Do THIS Every day To Make Women Want You (Wouldn't You Like to Attract Women EASIER?)

Do THIS Every day To Make Women Want You (Wouldn’t You Like to Attract Women EASIER?)

Women can be hard to attract, and the truth is, they kind of size you up as soon as they notice you, ticking off good or bad boxes in their mental checklists.

So, let’s actually talk through some good daily habits to take on board to make women actually want you, and to start ticking off a lot more of those good boxes.

How to get yourself noticed by the ladies

Start the day right

Starting your day in the right way is essential for both you and your love life.

Getting up and making your bed, putting the kettle on, and completing those little tasks, goes a long way. Not just for yourself but for those you want in your life.

Now if you roll out of bed at say 11am and sit around eating a bowl of cereal watching cartoons, I am pretty sure you cannot expect a woman to approve of this.

Shape up and get into a habit of starting your day on the front foot. Set your alarm earlier and get up, make your bed and get some bits done around the house before you have to go out.

This will create a positive mindset and give you the routine that every woman wants to be around. 

Stubble or Beard

Growing a healthy beard or heavy stubble is the “In” thing women are attracted to these days.

Something to run their fingers through is hot and the sexiest men of today’s celebrity circles are all supporting some sort of facial hair.

It shows maturity and masculinity with a little bit of dominance and aggression all rolled up into one. What more could women want?

Keep it neat and tidy and watch how much attention you get.

Chin up

No girl looks at a man who is looking at his feet, just a plain fact. It indicates a low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Keep your head up. Women love to see a nice jawbone, defined cheekbones and sparkly eyes.

It suggests genetics are on your side and psychologically it makes you seem more dominant and masculine.

Not hiding your facial structure and holding your chin upwards gives off so much confidence and it will project to others. Walking around with your head held high will show them that you are proud of yourself and more importantly the person that you are. 

Head to toe

Washing your hair and keeping it trimmed will not only be easier for you to manage but your hair is your ‘crowning glory’ and is a major factor in looking attractive and well groomed.

Getting into a good regular routine of popping to the barbers, combing and washing your locks, will get you looking smart and well put together. A professional manicure isn’t necessary if you take on a good groom routine, but regular clipping of those fingernails and toenails and a little bit of hand cream to soften the skin will make all the difference.

The way that you care for your hands and feet speaks volumes about the way you care for yourself.

Hanging out in a crowd

Being around a group of friends can bump your attractiveness up a few notches.

Being part of a crowd of people all having fun and enjoying themselves sends a beacon to women. It shows how interactive you are towards others and also how popular you are within your company.

Having a social life is a good thing, not only for your own mental boost, but it will get you noticed by the other sex.

Women always prefer a man in a group environment to a loner.

The cologne

One of the top three things that turn a girl on is a guy smelling great.

Smelling good is a constant must have routine and using the right pheromones is a definite yes on any woman’s tick list. Girls are highly sensitive to great aftershave and a guy who tingles our senses has us going wild.

Your scent can be an unconscious source of desirability, so always invest in at least two different fragrances- smelling the same all the time gets boring, so change it up from time to time.

Use a planner

Organisation is a must have trait. Even doing things spontaneously should involve just a little bit of planning.

A guy who is too random and doesn’t look ahead might seem quirky and cute, but having a clear direction is much more appealing.

It is the smallest of things, like planning trips ahead of time, making dinner reservations beforehand and not sitting back and waiting for things to come to you.

Have some control of your life, know where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Women have been planning their entire lives since they were a little girl, so the least that we expect is for you to be able to plan an evening out!

Daily skincare

A solid daily skincare routine is essential if you want to look your finest.

Always use high-quality skincare products made from natural ingredients. Please don’t skimp out!

Most off-the-shelf products are filled with chemicals, artificial fragrances and alcohol which can dry or irritate your skin. So go natural. Look for nourishing and hydrating products, things that will give your skin a boost of vitamins and repair damaged skin.

Get into a good daily routine of looking after your skin and it will in turn keep you looking youthful, fresh and in your prime.

Dental hygiene

Clean sparkling teeth and oral hygiene is a must have habit. Healthy teeth with regular visits to the dentist will ensure fresh breath and a beautiful smile.

A smile gives a particularly attractive well-groomed and polished look, and is one of a man’s best assets to lure a lady in.

It shows that you have some self-care and also indicates that you take pride in your appearance.

Keep your surroundings clean

Women connect you to your surroundings, so, keep the space around you clean and tidy too.

Your home, your car, and your work environment are all indications of who you are and how you think.

A tidy life means a tidy mind and having yourself together is up there on the top three things women find appealing about a man.

Positive mind

It is really important for your mental health that you talk through anything that is bothering you, so make sure you air your grievances out.

Surrounding yourself with too much negativity can become toxic, not only for your own well-being but for others that are around you.

Seeing upsides to things or recognizing what is going wrong and thinking of ways you can change it is better than wallowing.

Women are more likely to pay you attention if you are mindful and perceive your feelings and emotions without having to react to them.


Good posture is another immediate way to improve your attractiveness.

Standing up tall with your shoulders back and your chest open, portrays confidence.

Good posture also improves your overall body structure. Improving your posture is a thing to practice but once mastered you will be walking, sitting, and standing proud.

Nothing spells a confident male more than a big chest and broad shoulders.

Wearing clothes to build your frame

Studies say that men become more alluring by wearing tops and shirts that gives you a distinct T-shape. Why? Well, they create the illusion of a strong chest and well-built shoulders.

Add some tailored blazers or a sports jacket to your casual wardrobe, as well as some nice, fitted t-shirts for the dress down days.

Look as built and masculine as your clothes allow you to be. This is a great tip when on a first date.

Now, we do not want to be catfished if that is what you are thinking, but as far as first impressions go, looking good and appearing strong or broad is just a plus in our books!

Fitness goals

We are not saying that in order to be attractive, you need a six-pack and be shredded. However, being in shape is always a good thing.

The time you spend in the gym or out running keeps you fit.

Use it as a general rule, when you are athletically fit, you look better in your clothes plus you become more energetic. To me that is a win-win situation with no downsides.

If you spend 30 minutes to an hour exercising in the morning it will produce endorphins that will do wonders for the rest of your day. You will be more alert, more energised and you will also have a better attitude about work and everything else.

Regular exercise allows you to look and feel more attractive. It also builds stamina which, let’s face it, is always a bonus!

Good sleep

The human body needs a good night’s sleep, preferably 7 to 8 hours every night. Try to be consistent with the time you go to bed.

Now our bodies like getting into a rhythm in terms of resting and active periods. Getting plenty of rest prevents you from stressing out, feeling fatigued, it prevents anxiety, and even stops those dreaded eye bags.

You will find yourself spending your days more relaxed and content with a great positive mindset.

This will have a huge reaction to your body language, posture, and energy to take on the day. So, sleep, rest and start the day as you mean to go on.

Now these daily habits, if done right, should help you overcome any hesitation or doubts you feel about yourself.

Remember to wake up every morning thinking it’s another day to show off your best self and soon becoming attractive will be second nature.

So, stay positive and keep a good daily routine.

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