20 Secret Things Women REALLY Want In A Man (Attraction & Psychology Tips)

20 Secret Things Women REALLY Want in A Man (Attraction & Psychology Tips)

In today’s video I am going to reveal 20 secret things that women want more than anything.  

Women can be a mystery which is why men have been asking what women want since the start of time.

To really grasp what women want, you need to learn about the secret things they really want and not just the things you have been told they want.

What each woman wants from a romantic partner is slightly different but there are basic things.

Things Women Want In A Man


Women want a confident man.

They want someone who is going to be confident around them, confident in front of their friends and family and able to be confident throughout their life.

Confident people are much better at making decisions which often means they end up having better careers and more financial stability.

Their confidence opens doors for them and allows them to go after what they want. If a man is confident he can go after any woman he wants. 


Let’s face it, no woman wants to date a man, let alone enter into a relationship with a man they cannot trust.

They want to be with someone they wholeheartedly trust and can rely on to always be there for them.

Without trust women won’t commit to a man and might treat him as a one-night stand.

You can show a girl that you are trustworthy through your actions and words. 


Having integrity means that you are always honest, no matter the situation, you have a strong moral compass.

Women want men to have integrity because basically it means they are a good person.

It shows the women that you will be respectful and caring towards her and the important person in her life.


Men are not always known for being compassionate, but most men are actually very compassionate, it is just that some people think it is not manly to be seen as a compassionate person.

This is called toxic masculinity and unfortunately most men have suffered the effects of it. Toxic masculinity stops men from showing their compassionate and caring side because they worry about looking weak.

In a women’s eyes, being compassionate only makes you more attractive. 

Emotional Availability 

Emotional availability is when you are able to listen to someone’s problems and understand their emotions.

Let’s say the girl you are dating has had a tough time with her friends. She is feeling down because they are not being very nice to her.

You can tell she is down and that something is going on. Do you ignore it and keep talking or do you stop and ask her how she is feeling?

If you stop and ask her how she is feeling then you are showing her that you are emotionally available. 


This might not be such a secret thing that women want. I am sure you guys know that a woman wants a man who is respectful not just to her but also to other people.

Respect covers all sorts of things, you can be respectful of someone’s feelings, you can show someone respect, you can respect someone who is your elder and you can respect a decision.

Really, respect is a fundamental thing we all need to have and it’s something that a woman dating you, wants you to have. 

A sense of humor 

Being able to make a woman laugh is essential.

She doesn’t want to take life too seriously. She wants to have fun along the way!

The first step is having a sense of humor and then the second step is figuring out what kind of sense of humor she has, you see everyone is slightly different.

Some of us like dry humor, others like silly practical jokes and then other people like well thought out jokes.

Once you know what makes her laugh, you have a golden ticket to winning her over


A woman does not want to raise you. Sure she wants to have fun with you and have a laugh but she doesn’t want to have to do everything for you.

Maturity means that you can look after yourself and handle situations responsibly.

Women will often only date mature men


Without chemistry, you are basically friends!

Chemistry is that magical feeling that you feel when you meet someone that you like. It’s like a spark in the air and everything feels easy between you both.

It might make you feel nervous when you are around them but also excited!

Without chemistry, two people cannot bond, they cannot connect, and they can’t fancy each other.

Chemistry brings you closer together and it spices things up in the bedroom so it’s a must! 


Have you ever met someone who is constantly negative about everything?

Whenever you talk to them, everything is doom and gloom, and it feels as though the universe is against them.

You probably try to avoid this person because they are not fun to be around. This is why positivity is so important, you want to light up a woman’s life not dim it down. 


Charm can really get you far in life. Not just with women although they love it! Charm can help you win a promotion or gain a friend.

It’s something that seems effortless when you have it but difficult to do when you don’t.

Charm can be learnt. For example, if you just show interest in other people and ask them questions about themselves, they will see you as a charming person. Think about that next time you meet someone new. 


Don’t get me wrong, being vulnerable is not easy. It’s hard and although you may be able to be vulnerable with one person, you might not be able to in front of another person.

Vulnerability is when you open up about something that was impossibly hard for you to deal with or when you are going through a really tough time and you ask for help.

It’s really important that you can be vulnerable because it will make your life much easier to live. Women want men who can be vulnerable with them and that they can be vulnerable with. 

Open up

Opening up is similar to vulnerability but being vulnerable is being able to get to that raw place and share it. Opening up is the act of sharing whatever has happened to you or is happening to you with someone else.

It doesn’t need to be the women you are seeing or want to see, the fact that you are willing to open up to someone shows a lot of strength and women like to see this. 


All of the points we have talked about today are inner things to do with your personality. This is the first one that is something people see as soon as they meet you. It’s your attractiveness.

Now you might be thinking, I can’t do anything about the way I look! That’s true, you are who you are, but you can make more effort.

How? Make sure that you always keep up with your personal hygiene, smell nice and wear nice clothing and nice shoes.

These things will help make a good first impression and make you more attractive


Are you reliable? If you say you are going to do things, will you do it? Are you always on time? Do you have a job that helps you make stable money?

These are all questions that a girl asks herself when she meets a guy.

She wants a guy who can support her and offer her stability. Sure you might only be on date two but she is thinking about the future and if you were to end up in a relationship, would you be a stable boyfriend? 


The woman you are with or trying to be with is probably independent.

She probably works, looks after herself and has her own money.

This doesn’t mean that she wants to do everything herself though. She wants a man that will protect her and will keep her safe.


Assertiveness is a form of confidence. It’s when you can stand up for yourself and those around you.

If you have an idea at work, you will almost force it to come to life because you know it will work. If you are assertive, you still do everything respectfully but you also get things done. 


You might be introverted and like to spend more time alone than around other people.

This is fine and works well if your partner is introverted. Women do expect men to be sociable though.

It might not be often but she wants you to have dinner with her friends, go over to her family’s house for a birthday celebration and go on dates with her.

Although not all girls will expect you to be very sociable, it’s worth remembering that women are a lot more sociable than men so it is worth showing her that you can go out and have a good time. 


Women want you to have your own life!

Sure, she wants your attention, but she also wants you to have friends, a job, hobbies and interests.

This independence is really sexy in a woman’s mind and it makes her want you even more! 


A woman wants to be treated equally by you and anyone else she comes in contact with.

She doesn’t want you to see yourself as more important than her so you don’t have to do as much of the housework. She wants everything to be 50/50. That includes housework, money, and decisions.

Equality is really important in any relationship

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