Signs your crush likes you

18 Indisputable Signs Your Crush Likes You (How To Tell If Someone Likes You) MUST WATCH

Signs your crush likes you! In today’s video I’m going to surprise you with 18 signs that your crush likes you. These won’t stop that does she like me situation, but they will help you understand how she feels faster so that you can simply enjoy dating her or that gives you the chance to move on to find someone else.

You may have stumbled onto today’s video because you’re looking for advice on the following topics: How to tell if someone likes you, does my crush like me, signs someone likes you, how to spot attraction & many more along a similar theme. Today’s topic is going to come in helpful in all the above areas.

Are you finding it hard to figure out if a girl likes you? Now most people have probably been in a situation where they like someone, but they don’t know if that person likes them back. It can make you feel a little bit dizzy and dazed, now you have a great time when you are with this person but once you leave you start asking yourself do they actually like me? Or are they just my friend? And it’s not a nice place to be in so the sooner you can figure out how they feel the sooner you can make your move.

Signs your crush likes you

She smiles when you walk in 

When you walk into the restaurant or coffee shop, she lights up. She smiles whenever she sees you.

If walking towards her, you might send her a message and you see her checking her phone and smiling. These are all signs that your crush really likes you and is obsessed with you. 

Remembering details you told them a while ago

She remembers things you mentioned ages ago.

On your first date maybe you mentioned that your brother was running a marathon and she asks you a few weeks later how he did. You think, wow how did she remember that detail?

We often remember things that someone important to us says. Especially if we think it is something that is also important to them.

She has listened to what you have said and thought, that’s important. If a girl remembers any details that you told her a while ago, it’s not because she has a good memory. It’s because she likes you. 

They like to put on a show when you are around 

She becomes a little louder, dresses up really nicely and is full of energy when she is around you. This is her putting on a show for you when you are around.

You might wonder why she feels the need to do that. It’s because she wants to impress you and grab your attention.

Once you get to know each other more and spend more time together, she will calm down and start being more comfortable around you. 

They are very protective of you

If someone makes fun of you, even if it is a friend who is joking around, she steps in and stands up for you.

She is protective of your feelings and checks in to make sure that you are ok. This isn’t something she would just do for anyone. 

They are very invested in your goals and accomplishments

You tell them about a goal you have set for yourself, and they support you 100%. They ask you about the progress you have made and ask about how they can help you.

When you accomplish something, they are right next to you, cheering you on. It makes you feel really good and pushes you to achieve more. 

They go out of their way for you 

They do things for you that a friend would never do. Often going above and beyond anything you would ever ask of them. They take a detour to your favorite coffee shop before they come to see you, or they track down a game you mentioned.

It’s clear if she does this, she has a huge crush on you

They tell you about male friends but make it clear they are just friends

A girl will mention a guy’s name but back it up with, he is my friend and we have been friends since primary school.

She will start making it really clear that you are both just friends and nothing more. She wants you to know that he is not a threat, just a friend and that she only has eyes for you. 

They tease you 

She teases you in a fun way, not a rude way. She laughs and tells you that you are clumsy, or she nudges you when you say something funny.

It’s like you would tease your sibling but in a flirty way. Teasing you in a kind way is a type of flirting and it’s something we do around people we have a crush on. 

They give you a lot of attention 

When you are together all her attention is on you and even when you are apart, she stays in contact.

If someone is giving you more of their time and attention, it is most likely because they like you. We give a lot of attention to those we like because we enjoy being around them.

You might notice that when you are together, she really listens to everything you have to say. This is a clear sign

They casually touch you

Subtle touches such as placing an arm on your shoulder or a hand on your leg. This is what a girl does when she has a crush on a guy. She does not want to come on too strong, but she wants to show him how she feels.

When you get to the casual touch stage, it really shows you how she feels and it’s probably time to take things up a notch and maybe start dating. 

They start acting weird

This one is a little difficult to explain but they just start acting a little weird when they are around you. They seem a little nervous and start talking quickly. They giggle a lot and blush.

These are all signs that they have a huge crush on you. They like you so much that they don’t know how to act when they are around you. 

They are mirroring you 

They start copying your actions. Picking up their cup when you pick up yours. Using the same slang words that you use. This is called mirroring and it’s something we do when we have a crush on someone. 

They laugh with you not at you 

They find you funny. Every time you make a joke, they laugh and laugh.

It’s an ego boost that’s for sure. She is not laughing at you, she is laughing with you and well it’s because she thinks you are just the best. 

They try to stand next to you 

When you are with a group of people, they always end up standing next to you. This is not a coincidence, they want to be close to you. She might not even realize she is doing it, but she creeps closer so that she can stand right next to you. 

They talk to you all the time on social media

When you are not together, she is messaging you on social media.

She does not want to seem clingy so she might send through funny videos or memes to try and strike up conversation. Basically, she can’t get enough of you. 

They message you when they are drunk

She is on a night out with her girl friends, and she messages you late at night, obviously after a few drinks. She might say something like “I’ll regret this in the morning, but I really like you.”

In your mind you might think she does not mean it, she is drunk, but the truth is, she does mean it! Normally, after a few drinks people say what they really mean. 

They ask you personal questions 

She is interested in you on a deeper level. She asks more personal questions about your childhood and about your deepest darkest fears.

She wants to get to know you better and this is a great way to do it. 

Your conversations seem effortless 

You can both talk to each other for hours and it feels like minutes.

You think to yourself “wow she is so easy to talk to.” You don’t have awkward pauses where you need to make up conversation, it just happens, and you wish it could be like this with everyone.

This probably means you both have a crush on each other, and you understand each other deeply. 

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