20 Obvious Signs A Woman Is Attracted to You

20 Obvious Signs A Woman Is Attracted to You

Are you looking for signs that will tell you if a woman is attracted to you? Do you know that she does, but maybe you’re not really one hundred percent sure? Well, don’t worry, because we all know that women can be just a little bit difficult to understand sometimes.

So, to help with that, we have compiled a list of signs for you to look out for, so that you will know if she is so obviously into you.

Do you know these signs?

The head tilt

A study found that tilting your head to the side has a special significance when it comes to nonverbal signals of attraction.

One of the body language indicators that a woman likes you is that if she tilts her head to the side while you are speaking to her.

This tilt suggests that she is interested in what you have to say and, well, wants to hear more. 

The eye contact

One of the most prevalent cues from a woman that she finds you attractive is the eye contact.

You will notice a woman staring at you far too often if she is actually attracted to you.

She will make a lot of eye contact with you, but unlike men, she won’t hold it. Her eyes will dart quickly away, and she will often attempt to make conversation with you to be near you.

When your eyes lock, she will probably look away or look down at the ground. This is unquestionably one of the physical indicators that a woman likes you.

The lip bite

One of the clearest physical indicators that a woman is interested in you is when she bites her lip.

Now a woman wants you to see her and know that she finds you attractive when she bites her lips whilst looking at you, because she knows that you will immediately start to think about kissing her, right.

So, by biting her lips, she is sending out a subtle signal that she is interested in you and hopes that you will make the next move. 

Light up

When you look across the room at her, does she smile at you? Here, we’re not referring to the polite smile. A girl will be unable to stop grinning at you if she likes you.

So, if she responds with a big, genuine smile, her eyes twinkling, and her cheeks red, then you can be sure that she is interested in you.

The hair twirl

When a girl talks to you and she’s unconsciously twirling, curling, or playing with her hair, it means she likes you.

Now this is something we do to calm our nervous system down internally. So she may seem calm and collected on the exterior, but if she’s twirling with her hair, then there’s a chance she is screaming on the inside and trying to act cool in front of you.

This nonverbal gesture is a sure sign of attraction, and it shows that she is trying to make a connection with you.


If a girl blushes whenever you speak to her or see her, it may be a sign that she likes you but is trying to keep it a secret.

Blushing is an uncontrollable reaction to stress, embarrassment, or other triggers.

She becomes a little uneasy when she sees you because her dopamine levels increase. This causes her to feel excited and a bit overwhelmed, resulting in the physical manifestation of blushing.

Now this is a great sign that she likes you because she is trying not to act too embarrassingly around you, meaning she wants to look cool and collected around you. 

The blinking

Does she often flutter her eyes whilst talking to you? When someone is sexually attractive, people often blink quickly. But when people are anxious and stressed around others, they can also blink quickly too.

Therefore, be on the lookout for additional physical indicators that a woman is into you if you notice her blinking frequently while speaking to her.

Of course, it’s not always easy to determine what a person’s body language is telling you, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Fixing her appearance

Another sign that a woman is interested in you is when she fixes her appearance to her best ability as she notices you walking towards her.

This could be reapplying some lipstick, smoothing her hair, or putting it in a specific place. She could fix her shirt or pull her skirt into place too.

Anything she does to improve her appearance so that when you approach her, she looks her best, is a sign of a woman’s interest in you and can indicate that she wants to make a good impression on you. 


While you are speaking to a woman, she might touch your arms or shoulders if she finds you attractive. She might also purposefully or unintentionally brush up against your thighs or hands.

Now does the touch continue. It’s one of the definite outward indications that she likes you. If the woman in question is maintaining eye contact with you while she is touching your arm or shoulder, then this might be a sign that she has an interest in you. 

The back

Now a girl will arch her back to push out her curves, and then pushes her hips back to make herself more attractive to you in an effort to get your attention. It’s one of the attractiveness cues in female body language.

This form of body language is not exclusive to one culture, but it is seen across multiple cultures, and typically happens unconsciously as a way for a woman to gain the attention of someone they find attractive.

The lean

A girl may be trying to get your attention if she leans in closer to you.

She feels at ease entering your private space. She’s trying to let you know that she thinks you are attractive. Now this could be interpreted as a sign of her interest in you and an invitation for further communication.

If you want the chance to date a stunning woman, pay attention to these physical cues that she is interested in you. 


Even at the worst jokes you’ve told, when a girl laughs just a little too loudly, it’s one of the signs that she likes you. She can’t stop laughing because she finds you amusing, whether she is with others or by herself.

Now we all want to believe that we are super funny and entertaining, but not everyone is born with the gift of humor, so laughing at every joke you tell, even if it is a bad joke, is a big sign that she is trying to impress you or make you feel good at least.

The fidgeting

It’s a natural reaction to fidget with things in touching distance when we are nervous.

Things like jewelry, the corner of your shirt or sweater, your fingernails, anything that you can get your hands on and scratch or pick at are a way for your brain to focus on one thing while it sorts through your thoughts and regulates your nervous system.

So, if she’s attracted to you and is feeling nervous, she will more than likely pick at her nails or twirl her ring on her finger in an attempt to calm herself down internally. 

Open body language

She probably isn’t into you if she’s standing in front of you with her arms crossed and her eyes fixed on her shuffled shoes.

Numerous studies have shown that women who are genuinely interested will make an effort to be open to your presence, rather than closed off, and eager to engage.

So, watch out for things like straightened arms and legs, upward gazes, and also the smiles.


It should be obvious, right? A woman will attempt to approach you if she likes you.

In a gathering, does she always take the seat next to you? Is she talking to you from a little too close of a distance? Is it fair to blame her? She simply wants to be near the person she likes.

It’s a very subtle indication of attraction, and while it can be disconcerting at times, it is important to remember that she is simply expressing her interest in you in the only way that she knows how.


You might wonder how she manages it. Examine her legs to see if she is gently crossing and uncrossing them or petting them.

If she only does it once or twice, she’s probably looking for a comfortable sitting position. But if she continues to do it while gazing seductively in your direction, she will be drawn to you.

She may be moving her legs in order to show off her physical features and flirt with you. 

The flirting

A girl may become overly affectionate around you if she attempts to flirt with you (understandably so). She also unconsciously touches her lips, neck, and the face, either to draw your attention to her or out of anxiety.

Other signs of flirting include making direct eye contact, tilting her head in your direction, touching your arm whilst talking and maintaining a certain level of physical closeness with you.

The effort

Pay attention to her attire as you interpret her body language.

Did she just start dressing provocatively? When you are around, does she remove her hat or scarf to reveal a little more skin? If so, it might be a sign that she feels at ease around you and wants your attention.

Now if you ignore these outward indications that a woman is interested in you, you risk missing out on a wonderful chance to get closer to her.

Not all women are comfortable making the first move remember, and when you observe her trying to catch your eye, it might be time for you to make your move.

Heart skips a beat

A woman’s heart begins to beat faster the closer she gets to you when she likes you.

She begins to breathe more quickly than usual.

When a woman likes you, it is natural for her to become anxious and excited in your presence. If she isn’t hyperventilating for some reason, it might not be immediately apparent that you can hear her breathe.

Even if she is not speaking, a woman’s body language will give you clues about how she feels about you. But if you’re standing or sitting close to her, you would undoubtedly be able to feel it.

The nostrils

It might surprise you to learn that a woman’s nostrils begin to flare uncontrollably when she becomes interested in you.

If she exhibits that behavior around you, it is a blatant physical indication of her attraction to you.

Women’s flaring nostrils, sounds weird I know, may be an indicator of attraction, but this alone should not be taken as the sole sign of a woman’s interest. So, try to look for three or four more things that we have noted.

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