women are very emotional, and they feel their emotions deeply. This means that if they do not consider you to be a nice person, they will not get intimate with you.

Women need to be able to trust a man before they will sleep with him.

So, if you are a nice person, you will have a lot more luck with the ladies. 

Wearing cologne 

This one probably won’t come as a surprise. Women find men who wear cologne very sexy, and they associate the scent with them for the rest of time. Meaning she might smell it 20 years later and think of you.

It is important that you wear a nice cologne that matches your skin. It might be helpful to seek help from a shop assistant when picking one.

She will find your cologne very sexy especially when you are getting up close and personal. 

Eating garlic

You might be thinking, what? How could eating garlic make you more sexually attractive to a woman? Especially when jokes are often made about eating garlic on a date and before kissing.

A study was conducted in 2016 which revealed that men who ate a little bit of garlic were often considered to be more pleasant and attractive. The study proved that eating garlic affects your body odor.

A girl does not want to smell your garlic breath, but she does find you more attractive if you eat it in small quantities. 

Travel with other people

If a woman meets a man when he is traveling, she finds him more attractive when he is with other people than when he is by himself.

She might view him as a loner when he is by himself or find it more difficult to approach him.

When he is with a group of people though, he looks more social, and is easier to approach. It also means he normally has more stories to tell which women love.

A lady is more likely to approach him for a one-night stand when he is traveling with a group of people as she thinks of him as being safer than a guy who is traveling alone.

You should think about this when you are planning your next trip. 

Be around a baby

When a woman sees a man with a baby, she starts seeing him in a different light.

She might start feeling broody or thinking about what it would be like if they had children together. She will be studying what he is like with the baby and figuring out if he would be a good dad.

Ladies also finds it very sexy when a man can be a child around the baby. What I mean by this is when he does not need to just be an adult and he can play with the child.

This is when she really looks at him and thinks, he is really sexy right now. 

Walking a dog

Women find a man walking a dog far more attractive than a man without a dog.

They are more likely to approach him, talk to him and view him as kind rather than approaching a guy who does not have a dog with him. It does not even have to be your own dog for this to work, it could be a friend’s dog. 

Not shaving

Men often think that women prefer it when they shave. It’s true that the in between stage, when facial hair is prickly is not fun for women who want to kiss you, in fact it hurts.

If a man has a beard, then women like it to be maintained and clean. It’s a common misconception that women do not like facial hair though, they most definitely do.

In fact, they find it quite sexually attractive as it makes a man look powerful and rugged.

Women are also more likely to trust a man with facial hair more than a man without facial hair when they are searching for a long-term partner.

Walk with confidence

A woman will watch you walking, even when you don’t think she is. If you are walking with confidence, she is more likely to approach you and start a conversation with you.

Walking with confidence makes you more sexually attractive to a woman because she sees you as powerful and it makes her want to get to know you more.

Walking with confidence is all about your body language. Holding your head up high, arms by your side and taking big strides.

Even if you are not confident while you are doing it, if your body language makes it look like you are, she will believe you are. 

Clever dating app bio

If you are on a dating app this one’s for you. Women find it really sexy when a guy has a clever dating app bio.

They don’t like it when a guy has a stock standard dating app bio that they have copied and pasted from someone else. They prefer something that is well thought out and original.

It shows that they have put some effort in, that they are clever and maybe even that they are funny.

Spending some time on your dating app could be just the thing that pushes a girl to get in touch with you and start some flirting. 

Be musical 

Who knew that being able to play the piano could score you points in the bedroom?

Women find men who are musical very sexually attractive. That is why they find rockstars, pop stars and even guys in choirs so attractive.

Musical men are normally very passionate about their talent and women love to see this passion come through when they are speaking.

If you can play an instrument, make sure to mention it to a lady and if you have been thinking about learning how to play something now just might be the time! 

Buy flowers

Women love receiving flowers from men, but it is not just flowers that they love. They love any thoughtful gift that shows a man has been thinking about her.

It shows that he is thoughtful, which is something girls find not just very sexually attractive but also extremely attractive.

You might be thinking but how can that be sexually attractive? Well, if he is naturally thoughtful then he is more likely to be thoughtful in the bedroom. 

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