Things that make women lose interest in you

16 Things That Make Her Lose Interest In You – Why Girls Lose Interest

Learn about the things that make her lose interest in you! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing what makes a girl lose interest in a guy.

How often do you think, why is she annoyed at me again? Despite what you do, you can never be 100 perfect just like the ladies cannot be perfect for you either.

We all do things from time to time that can grate the other person. Women and men are so different which means that when they come together there’s a lot of miscommunications, there’s things that someone’s expecting that the other person’s not willing to do.

And let’s be honest, this can leave people thinking “why am I even here why, don’t you know what I want”. This can cause arguments, misunderstandings and in the end you will probably both part ways.

It’s much easier for you to just understand the things that guys do that women dislike, so that you can stop doing them. It’s going to be an eye opener and it will lead to longer healthy relationships and more happy ladies.

In today’s video, I’m going to tell you why girls can lose interest, because of the things that you are doing that they don’t like.

Things That Make Women Lose Interest In You

Don’t make fun of things they like 

It’s cruel to make fun of someone, especially when they’re opening up to you and trying to let you in. Make sure that you take time to realize what she likes, her interests and hobbies.

I am sure that you have something that you really like. Wouldn’t you hate it if someone made fun of you for it? Once you know what she likes, you will know what to avoid saying.

You can joke about things to do with her interests if it is the right situation but just don’t take it too far. 

Shame others for being overweight 

Never make fun of someone for being fat, we all come in different shapes and sizes. She would never want you to comment on her weight, but she would also hate it if you commented on other peoples.

When you do this you actually look insecure which is not a good look on anyone.

Stay away from this otherwise she will lose interest in you very quickly. 

Say things like ‘real women have curves’ 

Again, we don’t want to hear you tell us about how we should look.

Someone’s own body is for them to talk about if they want to and not for someone else to discuss.

It’s best to just not comment on a woman’s weight at all and instead compliment the way she dresses. 

Catcall a lady 

This one is an absolute no-go.

What is there to gain from shouting out the window at a woman? Or as she walks past a building site?

Nothing good can come from it and you’re more likely to hurt her feelings and make her feel gross than from anything good coming of it.

Please never catcall a woman because you won’t ever get a chance to attract her interest if you do. 

Grope a lady 

This is another one that shouldn’t have to be said.

Never touch someone when they haven’t asked you to. Groping will get you nowhere with a woman.

You have a much higher chance of getting to go on a date with her if you respect her and treat her like a lady.

Remember to only touch someone if you have their permission. 

Get mad at her for not wanting to date you 

There is no point in getting upset if someone doesn’t want to date you.

You have to respect that they aren’t ready for a relationship with you and that they’re not in the same place you are.

It can be hard when this happens, and it can really hurt. Take a moment to step back though and think about everything before you say it. This will make you look like a bigger person.

You never know, maybe she was not ready for a relationship now, but she might be in the future. 

Tell her to make you a sandwich 

Anything to do with the kitchen is better left unsaid.

Saying things like “women belong in the kitchen” or that “it’s her job to make you dinner” won’t get you far at all. Women really dislike this.

Every relationship should be 50/50 so you should be doing just as much as her in the kitchen.

Don’t assume because she is a lady she likes to cook either.

Why not try cooking for her? She will be so impressed, and you will win serious brownie points. 

Assume that she is mad because it is her time of the month 

Women can get more irritable during their time of the month, but they never want to be told that especially by a man who never has to experience it.

They say not to talk about things that you know nothing about, and this is one of those things.

Never assume that she is mad because of this. She might just be mad because she is mad. 

Compliment her the wrong way

Girls love compliments and they mean so much when they come from someone that they like.

They don’t however like it when men miss the mark and compliment them in the wrong way. You might be thinking to yourself, how could anyone do that?

Well, it is not as difficult as you may think. You could say something like “your hair looks so much better than it did before your haircut” or “you look so much better now you have lost some weight.”

You might think that you are being nice by paying her a compliment, but you are pointing out negative things that you noticed about her before, and this is just not nice. 

Try to solve all their problems 

Girls love it when guys listen to their problems.

In fact, it is something that most girls look for in a boyfriend.

They don’t need you to solve their problems though. They are capable of doing this themselves. 

Don’t avoid spending time with her friends 

It is so obvious when a guy does not want to hang out with a girl’s friends. He comes up with silly excuses or just says “sorry I am busy”.

After a while she will get so bored of this and want a guy who will see her friends.

She will lose interest and leave which is not something you want. Just hang out with her friends, it is only an hour of your life. 

Not getting her hints

If she hints that she is not interested, leave her alone.

She might say, I think we should see other people or I am busy, sorry.

Take a moment to think about what she is really saying, read the room and then leave.

You will find another girl that wants to spend time with you. 

Send unsolicited messages 

This is not cool. Girls don’t want to receive rude text messages from you or photos.

It’s unnecessary and you don’t need to do it to get her attention.

There are so many other ways that you could get it like sending her sweet morning texts

Tell her to smile 

If she wants to smile, she will smile and if she doesn’t want to, you guessed it she won’t. She does not need you to tell her to smile. It comes across as really condescending.

Try to avoid this at all costs because she will lose interest really quickly. 

Text her one-word replies 

If you can’t send her a sentence back because you are busy then don’t reply. A sentence is so much better than one word. When you text her back and say ‘ok’ the first thing she thinks is that you are not interested in her.

She might then start texting another guy. Save this from happening by only texting her when you have time to text back a proper reply. 

Call her crazy 

No girl wants to be called crazy. Not by her friends or by you. Again, when a guy calls someone crazy, it makes them look insecure. 

Break promises 

If you promise to do something, make sure that you follow through with it. Your girl will be much happier and trust you far more.

If you promise her all these things but never actually follow through then she will be hurt and upset.

Make sure when you make a promise you can definitely follow through with it. 

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