If A Girl Cares About You She Would Do THIS - 22 Signs A Woman Cares About You Deeply

If A Girl Cares About You She Would Do THIS – 22 Signs A Woman Cares About You Deeply

Knowing whether or not a girl cares about you can help you understand how she feels about you. If she cares about you then she probably likes you, is attracted to you and wants to see where things go.

The opposite can also be true if she doesn’t appear to care for you. That might mean she doesn’t see things going any further. 

The following signs will allow you to fully understand whether a girl cares about you or not so that you know how she feels about you. 

Signs that show she cares about you

She is always honest with you

A woman will always be honest with a guy if she cares about him.

If she is having a horrible day, she will tell you. If she doesn’t like the top you are wearing, she will tell you in the nicest possible way.

Girls are always honest around people they trust and if she is being honest with you, she expects you to be honest with her.

It shows that she cares about your feelings and respects you.

She always looks for an opportunity to speak to you

Even when you are in a room full of people, she makes a beeline just for you.

She catches your eye and then walks right up to you to chat. You might also notice that if you are in a group of people together she finds a way to get you on your own so that she can chat to you.

She wants to speak to you and grab your attention whenever she can because she simply cannot get enough of you. 

She tries to make you laugh 

She is always doing something to try and make you laugh. Maybe it’s a quick one liner, an inside joke or some clumsy behavior.

Sure, some people are just naturally funny, but most people have to put some effort into being funny.

If she is doing that to make you laugh then it’s because she wants to, which means she cares about you. 

She can tell if you are hiding something 

If you don’t want to tell her something because you think it might upset or hurt her or maybe it’s a surprise, she can pick up on it. She knows when you are hiding something from her because well she knows you.

It might amaze you how quickly she seems to really know you.

She is sucking up all of the information you give her and studying your mannerisms because she cares about you and wants to know everything she can about you. It’s really cute!

She becomes jealous

Jealousy is not always a pretty trait but it does mean that someone really likes you if they display it. You don’t want her to be overly jealous of things you do because this can turn into control.

What you want is a normal level of jealousy.

Maybe she spots you out with one of your friends who just so happens to be a girl. A few days later she might ask you if you are dating that girl. Which you reply to by laughing and saying no, she’s my friend. This is harmless jealousy.

She didn’t know that was one of your friends and she was worried you were dating other people. It will be something you both laugh about. This shows she cares about you otherwise why would she be jealous. 

She starts to become more caring 

It makes sense that if a girl cares for you, she also becomes more caring.

She will volunteer to look after you when you are ill, check in and see how you are doing and really listen to everything you are saying. These actions prove that she cares about you. 

She calls you all the time 

Randomly throughout the day, she calls you. She might phone you to check that you are both still on for later that night or literally just to chat.

If a girl does this to you, it means she cannot get enough of just chatting to you and what you have to say makes her day. Isn’t that nice! 

She loves to compliment you 

She doesn’t shy away from paying you compliments.

If a woman is complimenting you regularly but not in an over the top way then it’s because she likes you and cares about you.

We don’t compliment people if we don’t really believe what we are saying. When you compliment someone it’s normally genuine which means if a girl is complimenting you, she really means what she says. 

She gives you her full attention 

She gives you 100% of her attention when she is around you. Even when you are not around each other, she still finds ways to give you her attention. She might send you a text, meme or phone you.

In her mind, she thinks, I care about him, why would I give anything or anyone else my attention? 

She shows you that she is interested

She gets out of her own comfort zone to show you that she is interested in you.

She might be the first one to suggest a date or she could come straight out with it and tell you that she finds you attractive.

If she is interested in you then she has probably built some level of interest in you. 

She makes sacrifices 

Sometimes she makes sacrifices to see you, or she picks food that she knows you will love even though she doesn’t really like it.

These sacrifices might not seem like much to you, but they show that she cares about you. 

She gives you gifts 

Has she given you a gift? Well, who doesn’t love a gift and it’s even better when it is from someone that cares about you. 

She wants to hear words of love 

If you are not at the ‘I love you’ stage this might look more like compliments, affection or words of promise. If you are at the love stage, she wants you to tell her and show her how you feel.

Girls can often become insecure if a guy is not open and honest about how he feels. If she is showing you how much she cares about you then the least you can do is show her how you feel! 

You become her number one priority 

She still has her own life going on but you become an important part of her life and overtime, her number one priority.

When we really love someone and care about them, they become the most important part of our lives even though we still love our friends and family. 

She finds time for you

Everyone is busy, including her but she always seems to find time for you.

If you are having a hard day or have something to celebrate she will drop anything to be there for you. That shows she genuinely cares for you. 

She is happy to see you

Whenever you see her, she has a huge smile on her face, she blushes, her voice becomes more high pitched and she is always laughing! Why? Because she is happy to see you of course.

Girls are always happy to see guys when they really like them and care for them. 

She doesn’t pay attention to your flaws

Everyone has flaws and we are better at spotting our own than we are spotting other peoples.

When someone finds you attractive and cares for you, they don’t pay attention to your flaws, in fact they hardly notice them.

This is called the honeymoon phase of a relationship, but it shows you that their feelings are really sincere. 

She remembers small details about you 

She remembers things you have told her about your childhood, small things you like and dislike and exciting things you have been up to.

When a girl remembers small details about you, she cares, otherwise why should she keep that type of information in her mind!

She is interested in how your day went 

She genuinely cares about how your day went. It’s not a matter of formality when she asks you, she really cares and wants to know the highs and lows you experienced in your day.

She wants to be there for you and support you through good times and bad. It shows that she really cares about you and your feelings. 

She wants to know about the other people in your life

She cares about all the important people in your life. Your best friends, your childhood friends, work friends and of course family.

She asks you questions about them so that she can really get to know them before she meets them. That way she knows how she should act in front of them and how she can impress them.

She cares about what they think of her but they are important to you. 

She is happy when you are happy 

If you are smiling, so is she! Her happiness somewhat depends on how happy you are.

She will try to make you laugh and smile whenever you are down but when you are ecstatically happy, so is she! 

She never plays games 

She doesn’t see the point of playing games with you, not when she cares about you so much.

She is loyal, honest, and trustworthy and you can see this clearly.

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