how to get a girl to like you

How To Get A Girl To Like You – Learn What’s Actually Important To A Woman (MUST KNOW INFO)

Learn how to get a girl to like you. If you want to get a girl to like you, knowing what women want and what women actually find important in a relationship or from a partner is vital.

In the past we’ve discussed what girls find attracted but today we’re going much deeper than that. We’re going to discuss how women want to be treated by a man, what it is the hope to gain from a loved one, what it is that’s really important to a girl when it comes to the man of their dreams.

How to get a girl to like you

Sometimes men think they know what is important to us ladies but they miss the mark ever so slightly. The truth is to learn about what is actually important to a woman, you need to ask them. Now every woman is different but it’s worth finding out what the majority of women think is important. 

Learning what is important to women will give you the ability to well and truly wow them because you will understand what they want from you. 

So if you want a girl to like you then keep watching today’s video.

Listen and be empathic towards her

Listening is a skill that we don’t all have but we can all learn. It is really important to women than men listen when they are speaking. If they feel as if you are not listening over time they will become despondent and eventually will stop talking altogether. Women really like when a man listens to them especially if she is having problems and that they are empathic towards her. Empathy is when you care about the way someone else feels and you almost feel their pain. So if you want a girl to like you, make sure to pay attention to the things she says and offer her a nice shoulder to cry on. 

Make her feel loved

Women are very caring and interactive humans. They are natural caregivers which means they will often take care of you and go out of their way to make sure that you feel love. They do this because this is their way of showing you that they love you. It’s important that you show this back to your lady. You could surprise her with flowers or wine after a hard week at work, you could have a movie night or simply tell her that you love her. Make sure she feels the love you already have for her and show her this. 

Appreciate her

It’s important that you never take a girl for granted even if she is just a friend to start with. It’s not just about appreciating things that she does for you, it’s also just appreciating her as a person. Her picking you and choosing you to be her special person. You don’t have to buy her elaborate things to show her that you appreciate her, simply telling her ‘I appreciate everything you do for me and I appreciate you as a person’ will be more than enough. She may have never been told that before by another male. 

Be honest 

Honest is very important to a woman. Women want a man who is going to always be honest with them. To be honest guys, it’s tiring trying to figure out if someone is being honest or lying all the time. It’s so much easier to just be honest with the person and get whatever you have off your chest. Make sure to tell her girl that you are very honest from the beginning to put her mind at ease. It will make your relationship stronger in the long run and it will really impress the girl. 

Communicate with her properly 

Communication will make or break a relationship. If you do not have clear lines of communication well then I am sorry to say it but your relationship could be doomed. This is because if we do not communicate our feelings or thoughts properly then the other person is left guessing. No one can read minds although this would be a great superpower so we need to ensure that we tell the other person exactly how we feel. 

Be open and honest with all of your communication and you will have the girl liking you in no time. 

Pamper her 

This one applied more to people in a relationship. Every girl likes to be pampered every now and again. You could surprise her with a spa trip or send her to get her nails done. Even just running a girl a bath is a form of pampering. If you treat her like a princess she will be your princess for life. You don’t have to constantly dote on her but every so often pamper her by making her dinner or running her a bath and she will absolutely love it. 

Value her personal space

Make sure that you value her personal space. Personal space is very important to women because they need time to recharge and be with their own thoughts. If you are always around and in her space, she will soon lose patience with you. If you show her that you value her personal space by giving it to her when she needs it, she will really be thankful.

When you first start dating someone, valuing their personal space looks like not demanding all of their time, giving the time between dates and being respectful when they say they can’t do anything. If you do this at the start, it sets the tone for a potential relationship and your girl, will be eating out of the palm of your hands in no time. 

Take an interest in her friends and family 

This is a big one. Sometimes men can be controlling of women’s actions. They might say, “why don’t you stay in with me instead of going to see your mum”. At the start the lady will think “ok fine, I actually really like spending time with my guy so I will see mum another day”. If this happens a few times though, the woman will start to think hmm he seems to want to see me all the time, I don’t know if I can handle this I need my freedom. 

You don’t want this, you want the girl to like you and want to be around you. So instead take an interest in her friends and family and what they are like. Ask her questions about them and respect that she will spend time with them alone without you. After a while, she will want to introduce you to them and then you might find that you hang out more because you all spend time out together. 

If you don’t take any interest in them she will wonder why you don’t care as they are a part of her. So if you want a girl to like you, take an interest in her friends and family and respect their time together. 

Respect her career

The girl you like might have a very successful career that means a lot to her. Not everyone cares about a career or has one that they are proud of. If it is something that is important to them though then make sure you respect it and ask her about it. She will probably tell you all about it with excitement.

Once you get into a relationship if she has to work late or longer hours because she wants a promotion then accept that this is something she has to do to get where she needs to go. Don’t make her feel bad about it. 

A career is very important to most women so showing that you respect that is great. 

Let her be herself

Finally, let her be herself. If you are dating someone or in a relationship with someone that you like, why would you get them to change themselves? You like them after all and have strong feelings towards them so you should accept them for who they are.

We all have quirks like our gaming addiction, right guys! But accepting these quirks about another person is all part of being in a loving mutual relationship. Asking someone to change themselves is well rude and will almost never end well. 

Letting someone be themselves and loving them for who they really are is something, magical guys. It’s really important to women that you let them be themselves so keep that in mind when you go on your next date or enter your next relationship. 

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