Things that will make your crush lose respect for you

11 Things That Will Make Your Crush Lose Respect For You (IMPORTANT)

Do you want your crush to respect you and ultimately like you back? Knowing what can lead your crush to lose respect for you and end up disliking you is extremely important.

By understanding why someone would dislike you, you will be able to prevent your crush from losing interest in you.

There are things that you can do that would seriously make your crush lose respect for you. Sex on the first date is not one of them.

These are much more serious things and they can make or break your relationship before it has even really started. There are 11 things that will make your crush lose respect for you, so sit back and take notes before you ruin the chances with your crush.

Things that will make your crush lose respect for you

Not sharing your opinions 

No one wants to date someone that only nods their head and says yes.

They want to be with someone who has their own opinions and things to say.

You might be trying to be polite and keep your opinions to yourself, but this can make your crush lose all their respect for you.

They want someone who has a backbone and can speak up and say what they really mean. This is because it is boring if all someone does is nod.

Your crush wants to know that if they are in a relationship with you, you will open up and tell them how you really feel.

Be open and tell other people what you think but remember to always be polite. 

You answer their calls straight away

The phone rings once and you have already picked it up, this action will lose you some respect. Don’t get me wrong, it is really annoying when someone never picks up their phone.

It’s equally annoying though when someone picks up on the first ring every single time. It makes you look as though you have no life, and you are only living to please the other person.

Your crush wants to date someone who has their own life and is interesting.

Try to fill your life with other things so that you are not always available when they need you.

This also helps you set boundaries before you both get into a relationship together. For example, ‘Sorry I missed your call, I was busy taking my mum shopping.’ This shows you value the time with your mother and girls will love this!

You tell her how to run her life 

This is really controlling behavior, and no one wants a partner like this.

You should both have your own lives that you run however you like and a life together as well.

You should like her for who she is and not want to change her.

You might say something like “You shouldn’t go out drinking tonight because you have work tomorrow.” In your mind, you might not think about it again, you were just being helpful!

In her mind though you are not her boyfriend yet and this is just quite a controlling thing to say. Try to stay away from doing this.

Remember it’s her life and she can live it however she likes. If you don’t like someone’s behavior and feel the need to change them, you are best just finding someone else who is better suited to you.

You leave and then you come back 

You are constantly dating on and off. One minute you are both really great together and you think it could last forever. The next minute you have gone cold and have called things off.

How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot and she had done this to you? You would not feel great at all.

It’s important that you either commit to her or you don’t. The more you do this, the more respect you will lose and eventually she will just leave and never come back.

Everyone wants to be treated with respect so make sure you treat her properly. 

You are too nice

Girls love nice guys, they do! Even though it is often made out that they only like bad guys, this is simply not true. It’s more the masculine and confidence they appreciate with a bad boy.

They do like nice guys, but they don’t like it when guys are too nice. They want you to fit somewhere in the middle.

If you let them get away with everything they ask for then they will see you as soft and weak.

They want a confident man who is going to look after them. Be nice but don’t let her walk all over you and you’ll find that she has far more respect for you. 

You flirt with other people

It might be tempting to flirt with other people especially when they are flirting with you. What is the harm really? Well actually it’s huge.

If your crush catches you flirting with someone else that will probably mean they lose any respect they had for you.

It will also really hurt them, and they will never trust you again.

Once you have a crush and you want to date them, quit flirting with anyone else unless you want to lose them. 

You don’t say no 

It’s great to be a yes person and it makes you quite attractive in the eyes of many women.

It’s not attractive if you never say no though. This makes you appear very weak and soft.

Try to avoid this by occasionally putting your foot down and saying, “no sorry, I don’t want to do that” or “no I don’t think I would like to eat that.”

It shows that you have masculine energy and are not willing to be walked all over.

Although at the time this might feel risky, eventually she is going to respect you a lot more for doing it. It proves that you can be your own person. 

You like them too much

Everyone wants to be liked and eventually loved by someone else and I am sure you do as well.

It can become suffocating though if someone likes you too much. It can really quickly become a very clingy and controlling relationship.

When you are at the crush stage there should still be some guess work involved. You are not 100% sure that the other person likes you, but you think they might.

This keeps you both on your toes and keeps it spontaneous.

At this point you want it to feel light and not like you are being suffocated. This can really make your crush lose all respect for you because it comes across as really desperate.

It’s ok to like them but don’t be over the top with it. Let them experience trying to guess if you like them, play it a little cooler and remember there is no rush. 

They are the only person in your life

This one is a huge red flag.

If your crush realizes that they are the only person in your life, they may start getting worried.

It might mean that you have issues getting close to other people or even that you are not a genuinely nice person. It sounds harsh but this is how your crush will see it.

Although a crush wants to be an important part of your life, they don’t want to be the only one in it and it can mean they lose respect for you.

Remember this and put an effort into bringing other people into your life that you can get close to. Widen your social circle and have a tribe of great friends. This will make you far more attractive and respected in your crush’s eyes. 

You can be passive aggressive

When someone is passive aggressive they say things but in a very indirect way.

This can leave your crush confused. They have to guess what you really mean and how you really feel.

Try to avoid this because they get sick of guessing quickly. Instead tell them directly how you think and feel. Then they can act accordingly.

They will respect you a lot more for simply expressing yourself. 

You always take the lead

You never give your crush a chance to plan a date or start a conversation. You constantly take the lead and never let them make any decisions.

Although in your mind you might think that you are taking something off their plate or showing off your masculine energy, it actually comes across as very controlling.

Even if you don’t mean it to be like this, it does come across in this way. It’s best to avoid this type of behavior. Make it 50/50 from the beginning and let your crush do things like plan dates or text you first.

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