texts you should never send to a woman

11 Texts You Should Never Send A Girl – How To Text A Girl You Like (MUST Read BEFORE TEXTING HER)

Here are 11 types of texts you should never send to a girl. In today’s video we’re learning about how to text a girl you like, specifically what not to send her. When it comes to talking to a woman over text, there’s a few things you should avoid doing.

We’re going to be taking a look at 11 of these and discussing what the issue is with them and what you should text her instead. This is all relevant be it talking to her over text message, sending her dms on twitter, snapchat or instagram, messaging on facebook or any other type of app like messaging a girl on tinder, hinge, bumble etc.

Texts You Should Never Send To A Girl 

If you are sitting thinking, should I text her? The first step is understanding how to text a girl and things to never text a girl. 

In today’s video, we are going to look at 11 texts you should never send a girl and then move on to understanding how to text a girl and specific things to avoid. 

Text 1 – Why aren’t you answering me? 

This text comes across as super aggressive and needy. Things no lady likes. There are plenty of reasons she may not be replying. She may have been caught up at work, she read your message but forgot to reply or she just doesn’t want to. 

Wait for her to reply naturally if, after a few days, you still have not received a text back. Send a less aggressive message like, “how are you doing?”. She might reply, “silly me! I forgot to reply sorry I have been so busy”. If she still does not reply, don’t keep messaging her. Leave it be. 

Text 2 – Who’s that guy? 

Maybe you are out and about when suddenly you spot the girl you like with another guy. It’s so important that you don’t overreact and come across as jealous. Texting her, who’s that guy? Will totally freak her out. If it’s only early days, you don’t know all of her friends yet. It could be a friend or her brother. If she really likes you, this should not threaten you and girl’s don’t like being controlled. So instead of instantly reacting, get to know her better and she might mention who he was naturally. 

Text 3 – “I am going to bed early. Goodnight” 

Never lie (even a white lie) to a lady over a text message. They will always find out. This is a classic trick pulled by men but you don’t need to do this. Sometimes men do this so that they can then go out with their friends for a wild night of drinking. The only thing about your plan is what if one of your ladies friends, runs into you. Busted! As mentioned above you don’t need to tell these white lies. Instead say, I am off out with my friends tonight. You don’t want to be with a controlling partner so this is a good way to test that out.

Text 4 – Where do you want to go? 

Women like it when a man is dominant as they are more submissive in nature. They want you to put in some effort and plan some dates. Girls hate one-sided relationships where they have to make all the decisions. They want a partner. So instead you should say, “Would you like to go here?” and pick somewhere you think she would like. 

Text 5 – Please give me another chance…

If the lady has called time on the relationship, don’t send this text. It could also be that she doesn’t want another date with you or that she wants to cut all ties. Either way this makes you look desperate gives her the upper hand. Instead spend some time focusing on you and trust that someone that is really suited to you, will come along. 

Text 6 – “Hey, what’s up?”

Sending a boring text will get you a boring answer. Sometimes it’s nice to send the lady you like a nice message during the day but instead, maybe mention something she said the day before. Perhaps she mentioned she had a big meeting. This allows you to message her and ask “hey, how was your meeting today?”. Leave the ‘hey, what’s up?’ texts for friends only. 

Text 7 – “What do you do? What’s your favourite food?” 

You want the conversation between you and your crush to last don’t you? You would like to still be messaging next week? Yes! Well then quit with the quick-fire questions. It will feel really full on to the lady and make you seem intense. She will answer all the questions and then the conversation will be over. You are better to spread the questions out over multiple conversations. 

Text 8 – I want you to have my babies! 

You might have been seeing your crush for a while and things may be getting more serious. Unless you are married or joking around, never message I want you to have my babies. It’s far too full-on. It’s very overwhelming for anyone to receive this type of text. Wait until your relationship naturally progresses and talk about these things in face to face and in private. 

Text 9 – I’m Bored

Perhaps you are really bored. Sending a text that says I’m bored though makes you seem like well a boring person. Have you heard the saying, only boring people get bored. This applies here. It also makes it seem like your crush is a last resort. Someone you go to when you’re bored not when you are super excited and want to speak to them! Try to avoid this, instead start an exciting conversation and that will rid you of any boredom.

Text 10 – Like what you see?

Selfies early on in the relationships especially nudes are very off-putting to a lady. Your crush may ask you to send one, that’s ok. If you take it upon yourself though without being asked, it’s not sexy. She might wonder if you are sending these to other people. It also makes you seem a little self-absorbed. So try to avoid selfies especially naked selfies if you can help it. Also never message ‘like what you see?’. She’ll tell you if she likes what she sees. 

Text 11 – ‘K’

The worst type of text you could send to a girl would be ‘K’. Think of this type of text as body language. Closed off body language is super off-putting. It makes you seem cold and disinterested. The same goes for a one word text like K. Make sure if you are sending a reply to send something more wordy and interesting. You want the lady to feel like you are really interested in her and have a warm nature. Just like open body language

How to text a girl and what to avoid 

We have covered what to avoid when texting a girl above. It’s important to avoid sending one letter texts, being too needy, being jealous and asking too many questions. It’s also super important not to bombard someone with messages and to wait for them to reply whenever is right for them. 

When texting a girl, be funny and show off your amazing personality. Ask interesting questions and keep the conversation fun, light but also create a relationship with the lady that allows you both to open up and get to know each other a little better.

Try to text her daily but if you know she has a busy day, leave her alone. When texting her daily, don’t just start with a boring message that she will only reply to one word to. Instead, start with interesting things like asking her how her day has been or remembering something she said the day before and using that. Maybe she mentioned she was going to catch up with her friends so start the conversation by asking how that was. 

Girls like it when guys are interesting to talk to especially via text. They don’t want the guy to constantly text them but for a small part of the day, they want to chat. They like it when you send a goodnight text and in the morning, say ‘have a nice day. You can definitely start a relationship via a text relationship so it is important to get it right. 

I hope this video has taught you the types of text messages to avoid and the types of texts girls love. Remember to be yourself and hook your crush in with an interesting chat. 

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