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23 Strangest Things Girls Find Attractive In Men

Time for a bit of fun! Today you’re going to learn about some of the weirdest things girls find attractive in guys. So what do girls find attractive? Stay tuned as here’s 23 of the strangest things girls are weirdly attracted to.

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The Strangest Things Women Find Attractive In Guys

Well if you didn’t think that women were hard creatures to figure out, complicated and most definitely from another planet, this video is gonna confuse you so much more.

Women have revealed some of the strangest things that they find attractive! So you are in for a treat. My name is Anna and stay tuned for the video but before you do anything give us a huge like and subscribe.

Beer Bellies

A guy with a beer belly. Is it a sign that we feel that you are comfortable with your own body which makes us feel that you are more confident therefore more attractive?

Tinder Swipe Worthy Jobs

Swipe worthy jobs. Tinder have delivered us this strained fact that the most right-swiped profiles based on someone’s jobs turned out to be the cliched uniform jobs. Because apparently they are more attractive and that also includes entrepreneurs, radio and tv personalities and also doctors.

Which psychology would agree this is based on those people having a higher social intelligence, higher humor and higher intellect.


Apparently there’s something to do with necks that we like. And you know what, I agree and i don’t really know why for sure. But apparently this is a huge turn on. Perhaps we are low-key secret vampires, I don’t know. Or is it the perfect place for a love bite?

Photos That Show Status

Photographs that actually show off someone’s status. You need to be rethinking your tinder profile picture because women are so much more attracted to a photo that shows status. It could be your internet fame, financial status or your intellect status. So try and incorporate this into your images instead of just uploading a cute dog selfie.

Being A Dad

Being a dad. Isn’t it weird how single moms get a bad rep, yet women find guys being dads very attractive. A man that is great with kids melts our hearts, it shows they are selfless, can commit to long-term relationships and they are not emotionally stunted.

Wearing Red

Wearing red is a big indication of attraction. A science experiment found out that women are a lot more attracted to men that wear the colour red.

Now we all know that colour is a huge indicator of emotions for example Facebook and Twitter, they are blue to elicit a social gathering feeling. Yellow signifies unity and happiness and red is more of a fiery passionate romantic color.

Having an extensive Vocabulary

It’s very true! Women love intelligent guys so if you can show off that you are an educated man by using some complicated words when you speak, but make sure they do make sense when you drop them in.

But don’t quote something Shakespearean sounding otherwise you come across a little bit creepy and like an internet β€œnice guy” and no one wants to date one of those.

The Just Woken Up Sleepy Voice

Now I’m holding my hand up! I definitely vouch for this, it’s very attractive and it turns out women find the just woken up deep voice on a guy very hot. And apparently science tells us it’s because it means the guy is less aggressive or angry.

Your Just Worked Out Smell

Now pheromones are most definitely responsible for this one. We love the smell of a guy who has done lots of hard work. You know that natural body odor, it makes us weak at the knees and it’s gross, but yep it’s a thing.

Showing No Facial Emotions

This works well for building attraction in the short term. A guy that stays reserved and looks powerful fierce and successful. So a guy that doesn’t really smile much.

Which probably explains why we find Ryan Gosling so heart swooning. He rarely smiles and when he does he covers his mouth like this.

Now this is a big fact, Ryan Gosling actually hates his own smile which is why you will never see him smile with his teeth.

Calloused Hands

Turns out we love to see guys that work hard and obviously hands are the first sign of physical work and labor and seeing them with dry skin and calluses is a huge turn on. Now don’t worry, even if you are not a physical builder or someone that has to move physical materials.

Even being a guitar player or riding a bike is going to give you those calluses, which science has also told us that we just love a guy that is able to commit to his hobbies. So if you are a guitar player then show off these amazing skills, if you are a BMX-er show off these amazing skills as well. These will all help you become somewhat more attractive.

Playing Hard To Get

If you didn’t know this by now, women love the chase and they do love the bad boys. And we have covered both of these topics, so you can check those videos out just after this one. But guys that are just out of reach, drive women crazy and we absolutely love it.

Singing Badly

Now it’s cute, it shows that you are feeling yourself in the moment and you don’t care how bad you sound. So yeah go into the shower and sing to your heart’s content, even if you sound awful, we find it very sexy.

Looking Mature

Women love older men. Could it be that we feel men grow up a lot later in life therefore we just want to date a guy that has already worked himself out who knows? Or is it that we assume an older guy has more opportunities, appreciates us more and has a lot more social status.

Playing Sports

We probably don’t care to watch a sport game with you but we do enjoy watching you play sports. It’s hot, it’s sexy, it shows off your masculine testosterone side that we cannot help but fall in love with.

Wearing A T-Shirt With The Letter T

Okay this one is very strange and that is wearing a t-shirt with the letter T. I get itm you’re like what? What does this mean?

But Nottingham Trent university discovered that a large black letter t printed on your t-shirt makes you more appealing by 12%! It makes your shoulders look wider and it kind of slims the waist as well.

Or it could be we come over to you to ask if your name is Tom Timmy or Trent and that gets the conversation started.

Giving Us Super Tight Hugs

Us ladies, we just love hugs! But more so the tight ones that make us feel that you want the hug to last forever.

Owning A Dog

The internet has probably abused this tip here. Because every guy has a puppy now for the reason to get ladies. But a guy that can show that he can look after something cute, shows he isn’t aggressive, has a softer side and he’s able to commit to something long-term and he does want to settle down.

Veiny Hands And Veiny Forearms

Another sign of hard physical work which you guessed, it we absolutely love.

Being Handy Around The House

We don’t expect every guy to be DIY fanatics. We just love guys that are able to fix something and show off that raw masculinity. But to also do some small chores, it shows your respect of your surroundings and makes us proud.

So whatever guy teamed up with lots of men many years ago and made society feel like women need to do the cleaning and the chores has actually made women find men a lot less attractive. So get stuck in, take out the trash, hand wash the dishes and you will watch us want to give you more attention by doing so.

Your Ankles

Yes, showing your ankle bone you’ll expect to see some hearts swoon.

Not Getting Freaked Out Over Periods

I get it, periods and anything that isn’t classified as sexually benefiting to you appears pretty gross. However, if you can be mature and let a girl know that you are not freaked out and just appreciate and most definitely respect what she regularly has to go through, it shows the utmost maturity.

So offer a girl a water bottle when she’s feeling a little bit of pain and we will be yours for life.


Yup you’ve seen the memes. You know why we like sweatpants, enough said, it’s an attractive trait and yeah, you know what I mean.

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