How to tell a girl you like her


Learn how to tell a girl you like her! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing step by step how to confess to a girl your feelings for her and that you want her. We will be going over the different things you need to consider before asking her out and then how to actually go about telling her you’re interested in her!

It’s one of the most exciting things that we experience as humans. There is nothing like the rush of realizing that you like someone and then getting that chance to tell them how you feel.

It’s a mixture of nerves but also excitement. Sure, she might reject you, but what if she didn’t and you both got to date each other? How amazing would that be! In the run-up to telling someone how we feel we can have all sorts of emotions and thoughts pumping through our brain and the body. We think so much about when we should tell them that we forget to plan for how we are actually going to do it, then we fumble on our words or don’t quite say what we want to say.

And you guessed it, it’s important that you need to do some pre-planning first. So that you can have the best shot with the lady of your dreams. And today’s video is exactly that. I’m going to start with some of the best ways to put in some groundwork before telling a girl that you like her. Then we’re gonna dive in deep step by step detail of how you can tell a lady that you like her so that when the time comes you can feel more excitement as opposed to nerves.

How to tell a girl you like her

Send her letters or pass her cute notes 

Nobody really sends letters anymore. Any post that we get is mostly boring bills instead of lovely letters, which is why it means so much to a girl when a guy takes the time to write her a letter. It can be quite nerve wracking to write someone a letter. It feels like we have so much to say until the pen is in our hand and then nothing comes out. It is worth it though to see a smile on a girl’s face or to receive a message of thanks from her. A girl knows that it is not something a guy would typically do, so if a guy does do it for her then she knows that he must like her. It’s not really something you would do for just anyone. 

If you don’t think you can fill out a whole letter then don’t worry, why not try a simple note. You could write a note and stick it in her lunch or leave it on her pillow. That way at some point during the day she will find it and will be thinking about you. Again, guys don’t do this kind of thing for just anyone so she will subconsciously know that you like her. 

Surprise her with a delivery to her office 

You could show up and offer to take her out for lunch which is a super sweet gesture. The only thing is that she might be busy and not be able to join you. Instead, you could send her some flowers or something for lunch and surprise her. The whole office will be admiring what you have done and saying things like “he must really like you.” This will help to plant that seed in her head plus she will be thinking this guy is amazing! 

Support her and her endeavors 

This one is really important especially if you want to be her boyfriend eventually. Every girl wants someone who will support them in their dreams. It does not matter if she is career focused or if she has a hobby that she likes, she needs and wants support. You should support her in any decision that she makes and offer advice when it is needed.

You can show that you support her by celebrating the little things, girls love to do that. If she wants to start her own business or run a marathon then you should also support her with those endeavors. She needs to see that if you were ever to become boyfriend and girlfriend, you would be there to support her. 

Do her little favors to show her how much you care

When we like someone we often find ourselves doing favors for them. For example, my friend really likes this guy, but they had not told each other yet. He was moving out of his flat and could not be bothered cleaning it, because she was so head over heels for him, she offered to do it. She told him that she loved cleaning and did not mind doing it. The truth is, she doesn’t like cleaning that much, but she really likes him, so she did it. He still talks about it today and all these years later, they are still together. This proves that you really can show her that you care by doing little favors for her. Like helping her move, grabbing her a coffee or buying her favorite chocolate bar. Little gestures go a long way

Spend time together 

Although you like her, she might not like you yet. It quite often takes one person longer than the other when it comes to liking somebody. Our feelings don’t normally develop at exactly the same time. So, the best way to get her to where you are is to spend time with her. Keep it casual with coffee dates and walks. She will get to know you more each time which will lead to her liking you more. It’s a game of patience but it is worth it. Plus, if you like her, it’s a bonus to spend more time together. 

Find out what she likes 

Ask her questions about herself and get to know everything about her. The more you know about her the better you can be at charming her. From her favorite wine to qualities she looks for in a man, the more you understand about her, the better luck you will have. Remember to always ask creative questions about her so that you can really understand what makes her tick. 

Talk to her 

Sounds simple right? If you like her then you probably have already talked to her! What I mean here though is really talk to her. Find out what she sees her life being like in the future, ask her about her hopes and dreams and get to know her past. Having this information allows you to see if you actually see a future for both of you or if you just have a crush on her before telling her how you feel. 

Compliment her 

Girls love it when you compliment them. Make sure that whatever you compliment her on, you really mean. If the compliment is genuine then she will be really flattered and realize that you think she is special. 

Don’t jump straight to ‘I like you’

Now that you know everything about her and you have wow’d her, it’s time to tell her how you really feel. Unless you have spent some time really getting to know her then don’t jump straight to ‘I like you.’ Make sure that you really are committed to her before getting to the next part. It also gives her time to get to know you and develop feelings. 

Ask her out 

Before you tell her that you like her, ask her out on a proper date. You might have spent time together already, but if it was in a casual setting then go to a nice restaurant and have a lovely time with her. Impress her and charm her so that when you drop the ‘I like you’ bomb, she has time to feel the same way. 

When you do tell her, be direct 

When it does come time to tell her, be direct and follow the six steps below! 

The six steps to telling a girl that you like her 


You need to understand what you want. After you have told a girl that you like her she will ask you what you want. Do you want to take things slow? Or jump into a relationship? She will want answers so you will need to take some time to think about what you want before you even think about telling her. 

Ask her how she is feeling. If you go to tell her and she has had a really bad day at work then it is not going to go very well, she might even tell you that she doesn’t feel the same way. She needs to be in the right frame of mind and in a good space to be able to hear what you are saying. 


Make sure that she is present. If she is distracted or looking elsewhere then she is going to miss what you are saying. Take her somewhere that is quiet or is her own environment so that she can really focus. 

Say it at the right time. It’s hard to think about, but you tell her that you like her and she doesn’t feel the same way…things can get awkward. If you have told her only for her to reject you and your food isn’t even on the table yet then you don’t want to end up crying in front of her! Make sure to tell her at the right time. 

Be ready to have answers. If everything goes right then she will have questions like “but what does this mean.” You need to have all of the answers to fire back at her so make sure you are prepared. 


Have a plan for if it doesn’t go well. Practice saying something like “It’s ok, I hope we can still be friends.” If she does tell you that she doesn’t feel the same way then you will be sad. This can make you react a certain way. The truth is though only because she does not feel that way now does not mean that in a few months she will still feel that way. So, you need to take it graciously so that you can possibly have something together in the future. 

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