Impressive Attitudes To Attract People To You - Increase Attraction & Become More Likeable

11 Impressive Attitudes To Attract People To You – Increase Attraction & Become More Likeable

It is not easy to attract people to you, if it was, everybody would have people lining up around the block to date them.

The power of attracting people is often why dating is so difficult. You like someone, but how do you actually grab their attention. How do you bring them to you instead of you having to chase them.

Well, it could come down to your attitude and what you are putting out into the world.

It is often said that we find the one when we stop looking for them. Although this is not strictly true, what is true is that when we are running around looking a little desperate, it is not going to make us look very attractive.

Today gents I’m going to tell you about 11 attitudes that attract people to you so that you don’t have to run around looking desperate.

Attitudes to attract people to you

Love yourself first 

The first attitude that you need to adopt is that you need to love yourself first. If you rush into a relationship without really understanding yourself, it is probably not going to last.

It will become unhealthy and toxic because you don’t really know what you want or need.

It’s also important that you love yourself because until you do, no one else can really love you like you need them to.

Loving yourself simply means accepting yourself for who you are and being willing to make changes in a healthy way to be the best version of you, whilst still loving the growing version of you.

All humans have flaws, and no one is perfect. And having this mentality means you will be one step closer to loving yourself.

It is difficult and sometimes it takes a bit more effort and time than you expected, but it is worth it.

Once you are confident enough to love yourself, you will have people flocking to you. You’ll be radiating confidence, and everyone will want a piece of it.

Become a good listener 

Everyone loves someone that will listen to them when they need them to.

We all go through tough times or have bad days, and we want to have someone that we can be vulnerable with and that will listen to us and emotionally validate how we feel.

You might already be a good listener which is great, show this off to potential partners.

If you struggle to listen then practice with friends and family.

Once you find the right person it becomes easier, but if you want to start attracting people now, it is worth practicing and sharpening up your skills. 

Pay attention to your non-verbal cues

We learn a lot about another person from the things that they say. We also pick up a lot through body language. Body language can also be called non-verbal cues.

These are things like your facial expressions, what you are doing with your hands and where you have your arms, what you are doing with your legs and for woman, touching their hair.

You might be displaying closed non-verbal cues without even realizing, which would tell the other person that you are not interested in them.

This might look like having your arms crossed, a blank facial expression and your legs crossed.

This will not attract people to you. Instead, you want to be displaying open non-verbal cues, which means uncrossing your arms, legs, and being more relaxed.

Also pay close attention to your facial expressions. You want to smile and look like you are having fun but also look like you are interested and listening.

Paying attention to your non-verbal cues will mean that you attract people because you are showing them that you are interested and feel confident in your environment.

Always be kind

When you are thinking about attitudes that attract people to you, you might think about flirting or confidence. Both of which work for sure, but one of the most powerful important attitudes is simply kindness.

We are drawn to nice people who show kindness to others. Girls like bad boys, but they still want them to be kind.

Being kind is easy when you think about the fact that you don’t know what anyone else truly has going on in their lives.

They might look fine but deep down inside, it may be that they are having problems at home or with a work colleague.

Your act of kindness could really change their day and make it so much better.

Being kind will make you so much more attractive to others but also you’ll feel better within yourself. 

Volunteer your time

Have you heard the saying, it’s nice to do nice things? Volunteering is a nice thing to do.

You could volunteer in an area that you feel strongly about. Maybe that is a food kitchen or picking up rubbish outside.

There is another bonus to volunteering. Sure, you feel good about doing something, but you never know who you might meet while you are volunteering. Maybe there will be a girl that you can volunteer with and get closer to.

Everyone finds someone who wants to do nice and not expect anything back in return attractive. 

Be a trustworthy friend 

Obviously, you don’t want to friendzone yourself, but being a trustworthy friend makes you attractive to others.

Your friends will be able to count on you whenever they need you and open up and tell you anything. This means that you will always have friends around you.

Anyone that is looking to date you will notice how close you are to your friends and how they trust you.

They will really like this as it shows what a great person you are and gives them the green light that a long-term relationship with you will be emotionally healthy.

They will also think that if your friends can rely on you, then they can rely on you and trust you.

This will lead to you attracting people but will also often lead to a healthier relationship once you get into one. 

Reach your goals 

Everyone finds someone who reaches for their goals attractive. It shows that you are motivated and driven.

Girls will think of guys who reach for their goals as stable providers. It also just makes you more interesting to be around and this is a seriously attractive trait.

Before you start thinking about dating, set your own goals in your life. Things that you want to achieve and that will make you happy.

Then start working towards them and don’t let anything stop you from achieving them. 


Everyone looks prettier when they smile and so do you!

Remember to smile not just when you are around the person you want to impress but all the time.

Smiling instantly makes you happier, which is something others can sense when they first meet you.

Make sure you always look your best by smiling so that you can attract people to you. 

Be down to earth 

Even if you drive really nice cars and live in a mansion, it’s still important that you are a down to earth person.

No one wants to date someone that has their head up in the clouds.

They want someone that is relatable and that they can live a great life with.

So, remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground and never get too big for your boots. 

Laugh more

Laughter is the best medicine. If you laugh a lot and enjoy it, then people will flock to you because they want more of that in their life.

Everyone wants to be happy and be around people who make their life better.

The more you laugh, the more people will start appearing in your life. Try not to take life too seriously. 

Adopt a can-do attitude

There is nothing attractive about someone with a negative attitude. So, adopting a can-do attitude will mean you attract more people your way.

A can-do attitude is when you are willing to accept and meet challenges that come your way. We all face challenges in our life, they are unavoidable.

It is how we come back from those challenges that really matters though and how we overcome them. Try to look at challenges as obstacles in your way that can be overcome instead of roadblocks.

This will make your life much more enjoyable but will also make it easier for you to attract people your way. 

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