How To Know If She's Hiding Her True Feelings for You (DOES SHE LIKE ME?)

How To Know If She’s Hiding Her True Feelings for You (DOES SHE LIKE ME?)

Do you feel like your crush likes you, but she hasn’t come right out and said it? Do you feel a bit skeptical that maybe she does like you, but she’s a little too shy or nervous to tell you?

Well, first things first, you’re not crazy. Some women do this, and it drives everybody insane.

They don’t want to be rejected or seem too forward, so they leave a bunch of hints and signs, hoping for you to catch them and make the first move.

So, to make it easy for you, we’ve written down all of these hints and signs for you.

You don’t want to miss these signs


Touching can be the most basic form of flirtation a woman can use. It is frequently done so subtly that you might not notice it.

It is intentional when they reach for the same piece of cutlery as you or touch your arm while they are laughing.

When you’re seated next to one another, there’s also the swipe of the leg. For us girls, any opportunity to touch you and enter your personal space is exciting.

It’s also a good justification for flexing your muscles and wondering what’s hidden beneath those long sleeves.

These actions may indicate that the person is interested in you romantically or sexually.

However, it’s important to communicate and make sure that both parties are comfortable with physical touch before taking any further steps. 


Complimenting someone is the simplest way for them to express their feelings. A huge giveaway is when you compliment someone on their appearance or hairstyle.

A girl is telling you exactly what she sees when she speaks to you and compliments your appearance or what you’re wearing. The simplest way to gauge a man’s reaction to a compliment without giving away too much is to offer one.

She can pass off the compliment as friendly and quickly change the subject before she feels too embarrassed if you don’t respond in the way she wants you to, or in a way that makes her think you don’t like her back.


Look at the woman’s posture if you’re having a conversation with her while sitting on a sofa. Her knees are either facing you or away from you. Are her arms in her lap, by her side, or folded across her chest?

Depending on who we are speaking to, what we are discussing, and how we are feeling, we unconsciously use specific parts of our body as a shield.

A woman is likely engaged in the conversation and does not feel intimidated by you if her knees are pointed in your direction. If she is not crossing her arms over her chest, she is open to discussing the topic with you and is very at ease and self-assured around you.

Consider their arms as a shield; if they are crossed over her chest, she is unintentionally shielding her heart.

Important person

A girl will gradually start turning to you for everything if she has feelings for you.

She wants you to be the first person she tells about any news, good or bad. As she is slowly growing attached to you and caring about you.

When she has news to share or is feeling bored and wants to chat, you will be the person she calls first.

The more time she spends with you, the more secure and comfortable you will feel around her. This behavior shows that she trusts you and values your opinion.

It’s a good sign that she sees you as someone important in her life and wants to share her experiences with you. 


Anxiety and nervousness are frequently linked to someone who fidgets with their hands, a possession they are holding, or their clothing.

When someone is stressed out and engaging in an internal dialogue, their subconscious mind neutralizes itself by fiddling with whatever they can get their hands on.

The idea is that by fiddling with something, they can narrow their focus from the ten different things they could be thinking about to just one. This isn’t any different from what women are thinking about you.

A girl will start to play around with objects on her person or anything else she can get her hands on when she is hit and heavy about you but is unsure of how to react or initiate the contact.

She might twirl her hair while she is looking at you, this is a tried-and-true teen movie flirting move! While speaking with you, she might pick at her fingernails or fidget with her fingers in general, which is a tell-tale sign of anxiety. Making a girl uncomfortable is a positive sign that she likes you!


Technology has changed the way we communicate from person to person, allowing for instant messaging and phone calls.

When a girl likes you, she will text a lot and may even turn those texts into phone calls or facetime.

This is a sign that she has feelings for you and enjoys hearing about yourself or what is happening when she isn’t there.

There are many different platforms to communicate with, from WhatsApp to Snapchat and iMessage to Instagram, so using any of these platforms is a sign of her feelings.

It’s important to note that while texting and messaging can be a good indicator of interest, it’s not always a guarantee.

It’s important to have open and honest communication with the person to understand their intentions and feelings towards you. 


When they are around someone they feel a connection with, women subconsciously arch their backs to accentuate their curves. It is a natural reaction, comparable to a peacock flaring its feathers to attract the attention of other peacocks.

However, it is important to note that this behavior should not be used as a sole indicator of interest in or consent to any sexual activity.


Women love to ask questions to keep track of how you are feeling, how your day has been, and if there is anything they can do to improve your mood. They also want to find out about your past to make a mental note about who you are as a person and why you are the way you are.

A woman will also ask you what your plans are for the day to check to see if you’re available to hang out with her without actually asking, as the fear of being rejected or told no can be overwhelming for some women.

Asking questions is a way for women to establish a deeper connection with the people around them, and it also helps them understand the world better.

It’s important to listen carefully to their questions and respond honestly. This will help build trust and strengthen your relationship with them. 


This one really needs no explanation. Consider the teen character in those comedies about romance who giggles at everything a man says. Why do you suppose she acts that way? She can’t help but restrain herself around him because of her feelings for him, even though what he is saying is not amusing.

Although it may sound ridiculous, a girl’s natural reaction when around someone who makes her happy is to laugh or giggle.

She may be laughing nervously because she is experiencing too many emotions and is unsure of how to react.

If a woman laughs at everything you say, that is a very good indication that she is smitten with you.

Her friends

It is obvious that she has been talking about you with her friends if they are aware of specifics about you.

Women are more open about their friendships with other women than men are. They ask their trusted group of people for their thoughts and recommendations.

She’s hinting that she thinks highly of you by bringing you up. It is an obvious indication that she views your relationship as more than just casual.

Women love to gossip with their friends. Take it as a huge green sign that she likes you if her friends know even the little details about you.


Being embarrassed causes you to blush, which is a physical reaction. It occurs when your blood vessels swell to the surface of your skin, giving your cheeks a rosy pink hue.

This may occur when you become overheated and your body tries to cool itself off, or it may occur when you become embarrassed or shy.

Blushing is a natural response to social anxiety and can be triggered by a variety of situations, such as public speaking or receiving compliments, or, in this case, when you’re around somebody you have feelings for but are trying to hide them.

It is a common experience and nothing to be ashamed of. Nine times out of ten, it indicates that a girl likes you and is shy around you if you notice that she blushes frequently in your presence. 


Does she take the initiative to organize and join you for a movie? Does she inform you if she is available for after-work socializing?

If so, it means she enjoys your company but is keeping her feelings for you a secret.

She wants to hang out with you because she likes you but doesn’t want to ask you out on a date in case you say no.

It’s important to communicate with her and express your feelings toward her. If you’re interested in her as well, it might be worth taking the risk and asking her out on a date to see where things could go. 


Is she interested in learning about the women you’ve dated in the past? Does she inquire about the girls you see with them? Has she ever questioned you about your favorite girl?

She might be using this to find out more about your romantic history. She might be curious to know if you have a crush on anyone.

Personally, I think she is trying to figure out if that place has already been taken before she starts showing you signs that she likes you and wants that position in your life!

It’s also possible that she is just trying to make conversation and get to know you better.

It’s important not to jump to conclusions and assume her intentions without further evidence or communication.

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