Hidden signs she thinks about you often

17 Hidden Signs She Thinks Of You Often (Does She Think About Me?) YES & She’s Hiding Her Feelings

Does she think about me often? Does this sound like something you’ve been thinking about yourself? In today’s video we’re going to be looking at 17 hidden signs she thinks of you often. Learn how to know if someone is thinking about you, spot the signs you’re on her mind all the time and that she’s secretly interested in you.

By paying attention to things like body language and having a little knowledge of female psychology and how attraction works you can finally work out once and for all if she likes you and spends her time thinking about you.

She seems to like spending time with you but you’re not actually that sure if she’s just being nice. You go for a coffee together and you think there might be some flirting but you’re not actually a hundred percent sure. If a girl does like you she undoubtedly thinks about you often. So how do you know when a girl is thinking about you often? It’s a very tricky question but luckily I have the answer. In today’s video I’m going to tell you about some hidden signs that will tell you she thinks about you often.

Signs She Thinks About You Often

You make her smile even when you are not there 

This one is hard to see because well you are not there! But if a girl is smiling because of you when you are not around, it is a sign that she really likes you.

She might think of something funny that happened when she was with you and laugh or she might read a text you sent a few days ago and smile.

If you are making her smile when you are not there it shows that she is thinking about you and likes you. 

She has welcoming and open body language 

She is not sitting back, ignoring you. She is displaying very welcoming and open body language. She is smiling, with her arms uncrossed and is sitting back in a relaxed way.

These are all signs that she is very into you.

She already feels comfortable and relaxed around you which is a great sign. 

She flirts over text 

When you text each other, it turns flirty quickly.

She even starts the flirting sometimes which excites you. This is a sign that she is thinking about you in a sexual way. She is probably ready to start moving into that stage. 

She texts you most days 

She doesn’t want to be overly clingy because it’s a big turn off for guys, but she texts you most days. She says hi and asks how your day is going. Maybe she asks you how a presentation at work went.

Basically, she finds ways to message you without looking desperate. It is sweet really and girls will only do this with a guy that they really like. So, it’s a great sign. 

She talks to everyone about you 

She tells her friends about you, and she talks to your friends about you. She might even mention that her parents know about you. These are all signs that she is interested in you and is excited about where your relationship is going.

She wants to find out as much about you as she can, but she also wants to tell everyone she knows about you.

Would someone do this if they were only a friend? I don’t think so! 

She touches you 

When you are together, she gets close to you and breaks the touch barrier. She has definitely thought about this moment. It might be really brief, and you might not even realize that it has happened. Afterwards you might think, did she touch my leg?

Once a girl breaks the touch barrier, it’s her signalling that she is ready to kick things up a notch. She wants more of you and from you. 

She is there for you when you need her 

If you face a really challenging time or you have had a rough day at work, she is there for you.

She wants to help you through tough times and will push other things aside to be there for you.

It’s a genuinely nice feeling to have someone who will always be there for you. Although friends often do this for each other, if you have not known her for long and she is doing it, it’s a solid sign of how she feels about you.

This type of situation also creates a deeper bond between you both. 

She gets nervous around you 

You notice that when you are together she starts fidgeting and getting nervous. She might speak quietly or be playing with her hands. This can even happen after a few dates.

For the first date she was probably just wanting to get to know you. By the third, she starts to like you and the pressure is higher which makes her more nervous.

You can help put her at ease by saying something like, I am nervous as well. She will be thankful that you have said something. 

She laughs and thinks you are funny

She laughs at your jokes. Humor is a huge part of a relationship and if a girl thinks that you are funny then that is very positive.

Girls want to be with men who make them laugh. When you are not together she re-plays funny jokes you have said and laughs to herself. 

She looks at you when you are not looking

You are looking away at a wall and you catch her looking at you. Or you are at the bar getting drinks and you catch her staring at you. She just can’t get enough.

When a girl looks at you like this they are thinking about how much they like you and listing your great points in their minds. 

She remembers small details about you 

Early on she remembers things like your birthday and your favorite type of food. You start to realize that she remembers all types of small details that you have told her.

This is something that only happens when a girl is often thinking about you and likes you.

When you mention something casually she holds onto that detail so that she can impress you later by knowing it. She wants to show you how much you mean to her. 

Her friends know how she feels about you 

When you start meeting her friends, they already know how she feels about you. They even mention it, oh she likes you or they say, “she has told us all about you.” These are both positive signs and show that when you are not around, she is still talking about you. 

She tells you personal information about her

She does not overshare but without prompting she does tell you personal information about herself. It is unexpected but it makes you feel closer to her.

When she is opening up to you, it is important that you listen to what she has to say and really show that you care. 

She lets you know when she is free 

When she is messaging you, she tells you when she will be free. She might say, I am doing nothing tomorrow night. This is her saying, can I see you? Without actually saying it.

Sometimes she might be the one to make plans but other times she wants you to do it. 

She asks you to hang out one on one 

When she does make the plans she might ask if it can just be the both of you.

Maybe you have both been meeting each other’s friends, so you have had a lot of dates with other people there. This is nice and she probably really enjoyed them but now she wants to spend time just with you and you only. 

She has long conversations with you 

She doesn’t shy away from having long conversations with you.

When a girl can effortlessly have long conversations with you, it shows that she has thought about these topics before seeing you.

It’s so nice when something just clicks, and the conversation is easy. She knows this and wants to make sure she has as much thought-provoking conversations up her sleeves as possible.

You can both talk for hours but it does not feel like a chore, conversation just keeps on flowing. This is a great sign and one that shows the relationship is going in the right direction. 

She jokes about you being a couple 

Have you ever had a girl say something like “If I was your girlfriend we could go on a romantic weekend away.”

If she often makes jokes about you being a couple, she is hinting that she wants more. It comes out as a joke but inside she is deadly serious, she wants more. 

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