Older Men Should Flirt With Younger Women Like THIS (Age Gaps In Relationships)

Older Men Should Flirt with Younger Women Like THIS (Age Gaps In Relationships)

If you are an older man that is on the lookout for a younger woman then keep watching. Older men and younger women work really well together but it’s not always easy to win a younger woman over.

Although you have your sights set on snagging a younger woman, she might not be thinking about dating an older man. It takes a bit of work and a certain amount of charm.

Once you learn how to flirt with a younger woman then it will be much easier to win them over. 

How Older Men Should Flirt With Younger Women

In today’s video I am going to tell you how older men should flirt with younger women in a way that will achieve the ultimate amount of success. 

Don’t be immature

First up, if a younger woman is going to go for a younger man it is because she wants him to be different from the men her age that she has been dating.

She wants to have a different experience especially compared to the one her friends are having when they date younger men. She wants to be able to show off to her friends and tell them stories about how amazing you are.

This means that she wants you to be mature. If she wanted to date a silly boy, she would.

If she is pursuing you, it is because she wants a man who is more mature and knows himself. She wants to do more mature things with you like go out for dinner dates as opposed to going to a video arcade.

Show her this mature side of yourself and your fun side. That will ensure that you are different to the guys she has dated before and different to the guys her friend’s date. 

Show her a good time and make her excited

A great way to win a younger woman over and start the flirting process is to make sure she has an exciting time when she is with you. Plan something that she might not normally do and make sure that it is fun.

Excite her with your stories and by being spontaneous.

This is the best time to really spoil her and take her out for dinner to a really nice restaurant. Sure, she might have been to restaurants before but if she has been dating younger men, they have probably been average.

Wow her with something different and she will be amazed by how wonderful, exciting, and interesting you are. 

Don’t try to buy her, flirt with her

It’s nice to spoil her and excite her with new experiences. You can go over the top with this though and it becomes clear that you are trying to buy her love.

As an older man, you probably have more money to throw her way but that does not mean you need to spend it all.

Unless you have agreed to be her sugar daddy then try to calm down on the expenses. Instead of buying her love, flirt with her.

She will be wowed by your ability to flirt, something younger men are still learning to do. You will be able to captivate her with your words. 

Show her something she has not seen before

Do something with her that you think she has probably not seen before. This could be anything from a helicopter ride to something in the bedroom.

This is your time to shine and show her how unique you are.

Guys can really drop the ball when it comes to impressing women but if you are trying to win over a younger woman then you need to pull out all the stops.

Showing her something new does not need to cost you money, it could be a place that is unique and is just down the street from you or a talent you have that is different to what she might have seen before.

Younger girls love this type of excitement, and it is something only older men who have more experience can offer them. 

Try to take the lead

Be the one to take the lead. Older men should not control or dominate the relationship.

In fact, you should really respect a younger woman and let her call a lot of the shots. She is expecting you to be a gentleman.

She also wants an older man who is going to pick a place for dinner or organize a date. This is where you should step in and take the lead.

Younger men often struggle to make decisions and it really annoys girls. Be different by showing her that you cannot just make decisions but that you can make the right decisions.

Another way you can demonstrate this is by your emotional stability, if she is struggling with a work problem or is overwhelmed with something offer your advice. Firstly, listen to her and agree with her emotions ‘wow you sound really upset by that, I can see how much this has had an effect on you.’

And then approach with your solution ‘Can I offer my advice’ that way you can take the lead without devaluing what she has experienced, and you aren’t mansplaining your opinion or solution.

Initiate touch 

You can be the one to initiate touch, you do not need to wait for her. As the older one in the relationship, she expects you to take the lead with things like this. She will probably be waiting for you to make the move.

Even if you are naturally shy as the older one, she expects you to be the more forward one. It could be as simple as touching her shoulder when you laugh at her joke or touching her hand when she is saying something vulnerable.

This is a great way of bringing touch into your flirting as well. 

Tease her 

Teasing is a great tool for flirting. It is a careful balance between being light and funny and hurting someone’s feelings. As an older man, you have experience in teasing a girl.

Younger women love being teased by an older man, it often feels naughtier to them and exciting. Pick your moment to tease her and see if she teases you back. If she does, then she is comfortable around you. 

Keep her guessing 

Younger women love it when older men are mysterious.

Often older men are like this simply because they have more life experience and might not have told the woman everything about themselves yet. Each time they meet to go on a date, the older man reveals a little bit more and this creates an air of mystery.

Keep her on her toes by not giving everything about yourself away and be spontaneous when you are with her. This will keep her guessing and interested.

You can even make this super obvious by telling her you are picking her up for a surprise date. Don’t tell her where you are going or what you are doing. Just provide a time to collect her and maybe a hint at an outfit choice.

This keeps dating fun, and she will see you in a playful youthful way instead of a man who is quick to settle down and get serious.

Encourage her to be adventurous 

Sometimes older men are made to look boring. The truth is though, you are looking for a younger woman because you want some excitement in your life.

You still have a lot of adventures that you want to go on and things you want to experience. Younger girls really enjoy this side of an older man.

You should encourage her to be adventurous by never holding her back. Encourage her to travel and see the things you have already seen. Organize adventurous dates like surfing lessons.

This will really excite her and will help release endorphins which will make her happier with you. 

Show her how experienced you are 

A younger woman will expect you to be more experienced in the bedroom.

With age comes knowledge and she wants to see that in action. Don’t hold back in showing her how you do things. This will keep her coming back for more.

She will also want to see how experienced you are in flirting and other life things.

Introduce her to your mature friends

They say that you are who you spend your most time with. If you want to make sure she knows how mature you are then it is a good idea to introduce her to your mature friends.

If you have less mature friends, then keep her away from them. Although they are probably really fun, you want her to get a better impression of you. 

Make sure you are close to her 

Whenever you are flirting with her in person, try and get close to her. That way all of her attention will be spent on you and not any other guys who might be hanging around.

The closer you are, the more likely things are going to become romantic as well.

As an older man, you stand a great chance of winning over a younger woman, you just need to show her why you are so great. 

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