Girls Do THIS When They're with A Guy They Really Like

Girls Do THIS When They’re with A Guy They Really Like

When a girl really likes a guy, she sort of gives it away. She does certain things which normally show how she feels.

Now sometimes guys can easily pick these up but other times it is not so easy.

You might think of her as out of your league or might not be thinking about her in a romantic way, when this happens it is easy to miss the signs. Which is why it’s always good to refresh your memory of what the signs are so that you can look out for them next time you think a girl might like you.

Signs to look out for

She always makes time for you

Even when she is busy, when work is intense and she has a million things to do, she makes time for you.

It could be for something as small as going to the supermarket, but she is there. She makes sure she always has enough time to spend some quality time with you.

This proves that she really likes you because she priorities you above other things. 

She wants to hang out with you all the time 

She is always the one to ask you to do something.

Sure, sometimes you might get in their first and text her but normally she is the one to ask you out.

Whether it is for a full blown date or a Netflix and chill kind of night, she just wants to spend time with you. It is a sign that she really likes you and wants to spend time with you. 

She responds to you quickly 

If you message her or phone her and she misses it, then she messages you or phones you back quickly.

You never have to wait to long for a message back which means you can often hang out without much notice.

She is excited to talk to you and is probably nervous about messaging you back so much in case you think of her as needy.

She is not needy, just really into you

She develops the opposite personality

She can develop an opposite personality suddenly. One day she might be scared and worried. The next day she does not respond to any of your messages.

It’s hard not to take this personally and wonder why she is acting like this.

It could be one of two things. The first thing could be that you have done something to upset her. The second thing is she refuses to talk about it.

When you ask her what is wrong she refuses to tell you and doesn’t reply to your messages. You might be thinking to yourself “who is this girl and is she worth my time?”. 

Well, the truth is yes she is! She likes you so much that she is offended if you don’t show her the same interest, it’s cute!

She takes notes of the little things 

The little things you do, say and like all become imprinted in her memory.

She takes notes of all the little things and then weaves them back into your life together.

She might take you on holiday to the same place you went to as a child, make you your favorite meal or ask you how your Uncle who is sick is doing.

She magically remembers all the little things because she is into you and she cares about you

She can’t always maintain eye contact with you 

When she is around you sometimes she gets nervous which means she does not always maintain eye contact with you.

You might pay her a compliment and then she looks away instead of looking you in the eye.

This is a sign or nervousness and you might notice it quite a lot now you have heard of it.

Sometimes it might seem like she is not interested in what you are saying but she is, she is just a little nervous around you because she likes you so much. 

She blushes when she is around you 

This can be another sign of nervousness but also happiness.

Girls often blush around guys they like. Whether it is because the guy pays them a compliment or smiles at them as they walk towards the other person.

Blushing is natural and men can blush as well, but it does not happen as much.

The hard thing now is that a lot of women wear makeup so it can be hard to see if they are blushing or not and if their blushing is natural.

Whenever they are makeup free make sure to do something that might make them blush and see what happens. 

She makes slight physical contact 

It’s not quite full-on hand holding but she touches your shoulder or leg every now and again.

This is called slight physical contact and it is what a girl does when she likes a guy. She wants him to touch her, so she starts it off by slightly touching him.

She probably wants you to know that she is interested in you so that you don’t friendzone her.

You can expect her to subtly touch you, so subtle that it makes you question if she likes you or not.

She may reach out to grab something next to you but put her hand on your shoulder as she does this, she touches you as she is walking past, she greets you with a big hug, or she finds a random way to touch you. Such as ‘stand still, you have an eyelash on your cheek, let me get it for you.’

Girls are very good at disguising this behavior, regardless of the actions.

Watch out for her entering your personal space frequently, this is your sign to know she is super interested in you.

She takes time to get to know you

She does not rush into anything; she really takes the time to get to know you.

She asks you questions so that she can get to know you and she wants to know things that no one has ever wanted to know about you.

It feels so nice when someone really takes the time to get to know you and it’s really special.

If she is taking the time to get to know you that then it shows that she has feelings for you

She doesn’t like talking about crushes around you

Not only does she not like talking about any crushes she might have had, she also does not like you talking about crushes you have had or have.

She wants you to have all your eyes on her because she likes you.

If when you talk about girls she starts acting weird, this is why. She doesn’t want you seeing other girls because she likes you and wants to date you. 

She shares secrets with you

She tells you all of her deepest darkest secrets.

You often have deep conversations together and she opens up and tells you things about her past.

This is her showing her vulnerability which means that she trusts you.

If you reach this point then she is really invested in you and things could easily turn into a full blown relationship. 

She always finds ways to be close to you

Through touch but also through contact. She will always sit or stand near you.

Touch some part of you and contact you regularly so that you are close. She might be the one to message you first because it makes you feel close to her.

She will physically try and be as close as she can to you when you are together.

Now you might be thinking this seems a bit clingy but it is not. It is just her showing you that she likes you and there is no one else she would rather be close to.

If she starts being distant that is when you should worry. 

She becomes a little awkward when she is around you

When you spend time together she might seem a little awkward.

This might look like her avoiding eye contact or giggling a lot.

She might also mix up her words. You will probably find all of these things quite cute because they show you that she likes you.

Sometimes you might also find yourself acting in an awkward way towards her because you like her. 

She is always willing to help you

Whenever you need a helping hand, she is always there.

Whether it is to help you move house or to help you finish a presentation for work. Even if you don’t ask, she just knows when you need help and she offers to help.

If she puts in this much effort to help you then she is definitely into you and wants to spend more time with you. 

She looks good when she sees you

She wants to impress you which is why she always looks good when she sees you.

Even if you didn’t know her prior to dating her, you know when a woman has put effort into her looks.

She could wear makeup, do her hair, or wear her favorite dress to see you. If you have noticed her always looking nice then it is a good sign, it shows you like her as well. 

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