Most Men Don't Realise They're ACTUALLY Subconsciously Pushing Women Away (MUST WATCH)

Most Men Don’t Realize They’re ACTUALLY Subconsciously Pushing Women Away (MUST WATCH)

7 traits that subconsciously push women away from you…

Welcome back to another video, as we continue to explore love life hacks for you guys!! Have you ever wondered why you might find it difficult to keep relationships with women going?

You try your hardest, but just can’t seem to bond deeply with the women in your lives. The solution may be found in your unconscious behaviours and characteristics. 

These characteristics can be overt or covert, but they all have one thing in common: they put a boundary between you and the woman you want to date. 

In this video, we will look at the top seven characteristics that tend to make women turn away from guys.

So, buckle up and get ready to take a thorough plunge into the world of subconscious attraction and improve your interactions with the women in your life.

Are you pushing her away?


Arrogance prevents you from developing a sincere connection with a lady by acting as a heavy cloud over your mind.

You give the impression that you are not interested in her or what she has to offer when you speak about yourself, your accomplishments, and how wonderful you are all the time. 

It’s like a one-man performance where the spectators are compelled to observe you perform with no opportunity to interact. It’s crucial to keep in mind that while confidence can be endearing, arrogance is not. 

Therefore, put more effort into getting to know her and demonstrating an interest in what she has to say rather than attempting to impress her with your accomplishments.

You’d be surprised how far a little modesty can go in fostering genuine connections.

Lack Of Empathy

Imagine opening up to a woman about a difficult situation you are going through while you are at a gathering. She dismisses you and changes the topic rather than paying attention and trying to comprehend.

How would you react if that happened? You might experience frustration, dismissal, and a sense that she doesn’t care about you

Women experience this precisely when men lack sensitivity.

She will think you don’t care about her if you can’t place yourself in her position and empathize with what she’s going through. 

It’s like being stranded in a sea of feelings without a rescuer nearby. Therefore, take the time to attend and demonstrate sincere concern rather than attempting to solve her issues or downplay her emotions.

Let her know that you are sympathetic and that you will always be there for her. You won’t believe how far a little empathy can go in establishing a powerful relationship with a lady. 

Being Dishonest

Being dishonest is like creating a house of cards; it may appear robust at first, but it will ultimately crumble.

If you lie to a lady, she’ll start to doubt everything you say and do, and believe me, that isn’t a good feeling.

If you lie to her, you endanger not only your partnership but also her mental and emotional health. 

Being forthright with a lady, even when it’s challenging, is necessary if you want to develop a lasting bond with her.

A genuine relationship is based on confidence and honesty. Therefore, be open and honest about who you are and what you want rather than attempting to conceal your faults or appear to be someone you’re not.

Always remember that being truthful is the best course of action, particularly in issues of emotions. 

Lacking Ambition

Lacking ambition is like being lost in water with no purpose or direction.

It can be challenging to envision your future, let alone a future with a lady, when you don’t have any objectives or ambitions.

An example from real life is when a girl shares her ambitions and goals with a man, but the guy doesn’t have any of his own to share, leaving the girl feeling unfulfilled and unimpressed. Having desire is like having a guide that directs you in the right direction and propels you to success. 

When you have a goal in mind, you are more motivated, fascinating to others, and you are more concentrated.

It is crucial to have a life strategy and to be passionate about your hobbies and objectives. This provides a lady something to cheer for and support while also demonstrating your capacity for great accomplishments. 

Take some time to consider your objectives and what you want to accomplish in life if you lack drive.

You won’t believe how far a little ambition can go in establishing important connections with the correct women. 

Being Disrespectful

This is one of the most obvious traits that is a turn-off, being disrespectful is similar to walking on thin ice; eventually, you’ll crash through.

When you treat a woman disrespectfully, you’re basically informing her that she’s not valuable or important. It’s as if you dumped a bucket of ice water on her emotions and ideas, smothering any possibility of developing a genuine relationship.

It’s important to keep in mind that respect is a crucial component of any successful partnership. 

When you respect a woman, you are communicating to her that you value her viewpoints, emotions, and personal limits. It gives her protection and warmth, like giving her a warm blanket to drape around herself. 

Therefore, show her that you value her as a person by taking the time to do so rather than being dismissive, impolite, or arrogant.

Pay attention to what she has to say, be considerate, and treat her with the same consideration that you would want for yourself.

It’s true that showing a woman some respect can help you bond with her deeply. 

Being Insecure

Being insecure is like carrying around a hefty suit of armour.

Relationships can suffer if one partner is continually doubting themselves, looking for approval, or acting enviously. It’s comparable to attempting to cross a minefield while carrying a ticking time bomb on your chest. 

A woman may feel suffocated and imprisoned by controlling behavior as a result of insecurity. 

When a man continually examines his girlfriend’s phone or social media accounts to make sure she isn’t chatting to other men, this can cause a split in the relationship as she would instantly believe you do not trust her. 

Building self- and relationship-confidence is crucial to avoiding insecurity.

Have confidence in your own abilities and know that you deserve love and respect.

It’s like taking off that bulky armour and standing tall and confident, prepared to take on any task.

Just keep in mind that a little amount of self-assurance can go a long way in helping you find the perfect woman and develop a fulfilling relationship.

Being Unreliable

Being unreliable is equivalent to attempting to construct a skyscraper without a solid base; it will inevitably fall.

A woman may experience frustration, disappointment, and a sense of unimportance when you are unable to keep your word. It’s like sowing a seed in the earth without ever watering it; the potential for something wonderful is gone because the seed won’t develop.

A very common and unfortunately normalised example might be a man who frequently forgets meetings, arrives late, or cancels arrangements.

These behaviours can give a girl the impression that she is not respected or treasured, which erodes relationships of confidence and communication.

The connection becomes more secure and trustworthy when you regularly keep your word and appear when you say you will.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that deeds speak louder than words, and being trustworthy is an essential deed that demonstrates to a woman that you respect her time and effort.

Therefore, prioritise your obligations and be someone she can rely on rather than making empty pledges or frequently disappointing her.

This will not only strengthen your bond but also make your partnership more satisfying and rewarding. 


Overall, there are a variety of characteristics that can subtly turn women away from men.

It’s essential to keep in mind that nobody is flawless, and we all have areas we need to improve on.

We can, however, become better companions and forge deeper bonds with the women in our lives by being mindful of these characteristics and actively working to improve ourselves. 

Relationships need constant care and effort to develop and thrive. We can develop partnerships that are satisfying, gratifying, and endure the measure of time by avoiding these negative characteristics and putting our attention on developing positive behaviors.

To be the most ideal partner you can be, keep in mind to be aware of these characteristics whether you’re in a relationship or searching for that special someone. The benefits are incalculable, and the work is worthwhile. 

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