15 Ways to Increase Sexual Tension with Women Rapidly

15 Ways to Increase Sexual Tension with Women Rapidly

Do you want to build up that feeling between you and a special woman?

Sexual tension is that powerful chemistry between you and another person that gives you the chills and simultaneously makes you anxious and excited.

Creating this chemistry is a crucial step, whether you’re flirting with someone you just met or attempting to develop a friendship into something more.

You can ratchet up the sexual tension and get both of you eager for whatever comes next by using flirtatious touches, clever lines, and lots of confidence.

Ways to build sexual tension

Build anticipation

Increase interest. People enjoy mystery and suspense.

When we have to wait or put in extra effort to get something, we want it more.

The atmosphere will become more intimate as you keep stroking it with subtle flirtatious remarks.

She’ll keep imagining how hot things will get in the future.


To get the conversation going, start off subtly.

Your conversation should begin at a place that feels natural for this stage of the relationship, whether you are just getting to know this person or want to advance an already established friendship.

Introduce a subject that both of you will find interesting and, in a subtly flirtatious manner, encourage them to continue talking about it.

Try discussing something nearby, for instance, by saying something like, “You must explain to me what is happening with this beverage.” “Do you know what you call that?”


Even if you’re unsure, be confident and think they’re interested in you.

One of the most alluring qualities you can possess is confidence and exuding it can quickly heighten sexual tension.

Even if you don’t have a natural sense of confidence, you can still succeed by pretending to have one.

Try adopting a calm posture. Cross your arms in a self-assured, almost cocky manner as you lean against a table while maintaining an open posture.

Despite feeling overly bold, smile and look people in the eye. If you’re having trouble, try assuming the identity of someone more assured. Consider a famous person, a friend, or even a total stranger whose assurance you can sense. Until it feels natural, behave as you would expect them to.


Put yourself nearer to her. People who make us feel connected naturally draw us closer to them.

At the bar, we cram up next to our friends, or on the couch, we sit next to our relatives. However, it also functions in reverse. When we let someone into our physical space, we begin to feel a connection with them.

Numerous studies have been done on the effects of proxemics. We automatically establish a more personal connection with people when we are within four feet of them.


Tell a flirtatious or more private tale. After you’ve established a rapport, start subtly bringing up the possibility of something more.

Describe a funny incident that occurred when someone flirted with you or mention other people who are flirting or making jokes at each other.

Keep the sexual undertone in the subtext; doing so will make it more alluring. Don’t be overt about it.

Use a phrase like, “Take a moment to observe Amanda and Robbie.” They have been making out all night. “What would you wager that he will later ask her to dance?”


For the kiss, take your time. The first kiss is that pivotal moment when both of you give in to your desires.

It’s the culmination of the fantastic movie you two made. Women want their first encounters to be memorable and special.

The payoff is much better if you give her that last dramatic build-up beforehand.

Many guys are so tense that they quickly move from staring at a girl to kissing her, killing all of that valuable tension.

Stop what you’re doing instead. Once you’ve finished speaking, pause and give her your full attention. Take a slow step in her direction, take her hand, or wrap your arm around her back to draw her closer. Bring yourselves even closer after you’ve given that some thought.

Hold contact

Keep your hands on each other for a little longer. You frequently engage in casual touching while getting to know a woman.

A quick touch to the arm or shoulder while laughing at a joke may be used to emphasize something. But that’s also how we interact with our friends.

You won’t get a girl excited by poking or patting her on the arm. Thus, your touching should coincide with the development of your connection.


Your voice should be softer, and you should speak more slowly.

Our voices subconsciously convey a huge amount of information through their tone, speed, and inflection. And with minor changes, a single word or sentence can have quite different meanings.

This idea can be used to evoke a sensual and sexual atmosphere. Imagine you and the girl are in a more private setting, such as a dimly lit restaurant, on a stroll, or in one of your homes.

As you sit or stand closer together, try lowering your voice volume, even to a near whisper. Also, speak a little more slowly. By chance, doing this gives your voice a certain roughness or graveliness, which women find seductive.

Pause the kissing

Occasionally, pull away from a kiss. Taking a break from kissing can be beneficial. Picture this scenario: your date is going well, and the tension between you both has been steadily building up.

Finally, you find yourselves sharing a passionate kiss that soon escalates into a steamy make-out session. It’s exhilarating and intense, and you’re eager for it to last forever.

However, it’s advisable to break away from the kiss after a brief period. It leaves your partner wanting more and eager for the next time you kiss. The intensity of the kiss can build up each time you start again.

So, taking a break from the kiss can be an excellent way to increase the anticipation.


Hold your gaze while smiling at her. You and the woman have been conversing for some time. Smile at her and focus on her eyes while she speaks.

Eye contact should be maintained for a few extra seconds. She’ll start to wonder what has you so spellbound and if you’re beginning to feel attracted to her. Once more, it makes her anxious about what lies ahead.

It’s important to be subtle and not stare for too long. A genuine smile can also help ease her anxiety and make her feel more comfortable around you. 

Hot and Cold

Tension is increased by verbally and physically drawing them in and pushing them away.

One of the best ways to elicit sexual tension is to create a push-and-pull dynamic: you’ll show them you’re interested, but not overly interested, then back off to keep them wanting more.

This can be done both verbally and physically to create a fun, flirtatious exchange.

Use phrases like “I keep thinking how sweet you look… but I’m not sure I can trust you” to verbally push and pull.

Additionally, you could engage in some physical tug-of-war by doing things like leaning in and speaking directly into their ear, then slipping away.


Look at her lips. When we are subconsciously drawn to someone or want to kiss them, we frequently act in this way.

But some men have a lot of anxiety or shame when it comes to expressing interest.

They deliberately avoid looking at those women in order to avoid appearing creepy.

However, doing this can actually exude a great deal of confidence and make women wait impatiently for your next move. Many women find it absolutely crazy.

As the conversation becomes more intimate and flirtatious, slowly lower your gaze from her eyes to her lips for a few seconds before raising it once more. It’s a subtle yet assertive cue that you want to kiss her.


Foreplay is an essential part of any sexual encounter, and it’s important to take your time during this stage.

Even if you’ve already shared a kiss, don’t assume that your partner is as ready to jump into things as you are.

Many men make the mistake of assuming that their partner is equally aroused and eager to get started, but this isn’t always the case.

Instead of rushing things, take the time to gauge your partner’s level of engagement and interest. Pay attention to their body language and verbal cues, and don’t hesitate to ask if they’re comfortable or ready to proceed.

Keep in mind that there can be a lot of emotions involved when it comes to sex, especially for women.

They may be worried about their safety around a stranger, feel self-conscious about their appearance, or worry about being judged.

By taking things slow and being mindful of your partner’s needs and comfort level, you can help create a more enjoyable and fulfilling sexual experience for both of you.


Don’t let anything feel cheap or overwhelming.

It is possible to flirt excessively. It can feel intense when a guy aggressively escalates things sexually.

Women sometimes feel that things are moving too quickly and that they aren’t quite ready.

It’s important for men to read a woman’s body language and respect her boundaries.

Communication is key, and both parties should feel comfortable discussing their comfort levels and desires before engaging in any sexual activity. 

Slow down

Make sure they feel safe and secure by moving slowly and deliberately.

Rushing into the physical is never a good idea.

You’ll put the other person in an awkward or even frightening situation if they aren’t prepared for it.

Going too quickly can make you seem desperate and ruin the sexual tension, even if they are in the mood for more. Instead, confirm that your goals are aligned and that both of you feel secure and at ease.

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