How you can tell a girl that you are interested in them

“THIS” Is How To Let A Girl Know You’re Interested In Her! (Without Scaring Them Away)

Learn how to let a girl know you’re interested in her. Expressing your feelings to a girl you’re into can be a very anxiety inducing moment! It’s understandable to feel worried and nervous about this moment, so it makes sense to do a little research on how to tell a girl you’re into her!

In today’s video we’re going to be discussing some of the best tips you can take advantage of when it comes to this scenario.

You have met a girl, you have been spending time together and you are very much interested in her. But how do you take it to the next level, how do you let her know that you are interested without doing something a little bit silly?

It can be a very scary situation to be in, because, well you don’t want to scare her away, but you want to try as hard as you can to take things to the next level. It really is a puzzling place to be in. But today’s video I’m going to really help you out.

I’m going to tell you how you can tell a girl that you are interested in them, so that when you do meet a girl that you are interested in you don’t have to be nervous and you will be ready.

How To Let A Girl Know You’re Interested

Be nice 

Sometimes when a guy is trying to impress a girl, he teases her. This can be cute and flirty but sometimes guys can take it too far.

If you have only just met a girl and straight away you are teasing her then she might think you don’t like her.

She might not realize that you are flirting with her. When you first meet a girl, make sure to be nice!

Sure, a little bit of teasing is ok but try to mostly just be a nice person. 

Speak up

If you spend your whole time standing back and just watching a girl, she’ll never know how you feel.

You need to be confident enough to approach her when she is standing across the room from you. If you want to let a girl know that you are interested in her then you need to walk over and start a conversation.

You can start with some questions and compliments, keep it light. This is your first step, simply introducing yourself. 

Ask follow up questions 

Start with the basic questions like what is her job? And then dig a bit deeper with some follow up questions. Ask her about why she loves her job? If it is her dream job? What does she want to do in the future?

This shows her that you are interested in her and what she has to say. She will be flattered that you want to know so much about her and she’ll know that you like her.

This will make it easier when you step up and tell her that you are interested. 

Ask her opinion 

Think of a topic that is not too controversial and ask her about her opinion on it.

When you ask for someone’s opinion it shows that you respect them. You asking for her opinion shows that you respect her.

You could ask her about her opinion on a problem that you are experiencing.

Another thing you could do is if you are both in a bar or café ask her what she thinks about the décor. It is something small, but it still shows that you value her opinion and therefore you value her. 

Send her a photo message 

Why not send her a photo of something that you have seen that reminds you of her?

You are out with your friends, and you see some strawberry ice cream and you remember that it is her favorite. So, you take a picture of it, and you send it to her with the words “saw this and it reminded me of you!.”

You might not even think twice about doing this, but it will mean a lot to her. She will be thinking “wow he remembered” and she will know that you are actively thinking about her.

Which straight away shows her that you are interested. Also, because you are doing this via a message or through your phone there is less pressure as it is not face to face. 

Make her laugh whenever you can 

Use any opportunity that you have to make her laugh.

You don’t need to be the class clown to make a girl laugh. Noticing things that she does and bringing them to the forefront of her attention can make her laugh so long as you are nice about it!

Tell a joke that you have been keeping up your sleeve or you can laugh about a situation that you have both found yourselves in! Whatever it is, making a girl laugh will release her happy hormones.

She will realize that she feels great when she is around you which makes it a great time to tell her how you feel. 

Touch her while you are speaking 

This will really show her that you are interested in her. As she says something, look straight into her eyes and place your hand on her shoulder, thigh or arm. Keep it there for a few seconds and then remove it.

When you initiate touch it shows a girl that you are interested in her.

Make sure that she is comfortable with you touching her and don’t leave your hand on for more than a few seconds. You can touch more as the relationship becomes more serious. 

If you say something, then do it 

This one is pretty simple, but it is amazing how many guys fail at it.

If you say that you are going to do something then you need to do it. For example, if you both arrange a date. Make sure you turn up and always turn up on time.

A girl will immediately think a guy is not interested in her if he starts doubling back on his word by not following through. 

Extend the invitation

If you have met a girl randomly at a bar, start thinking ahead straight away. Don’t assume that you will see her again.

Be proactive and ask her then and there if she would like to see you again and grab her number. That way, the next day you can contact her, talk to her a little and then ask her on a date.

Don’t rely on the fact that you might run into her again one day because it might never happen. 

Make sure you get on with her friends

This one might come a little further down the track, however it is important to mention.

If you have been seeing a girl for a while but you have not told her yet that you are interested in her then take the opportunity to make sure you get on with her friends before you do.

That way they might be able to put in a good word for you before you tell her how you feel. 

Be flirty 

When you flirt with someone they learn pretty quickly that you like them.

Flirt with her but make sure it’s not sexual. It’s way too early for any of that so focus on being playful with your flirting. If she flirts back she probably feels the same way about you. 

Don’t play the ‘friend’

There is nothing worse than ending up in the friend zone.

If you are interested in a girl romantically this is the last thing you want! So, make sure it does not happen by not playing the friend.

Make sure you flirt with her and touch her. Sometimes this shows her that you think of her in a different way to how you would a friend.

If you feel that you are slipping into the friendzone then be confident and tell her how you feel so that you don’t lose her. 

Never kiss and tell 

Kissing and telling is something we all did in primary school. Girls these days like things like that to be kept private.

They only want you and her to really know what is happening with your relationship so don’t blurt it out to your friends or her friends. Keep it between you both. It shows her that you respect her. 

When it comes to telling a girl how you feel, try some of the tips we have spoken about in this video and see if it’s a little easier. 

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