Men Forget These Most Underrated Seduction Tactics (BLOW HER MIND)

Why don’t we start as we mean to go on, and put it bluntly that men are easier to seduce than women? Sorry guys, it’s a fact!

Women can play hard to get and can take a lot of persuading to come around to what they want and need in a man.

So, let us go through some of the underrated seduction techniques to sway her your way.

Learn how to seduce women

Number 1 Slow down!

Don’t rush it, think of it as a marathon, not a sprint.

Seduction is all about timing and leaving some anticipation can always make a woman want you more.

When you are out in a bar or maybe a party and see someone that you are interested in, proceed slowly. Wait a bit to approach her and start talking by listening more than you talk.

Do not reveal your intentions straight away. This can be very off-putting to most females, but, when you do make your move all eyes are on you and your first conversation has to be successful.

Be unpredictable

Analysing everything is a woman’s worst flaw, it can also be our biggest strength, which is why it’s the skill we exercise the most.

That means that if we figure something out then it becomes boring and it doesn’t hold our attention. So the single most seductive thing a man can do is stay interesting by being unpredictable.

Keep us guessing and surprise us with mystery. This does not mean you create a fakeness around you. It just means breaking patterns and taking a step in the opposite direction.


Touch is crucial to being seductive.

Just imagine the sparks flying when you put a hand on her knee or your arm around her waist!

Physical contact is hugely important to arousal.

Master the art of subtle, seductive touch, a light touch will help you gain that closeness.

If you are not as forthcoming, try subtle touches. When she has her hair in her face, move it out of the way or when she asks you to pass her something make sure there is some form of contact with your hands.

These all help to build that physical chemistry!

Let’s talk about some self-confidence

Confidence guys, it’s not a technique, more of an attitude that is needed to show yourself to others.

Without self-confidence, the seduction process can’t go well. So, before going out and dating, working on your self-esteem is something you have to do, so that you can face anything on a positive level.

Having this attitude matters, and projecting confidence is the aim. You may have trouble feeling truly confident at first. The more that you develop these habits, the more genuine and natural it will become for you.

Confidence signals to women that you are essentially desirable and valuable.

Be aware though, overconfidence can appear as arrogance so make sure you walk that tightrope well or it can end badly.

Subtle Seduction

This technique is controversial and closely guarded, yet highly powerful at the same time.

This one particular method is about making her recall happy memories and getting her to describe them to you.

Making her imagine the memories more vividly as possible, and by doing this will get her to “relive” that positive experience and subconsciously associate that feeling with you. She will only ever see you in a positive light and maybe even have a deeper set of fondness just for you.

The Pause

The pause in a conversation is about the simplest tool for you to use, but don’t let the simplicity fool you.

This can be a potent tactic and one that is very underrated in the seduction area. This is one of the small details that usually sets great seducers apart from the rest, by applying pauses in their interactions.

Using pauses to induce curiosity or suspense will heighten the vibe of ‘needing to know more. The longer you pause the more tension you create.

Women love a man who can stimulate their emotions. Adding pauses gives an element of mystery that often puts her in situations where tension is very intriguing.

It is always better to build up the climax by capturing her attention.


Pay attention to her needs.

This can be her emotional or sexual needs. It doesn’t matter which, just showing that you are interested in meeting her needs, with your actions, not just your words, will go a long way towards being the man she wants in her life.

Putting special attention to her needs will put you a cut above the rest. 

How does that make you feel?

A good tip for men to get into the habit of doing: Whatever your lady is discussing, simply ask her, “How does that make you feel?”

Now it might sound a little bit awkward at first, but women love to talk about how they feel about things. When we are asked this question we will nearly always respond passionately towards it.


Having the power to affect other people, means that we use the power of influence when asking a lady out for dinner or onto a date.

This can also cause mystery, which is a highly effective weapon of seduction since it makes one person develop expectations of another person.

We are influenced by others around us; we want to be doing the latest thing or wearing the new seasons must-haves. People often base their actions around what other people are doing, how they act or what others believe in.

This is no coincidence, it’s the driving force behind herd mentality.

Women want men that other women want. They are also more prone to desiring a man who has a thriving social circle.

Smile when you approach her

Plain and simple. If you are not smiling then you are slowly diminishing your chances of a positive response back.

She will be taking cues from you and if you’re not showing them pearly whites then she will feel that she can’t smile either.

Consistency and commitment are general desires of most people, for this reason, once you have committed to something, you are more likely to see it through.

The more you show a girl consistency the more likely she will invest her time into you. And every time she does this her connections grow closer.

So, make plans in the moment to have the highest chance of seeing her again, using comparability as a base. Like food interests and outdoor activities, a museum or show she is more likely to follow through with a next date if you show that you’re excited to try something new with her.

Creating tension

Now when I mean create tension, I’m not talking about causing an argument. I mean sexual tension, finding them sensitive spots on her will have her wanting more.

So, start by touching her ears and letting her know your interest and energy and eventually, start kissing her neck gently.

A compliment

Us ladies love to be complimented and it goes a long way in building chemistry and attraction. It may sound cheesy but simply telling her how amazing she looks or how nice her outfit is still goes a long long way.

Women react to compliments differently. Some will just simply thank you and store that compliment away and it will stroke her ego. Others will shy away and tell you that you are wrong, and this is where you tell her that it is just what you honestly think and that you thought she should know.

This will win her mind over and let her know that despite her low self-esteem you see something in her that she does not see in herself. So work on it and master the art of seduction.

Seduction is an art form, many men think this is a game for the ‘players’, and I’m here to inform you otherwise.

Seduction is like any skill, it can be learnt and turned into a spectacular tool to use. If you can seduce a woman you hold more chances of winning her over in the long term. Women long to be seduced and every fairy-tale starts with Prince Charming and his seductive ways.

I do not expect any man to be a Prince Charming but just being charming and seductive will do for any of us women!

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