How To Make A Woman Want You Over Text

Text Her THIS – How To Make A Woman Want You Over Text! Have Her Interested & Coming Back For More

To do this you need to spark a woman’s interest in you. Keep her interested whilst also progressing the relationship as you continue to message her. By following through all the tips in today’s video you’ll learn how to get a woman a woman to like you simply by texting her.

It can be difficult to make a woman want you when you are face to face, let alone when you only have your words to rely on. Messaging a lady is now sometimes the only way to impress her before you can make your move in person. It’s tricky to get a lady hooked when she only knows you by the way that you text and you can easily lose her interest.

You need to think of messaging and texting as a necessary evil. You need it to get girls but it’s a lot of work compared to simply meeting a girl face to face and hitting it off.

So, how do you charm a lady over text and make her want you? Well, that is exactly what I am going to be talking about in today’s video.

How To Make A Woman Want You Over Text

Pick the right time to text a girl 

We all have busy lives. She probably wants to message you all day long but unfortunately she has things to do. Like working, seeing friends and exercising.

Which means she is not always around to reply and if she does, she keeps it super short. After a while she will get annoyed and feel as though you are being clingy.

This is why it’s important to text her at the right time. Think of it like a date, you would go on a date with a girl for a few hours and then you would both leave. 

Try to only text her when you know she is not busy. Like first thing in the morning, every girl loves a good morning text! Before bed or after work is also a great time. That’s her personal time so she will actually have time to focus on what you are saying. 

Start with shorter texts 

When you first start texting her, keep it shorter as opposed to long essays.

Don’t get me wrong, girls love it when guys text them long messages but at the beginning it is better to keep it short and sweet.

You want to get her to want you and then ask her on a date where you can discuss deeper things. Texting is more to give her a taste of what you are like. 

Girls can easily lose interest if all the texts are long, in saying that though they can also lose interest if a guy is only sending one-word texts so you should be doing something in the middle.

For example, a perfect good morning text would be, “Good Morning, how was your sleep? What do you have planned for the day?.” Then she can reply with a long or short text but either way she feels like you care. 

Keep your texts as simple as possible 

Keeping them short is one thing, it’s also important to keep them simple. Try to avoid using language that is overcomplicated.

It is tempting to use long words to try and sound smart but to be honest, it is much easier to use simple language to get your point across. 

Try to avoid using text language as this makes it look like you can’t spell. Girls like it when men check the spelling and grammar in their texts before they send them. 

Don’t JUST flirt 

If you want a girl to want you over text then yes, you will need to flirt.

It will show her that you are romantically interested in her. Just don’t make flirting the only thing you do.

This will make her think that you are only interested in her for a one-night stand instead of dating and a potential relationship. You will become creepy in her eyes so try to avoid this.

Mix it up by flirting when it feels appropriate, normally late at night and talking about other things during the rest of the day.

If things start getting too hot and heavy, it’s probably time to take things to the next level and ask her on a date. 

Use the emojis 

It can be hard to show off your personality when you are only texting each other. Sure, you can crack a few jokes, but they can be interpreted differently via text.

So, make sure that you use emojis wherever possible. They are a really fun way to communicate.

Try to avoid only using the eggplant emoji and mix it up with smiley faces and others that relate to your conversation.

She will be able to get an idea of who you are plus guys often avoid using the emojis. It will help you stand out from other guys, and she will believe you are more expressive than they are. 

Keep it positive 

It’s really important that you try and keep it positive while texting a lady.

Sure, everyone has tough days and it’s important that you can share this with her, and she can share this with you but don’t dwell on these things.

When you are messaging someone, they can’t see your facial expressions so things can be interpreted in a negative way easily.

Keeping things positive can help to stop this from happening which can keep your conversation going.

Also, girls want to be with guys who are naturally positive so if she sees you as this shining light she is more likely to really want to meet up with you. 

Mirror her texting style 

Everyone has a unique texting style. They might use a lot of exclamation marks, they might say haha a lot or they might use a lot of emojis.

When we are on a date with someone, we tend to mirror their behavior either on purpose or subconsciously.

It’s something we do when we like someone. We might pick up our glass when they do, or we might put our arms in the positions theirs are in. Sometimes we even start using unique words they use or speaking like they do.

When we do this, it makes the other person think, wow we have so much in common this is amazing. Even if it is being done on purpose.

It creates an instant connection. So why not replicate this via text.

Sure, you are not in a room together but mirroring her texting style can give her this same feeling. She will instantly feel more connected with you but also more interested in what you are saying.

Now I don’t mean that you should copy her texts word for word but after you have sent a few texts to each other you will understand her texting style.

Then you can slot that into the way you text. Maybe you will use ‘haha’ more or emojis, whatever she does that is unique to her texting style. 

End the conversation

You might be thinking “why would I end the conversation after trying so hard to get it going?.” It sounds confusing right but let me tell you why you need to do this. 

First of all, someone is going to end the conversation everyday by saying “goodnight” or that they are busy. So why should it not be you?

It makes you look like you are busy so that when you are texting her, you are taking time out of your day to talk to her which will make her feel special.

Also, it’s better than her telling you that she has to go. She might also be wondering what you are doing when you are not texting her which will keep her on her toes.

It’s better in the long run for you to end the conversation every evening unless it is one of those special nights when you both can’t stop texting each other. 

Another reason to end this texting part of your relationship is because you are at the stage when you are both ready to go on a date.

She wants you, she wants to go on a date with you and so it’s time to stop this texting relationship and meet up in person.

You will both feel as though you know each other better because you have spent the time getting to know each other over text. 

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