27 Signs Your Crush Likes You but Is Trying Not to Show It (Do They Like Me Back)

27 Signs Your Crush Likes You but Is Trying Not to Show It (Do They Like Me Back)

They like you, they like you not. Yes girls are confusing and when they have a crush on you this becomes even more mind boggling.

It gets way more confusing…if that is even possible when your crush likes you but is trying not to show it. Talk about confusion!!

The only way to make this situation less confusing is to know the signs so that you can do a bit more than guess what a girl is thinking.

Today I am going to introduce you to the signs and believe me when I say your dating life is about to become way easier. 

She is really into you if……

She makes sure you know she’s available 

Your crush doesn’t spend time beating around the bush.

She tells you when she is available and makes it super obvious so that you have no choice but to ask her out.

When you check your phone, you see a message telling you that she is bored or while you are on a date she tells you when she will be free.

I mean she isn’t being that subtle but basically she wants to spend time with you, whenever she can. 

She’s curious about the girls around you

It’s not really jealousy, more curiosity.

She likes you but she doesn’t want to show it so she can’t start asking you too many questions.

She might casually slip into a conversation that she saw your Instagram story the other day and saw that you were having a great time with a girl. She wants to know who that girl is, someone else you are dating or your sister?

Listen, she likes you so she wants to know about the girls you have around you before admitting to you how she feels. 

She grooms herself around you 

Instead of dressing like she is seeing a friend, she dresses up.

She always looks great when you see her now and she smells really nice. Her hair and make-up always seem to be perfect, and she has a new wardrobe.

It’s not a coincidence, she is wanting to impress you. 

She responds to your body language 

If you are flirting via your body language then she will as well.

If you are more relaxed then her body language will mirror that of a relaxed person.

Basically she does not want to start acting in a way that makes her stand out or gives away that she likes you, so she just responds to your body language and copies it. 

She wants to make your birthday special

She talks about your birthday a lot in the run up to it. You might be thinking, I don’t even care about my birthday but she does and she wants to make it special.

She might arrange a surprise party with you and all your friends or maybe a birthday dinner.

If she is trying to hide the fact that she likes you then she will probably arrange something in a group of people to make it less obvious. 

She secretly stares at you

When you are hanging out in a group, she stares at you.

It’s not like full on non-stop staring. It’s more like a secret, quick glance across the table or she might stare more when you are speaking.

Catching her giving you these looks is a great way of telling if she likes you or not. 

She gives you her full attention 

When she is with you, she does not focus on anything else. She focuses solely on you.

You probably never see her checking her phone or staring off into the distance when she is with you. This is because she is giving you her whole attention.

She is interested in everything you do and say, it’s obvious that she likes you. 

She texts you out of nowhere 

You haven’t talked for a while and then she just messages you out of the blue.

It will probably be a simple text asking you how you are doing. She has done this because she doesn’t want you to forget her or move on.

Even if she has to initiate it she wants to keep the conversation going. 

She flirts with others while keeping her eyes on you

She hasn’t told you that she likes you yet and you have not told her that you like her. Which means you are both free to flirt with who you like.

If she sees you flirting with another girl or other girls then she will think, I’ll do the same. You might see her flirting with other guys at the bar and she is most likely doing this for your attention.

While she flirts though she will keep her eyes on you because she wants to see how you react. You might look jealous or simply might look like you don’t really care.

Either way she wants to see your reaction. 

She draws you into long conversations

When you talk with each other you often go deep. She asks you questions to extend your conversation together.

She is interested in your responses and replies with another question to dig a little deeper.

You might just think she is an interesting person to talk to and sure, she probably is but she is drawing out the conversation so that she can talk to you for as long as possible. 

She asks around about you

She asks your friends and other people who know you, about you.

She might ask them if you have mentioned anything about her or whether you are dating anyone.

If she does do this, it tells you that she likes you even if she is not showing it.

Try not to leave it too long until you tell her how you feel because she might start to get the impression that you are not interested. 

You almost always see her smiling

Whenever you see her, she has a big smile on her face.

She seems to really light up when she is around you.

You might notice that she is not like this around everyone and only you. Your crush has a crush on you. 

She’s always around at social events you go to 

No matter what type of social event you go to or who it is with, she seems to be there. She pops up in situations you wouldn’t expect her to be. 

She talks to you about her day 

When you ask how her day was she doesn’t reply with a simple it was good. Instead, she goes into detail about the ups and downs of her day.

She wants you to know what is going on in her life because she wants you to be a part of it. 

She notices differences in your appearance 

She looks at you a lot so when you buy a new sweater or do your hair a different way, she notices.

She comments on it as well and is honest about whether she likes it or not. 

She walks like a model around you

She does not do a normal walk when she is around you.

She has her back straight, shoulders back, neck straight and walks with one leg slightly over another otherwise known as a model walk.

She wants to look her best in front of you and that includes how she walks! 

Her feet are always pointing towards you

Our feet tell other people so much about us without us even really knowing.

We often point our feet towards the people we like. If her feet are pointing at you, it is a sign that she likes you even if she does not realize she is doing it. 

Her body faces you

Another way to tell is to check if her body is facing you. Again we face our bodies towards people we have feelings for so if she is facing your way, then you are in luck. 

She doesn’t mind it when you touch her

When you touch her, even if it is by mistake she smiles showing you that she doesn’t mind.

She might also touch you back so that you know how she feels. 

She blushes when she is around you

If you pay her a compliment, you notice her face light up as she blushes. Blushing is a sign of a crush. 

Her pupils dilate 

This is something we don’t know is happening but when we are around someone we like, our pupils dilate which means they get bigger.

It’s something our body does without us asking it to. 

She mirrors you

Mirroring is when you copy someone’s behavior.

It is not something you do on purpose but more something you pick up when you are around someone you like or someone you want to be like.

She might pick up her glass at the same time you pick up yours or use the same slang words that you use. 

She tilts her head

When you are talking to show that she is listening she tilts her head slightly. She also might nod it slowly. 

She caresses an object in her hands

This can be a sign that she is nervous but if she plays with a bottle or her cutlery, she is drawing your attention to a feature on her body. Like her hands or maybe her chest if she is holding the bottle there. 

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