18 Qualities Women Can't Resist In A Guy (What Women Want In A Man - Attraction & Psychology Tips)

18 Qualities Women Can’t Resist in A Guy (What Women Want in A Man – Attraction & Psychology Tips)

Wouldn’t it be great guys if a woman simply could not resist you? If every time you approached a woman she instantly started flirting with you?

Well I have some great news for you, most men have certain qualities that high value women can simply not resist and I am nearly 100% sure you have some of them. 

Qualities that make you irresistible


Chemistry is like a magical force that pulls two people together. It feels like a magnetic force. If you have chemistry between you and a woman, then she will not be able to resist the magnetic force between you both and will be pulled in. 


Kindness is free and we can never have too much of it. It’s not just women who can’t resist kindness, it is everyone.

Most people like it when someone is kind to them or does something that is a little out of their way but means a lot to someone else.

Kindness doesn’t need to be some huge gesture. It can be something small and meaningful. It could be as small as giving someone a compliment.

Kindness is free and is a quality that all good women want to see in any man they are dating. 


Good women want to be with a passionate man. Passion isn’t just something that you need to have in the bedroom, it’s a passion for life that women are really looking for.

Do you have things that you really love in your life? Maybe it is a job, a hobby or a sport that you love to play. These passions are important and powerful. They show a lady that you can commit to something and that you have your own life.

Women cannot resist this type of man and see them as high value men


Vulnerability is not a quality that always comes easy for a man. In fact men have been told for years that showing their vulnerable side is a weakness when it is definitely not.

Women want to be with men who can be open and honest about how they are feeling. They want to understand their emotions just like men often handle women’s emotions.

If you can show a woman your vulnerable side, she will not be able to resist you because you will come across as an emotionally mature man. 


Look, good women don’t want to have to babysit a man, they want him to be able to look after himself.

If you are independent it means that you won’t just rely on whoever you are dating to take care of you and spend time with you.

Independence means you have your own life and friends which keep you busy. A good woman just becomes another part of your life instead of becoming your whole life.

Women like independent men as they come across as driven, strong and motivated to go after what they want. 


Of course confidence is on this list because it is one of the most sought after qualities.

Having confidence does not mean that you have to be the loudest in the room, you can have quiet confidence.

You believe in yourself and go after what you want but you don’t feel the need to yell about it. Whether you have a loud or quiet sort of confidence, all that matters is that you are confident.

Women look for this in men because they want someone who will take care of them, and confidence makes them feel as though you can. 


You might not think of stability as a quality but it is and it is something that women look for in men.

Stability is something that you can show to the world through your actions. It’s being content with the life you have but willing to work harder towards an even better one. It’s having a job that you enjoy and somewhere to live.

Stability is having friends and family that you can rely on. All of these things equal stability and if you can offer that kind of life to a woman, well she won’t be able to resist you! 


Women want an equal relationship, and they want you to treat them like an equal. That means splitting bills, letting them pay for dinner sometimes and respecting their opinions and ideas.

Although the world might not fully see women as equals yet, a woman who is dating you, expects you to see her as one!

Make sure that you show her from the very first date by listening to her thoughts and ideas, never speaking over her and asking for her opinions on things. 


Women want to see that you have some kind of awareness of others. Awareness is all about how you speak to other people, how you handle other people’s emotions and how you act towards other people.

For example you might be out for dinner, if you are not aware and are rude to a waiter who is only doing his job then a woman won’t like this.

If you are really nice to the waiter and respectful of their feelings, this shows that you have awareness which really is something women cannot resist. 

Sense of Humor 

You don’t have to be the funniest guy to ever exist but if you can make a girl laugh then it is a major bonus.

Girls love it when men make them laugh and it is one of the qualities they look for in a lifelong partner.

You could say something cheeky about something she does or make a joke about yourself. It does not need to be technical and well thought out, just allow yourself to have a laugh! 

Emotional Presence 

This is when you can emotionally be in the room. If you are on your phone the whole time or looking at the wall then you are not really paying attention to the person in front of you.

Even if what they are talking about is not that deep, if you are not emotionally there with them, they feel it and read it as *he is not interested*.

All you need to do to avoid this is pay attention to what the girl says, listen and reply with thoughts or opinions. This means a lot to a woman. 


Women want a man who is going to be faithful to them. Someone who won’t be distracted by other women and only pay attention to them.

This might not be a quality that she knows you have from the start, it’s something you need to prove to her you have. 


When you are curious, adventure often follows. Girls love guys with a curious nature because they always keep things interesting!

You can show your curious qualities to a girl by asking her questions and showing a genuine interest in what her answers are.

Dig a little deeper and impress her with some of your general knowledge. 

Drive and Purpose 

No woman wants to be with a man who has zero drive or purpose. They want to be with someone who is driven to succeed and knows what they want in life.

Drive is what keeps you going, and your purpose is what you are doing everything for. It is so that one day you can provide for your family. Or is your purpose simply getting rich (by the way it is ok if it is and women respect this!).

A woman will often ask you about your goals and passions but what they are really asking about is your drive and purpose. 


Women want to feel protected by men. You could do this by walking on the road side when you are together, holding her hand or sticking up for her if someone is mean to her. 


The ability to accept a situation and move on is underrated.

No one wants to be with someone who is fixated on something that happened to them and then plays the victim.

They want to be with someone who is strong enough to pick themselves up and move on.

Sure you might have a period of time where this is not possible but once that is over, it’s important that you get on with your life. Girls like to be with men who can do this


She does not want to be hit by a million facts just so that you can show off your intelligence but she does want to know that you are intelligent.

If you have a job that shows off your intelligence, all you need to do is mention what you do when she asks and she will make the assumption that you are intelligent. If she is having a problem, you could help her solve it, also proving your intelligence. 


Assertiveness is not rudeness. It’s when you are able to put boundaries in place and stick to them. This shows inner strength and that you respect yourself which women really love to see. 

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