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How To Tempt Girls Without Even Speaking 😍 Attract Women Without Saying Anything!

Learn how to attract women without saying a word.

In today’s video, we’re going to be discussing female attraction and how you can tempt girls, get them interested in you – before you even speak to them.

These are simple yet effective tips you can implement today to improve your ability at attracting women and getting girls to like you.

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How to attract women without talking

There are so many articles out there telling you the best pickup lines, how to introduce yourself, how to compliment a girl and what the best first thing to say is.

When really the attraction happens way before you even say your first word.

It’s all about your vibe and your body language. With the help of today’s video, you will be a master in attraction in no time.

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Use strong eye contact

It’s such a huge role in attraction because it shows women that you are confident.

If you can hold a strong gaze during a conversation but it also lets her know that you are interested. You can make the glances before you even talk.

We all happen to look into the eyes of strangers by mistake. Of course however when you are attracting a woman, strong teeth smile with a nice smile, let her know that you are interested and start a conversation.

You see her as more than just a friend so therefore before you even do the talking, just give her some strong eye contact and that should really hit the mark.

Make the woman do the chasing

Now we have a whole video explaining the psychology behind why women actually love the thrill of the chase.

In short, women love chasing those they are interested in.

As soon as the role is reversed, she is not as interested or attracted. So use this to your advantage. Let a girl know that you are interested but not desperate for her attention.

Some of the best ways to do this are to just have a great time wherever you are out. When you do see a potential lady, give her glances and smiles.

Don’t sack off whatever it was that you were doing if you are busy shopping or with your friends continue as you were.

By default, the woman will naturally come over or be invited to your attractions.

That you can approach her obviously after you’ve done your stuff and she will still be interested.

Use attractive body language

How you stand and actually hold yourself, reveals a great deal about your inner state.

If you can look confident on the exterior, no one’s gonna know and she would definitely not know that you are nervous inside.

Women are attracted to confidence so that means standing tall, with your shoulders back.

Make sure you’re not hiding away, talk with your hands and fill up space around you. For example, putting your arm up on the seat next to you because fidgeting or rearranging your clothing too much oozes nervousness.

Which are a huge turn off and the way that you walk, plays a huge factor in her retraction to you.

If you walk with confidence, imagine you are like a pro wrestler, walking to the ring before his fight.

Maybe not that powerful and dominating but something like that.

Did you know that you are considered 50 times more attractive if you have a shoulder swagger? Thanks to Texas University for finding this out.

Wear a sexy cologne

As ladies, we are suckers for good smelling cologne. I wish I could tell you the exact one to buy but colognes are unique to you. They actually smell different on different people. Your best bet is to head to a cologne specialist store and find your scent.

The power of smell is 40 stronger in females so we do really notice a good smelling cologne. We literally stop dead in our tracks and turn around immediately to see who is wearing it.

If you team this up with everything else in the video, it’s more likely she is interested in you and wants to make a move before you even look her in the eye.

Show off your social skills

You don’t always have to not speak to attract a woman obviously.

Even what you say in how you speak to people around a girl can actually make a huge difference.

To find a conversation topic to have with someone next to the girl, you are interested in and show off your intelligence and confidence. Plus you come across as very friendly, this makes you noticeable and gives her a sneak peek into your social skills.

A woman is attracted if she finds you physically charming but feels comfortable. Being friendly with other people makes you so much more inviting.

Draw the focus to your lips

Now the lips are very sensual things on our faces.

If you spot a girl say across the tube station, you can switch her brain from a stranger waiting for the train, to a stranger with a primal turned on the sexual brain by just touching or licking your own lips.

It will literally flood her brain with feel-good sexy hormones.

Get her wanting to start chasing you.

Scrub up on your social media

This applies to attracting a certain lady that you have in mind or just ladies in general. When a woman is trying to figure you out, who you are and what you do.

She will visit your social media pages and what you post on there, your pictures, your videos, your caption choices, hashtags and tagged photos.

These are very important to show off your hobbies and your interests on social media.

It shows that you are humble and that you have something that you love to do. You can mention your accomplishments or something amazing that you’ve done for example share a photo of you bungee jumping or progressing in your career.

Women are put off by images or status images that show arrogance so those gym selfies may get you likes but not a long-term relationship. Use your social media as a way of showing off the best yet humble parts of yourself and if you can using group images raises your social proof.

Show off your social proof

Women are attracted to people that are wanted by others. As it shows the FOMO (the fear of missing out) effect. So when you are out in public, surround yourself with your friends.

Women always notice a group of guys and would much prefer to date a guy, that is socially up there on the ladder. Then someone that is just kind of a nobody.

Attract her with your appearance

It’s the unspoken rule of nonverbal attraction, isn’t it. Now you don’t have to be born with the dashing model, looks can spark up the attention for the ladies.

Just dressing as you care about your appearance, goes a long way so remember women enjoy dressing up themselves. So they do appreciate when a guy can do it to himself with no other input from someone else.

Make adjustments to your appearance

Grooming is a huge factor in getting a lady to look twice at you so tame the facial hair, have a good skin regime, keep your nails tidy and having good looking teeth. These will always help which leads me to make adjustments to your appearance in public.

There is just something about seeing a guy roll up his shirt sleeves that is really sexy and I can’t explain why it is. Just trust me.

Wherever you touch will bring attention. If you are standing next to someone that you want to attract, ring your fingers through your hair so she notices your hairstyle or adjust your tie or your blazer collar so that she notices your overall outfit.

Be mindful of your space

Taking up space shows confidence and that you are not nervous in your surroundings. However, if you are standing close to a woman, you need to make her feel comfortable so that she doesn’t stamp you as a creep.

So pay attention to how close she stands next to you, if she seems to be getting closer it’s a huge indication she’s attracted. If she does pull away, it’s a sign she’s a little bit cautious, hesitant or not interested. So this means, don’t enter that space next to her, unless you know she’s really interested in you first.

A great thing to do is to position yourself next to someone that’s not in her space. Just enough so that she can actually look at you.

So if we put everything together from the video, stand in front of a lady not too close. Obviously, it’s a bit weird, you can talk to the waiter about an amazing accomplishment you had.

Or you could adjust your tie, you can sweep your fingers through your hair, match this up with some great grooming skills, some amazing smelling cologne and you are well on your way to attracting her. Without even saying a word!

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