16 Signs YOUR PARTNER Doesn't Love You - Even If You Think They Do (Do They Love Me?) WATCH NOW

16 Signs YOUR PARTNER Doesn’t Love You – Even If You Think They Do (Do They Love Me?) WATCH NOW

Have you and your partner been together a while? When you first started dating it was fun. They were always so excited to see you and spend time with you. They couldn’t keep their hands off you either.

Now they are acting cold towards you when it feels like that love has withered away.

You are not sure if you both are just going through a tough time or if there is a lot more to it than that.

This can be a really difficult place to find yourself in. Often you feel very hurt and you are not sure if you are imagining things. It is better to be able to know how your partner is feeling and make a clean break instead of dragging things on.

So, in today’s video I’m going to explain the 16 signs that your partner sadly doesn’t love you.

Signs your partner doesn’t love you anymore

They are not communicating with you 

You ask them if anything is wrong, and they avoid speaking to you. Anytime you try to communicate with them, they simply shut it down.

This is toxic behavior because in a relationship everyone should be able to say how they feel and what they think. It shows you that there are deeper problems going on. 

They avoid you

If you live with your partner and they try to avoid you, it is not a good sign.

Maybe when you walk into a room they walk out, or they ask to be alone.

This is behavior that shows you they have reached the end of the road. They might not be brave enough to end the relationship but it is clear that they no longer love you. 

They criticize you

Every little thing that you do they pick on. They make you feel worthless, and you have lost confidence in yourself.

This is not how your partner should be making you feel. Our partners should lift us up, not criticize. If they do this, they do not love you. 

They do not respect you anymore 

Respect is an important part of any relationship. If someone does not respect you it is normally because they don’t like you.

You deserve to be respected by your partner and if they won’t respect you then it is in your best interest to move on

Have they done this before?

Have they acted this way before? Hot and cold, they love you, they love you not. This type of behavior shows that they are not deeply committed to you.

Someone who really loves you would never act in this way.

They would communicate with you if they felt as though something was not going well within the relationship and would work through it with you.

Every relationship has problems, but if someone is infatuated with you and then suddenly cannot stand you, they probably don’t really love you at all. 

They ask if you can take a break

Breaks in relationships hardly ever work. Normally it’s put in place so that things can slowly fizzle out without having to officially break up.

One person is normally left waiting for the other person to call off the break, but it never happens. If your partner loved you, why would they need a break from you?

They just don’t care

Literally, they do not care. Whenever you mention your relationship problems or want to open the lines of communication, they just ignore you.

Whenever they do speak to you it is in an argumentative tone and you feel like the bad one in the relationship.

It’s rough when it gets to this point, but it shows you the other person’s true colors and shows that you are better off without them. 

She has lots of guy friends

This one is specifically for girls, but a guy could be guilty of it as well.

She might suddenly have a lot of guy friends that she spends time with. There’s nothing wrong with a girl having guy friends or a guy having girl friends.

It’s when they suddenly have friends and start spending all their time with them. She is probably cheating on you with one of her guy friends.

Ask yourself, why am I not allowed to spend time with them? Why does she choose them over me? The answer will probably show you that she no longer loves you. 

They spend more time with their friends

They tend to spend a lot more time with their friends than they do with you.

At the start of your relationship, it was quite balanced, and they would spend time with you and with their friends.

Now you hardly ever see them because they are always out after work.

This shows they are trying to avoid you and avoid spending time with you. If someone loves you, they will want to spend time with you. 

They avoid physical touch

If you go to touch them, they move away and if you suggest sex, they have an excuse. The more excuses they make, the more you believe that they might just not want to be touched.

Intimacy is really important in any relationship. It does not need to be sex, hugging and kissing are important as well.

If this is missing, it can mean that you both grow apart and become more like friends. If they are avoiding holding your hand, they don’t love you anymore but are yet to break up with you.

They flirt with other people

This is never acceptable if you are in a monogamous relationship. Your partner will only flirt with other people if they have fallen out of love with you.

It might be their first step before cheating. Sometimes this might happen when you are not around, so you won’t know. Other times you could pick up on it when you are both out together.

Either way, talk to your partner about it straight away so you can avoid getting more hurt than you already are. 

They are suddenly very independent

You used to do everything together! Now you are left behind a lot, and they are off being independent.

Space is healthy in a relationship but if your partner suddenly does everything you did together alone then it should raise questions.

They might start cooking for themselves or doing a job that you used to do for them.

You will find that you start spending less and less time together.

This is them slowly getting used to being alone and preparing to break things off with you. 

They avoid talking about your future

Whenever you bring up your future together, they change the subject. Whether it is a holiday later on in the year or getting married one day, they do not want to talk about the future.

This is a sign that they don’t see a future with you. They might not realize this yet as they could be subconsciously avoiding the subject. This is a sign that they don’t love you or at least not enough to have a future with you. 

It’s always all about them

Everything is a drama, and it seems like everything is about them. They hardly ever ask you how you are. It’s always them complaining about something that is happening at work or asking for something.

At the beginning you might not mind this type of behavior because you are blinded by love. Eventually though, it will wear you down and you will see that they do not care about you or love you.

Relationships should always be 50/50 and it should never just be about one partner. 

They cheat on you

This has to be one of the most awful things that can happen to us.

It can make us feel worthless and really affect our confidence.

What it does clearly show you though is that your partner doesn’t love you. No one that loves you would do something that awful to you.

Someone who cheats normally never changes and even if they do, you will always ask yourself “why are they late home?” 

You can’t explain it, but you just know

You have a feeling in the pit of your stomach, and it tells you what you do not want to know.

Most of us understand that sometimes our gut knows more about what is happening than we do. It is hard to ignore it and we can only do that for so long before it makes it so we cannot ignore it any longer.

If it gets to this point, it is important that you communicate with your partner and ask them to tell you the truth. 

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