Girls Melt When Guys Do THIS - Ignite Her Desire For You

Girls Melt When Guys Do THIS – Ignite Her Desire for You 😍

When you like a girl, you want to make her feel special.

Without even knowing it sometimes you do things that literally make a girl melt.

If you knew what these things were, you could do more of them and make her always feel special.

The things that make a girl melt are often the smallest gestures, that you probably over look, a lot of them are free to do and some will surprise you. 

Are you ready to be surprised guys? 

Make a girl absolutely melt!

Ask her about something you might not normally remember

It can be hard to listen to someone speaking and trying to remember what they said. That is why when a guy remembers something a girl has said, girls find it so cute. Girls don’t expect men to listen and remember things which is why it comes as a surprise.

Next time you are with a special girl listen to what she says and remember something that is important to her.

For example, she might talk about something she has coming up at work. Try to remember that and message her on the day to wish her luck.

It is such a small thing, but it will mean so much to her. 

Tell her about a song 

Play her a song that reminds you of her or an experience you both had together.

Maybe there’s a song that you listened to on holiday together, why not play it for her in the car.

It’s something small but it shows you care and think about her. 

Send her texts 

Speaking of thinking of her, send her texts when you are randomly thinking of her.

Message something like “I was just thinking about you, I hope you are having a nice day.” Again, it is something small and quick, but it means so much. 

Invite her to hang out with the guys 

A big step is asking a girl if she would like to hang out with your friends.

Only do this if you see it going further than just casual hooking up otherwise it could give her the wrong impression.

She will melt when you ask her if she would like to join you and it will cement in her mind that you are both serious. 

Write her a handwritten note 

No one writes letters or notes anymore, which is why girls find it so cute when a guy does it for them.

It does not need to be a long love note although it could be! It could be something as simple as writing down that you can’t wait to see them tonight and leaving it in their fridge.

She will still love the effort you have put in. 

Ask her how her day is 

Phone her or message her randomly and simply ask her how her day is.

She will be really happy that you have thought about her in that moment. 

Dance with her 

You don’t have to be a professional dancer for this one. Dance around the kitchen with her to her favorite song or dance in the car while driving.

It’s all about being silly and living in the moment.

She will be laughing and thinking about how amazing you are. That feeling will stick with her forever. 

Buy her pajamas for your house 

This is one of the cutest things a guy can do for a girl, and it will make her literally melt. You both might have been dating for a while and maybe she comes to stay the night a few times after drinks.

If you see things moving forward, buy her pajamas that she can just keep at your house.

No girl really wants to sleep in their clothes from the night before. She wants to be able to sleep in some nice pajamas so why not do something cute and buy some for your house. 

Remember the weird things about her 

Everyone has weird things that they do. They might not like to admit them, but they do have things and girls are no different.

If she opens up and tells you about these things, then try and remember them so you can talk about them later.

Don’t make fun of her for them or bring them up around other people.

Do it in private when you are both alone. This will make her feel like you understand her. 

Touch her leg while driving 

Girls love it when a guy does this. In her eyes it makes him seem more attractive while also making her feel special. It’s a win, win. 

Look into her eyes 

Sometimes it is nice to just spend a quiet moment simply looking into her eyes. Not saying a word but just looking and smiling at her.

This move brings you closer together and makes her feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 

Listen when she talks about her passions 

When a girl talks about her passion, her energy will light up the room. If you have asked about something she is passionate about, make sure to listen to the answer she gives.

This is even more important if you are in a relationship because you will be helping her achieve her passions. 

Hold her hand 

Girls melt when a guy holds their hand or grabs their hand. It might seem small to you, but she will be thinking about it for weeks after. 

Take her for dinner with your family 

Again, this is one that you should only do if you are both serious about things becoming more serious.

Girl’s love being introduced to guys’ families and dinner is a great place to start.

This is a more serious step though so make sure you are ready for it. 

Stick up for her 

If someone is mean to her in front of you or accuses her of something she did not do, stick up for her.

This shows her that you have her back, that you care for her, and you will always be there for her

Tell her she is beautiful in the morning

In the morning, when she has no make-up on, and her hair is messy tell her that you think she is beautiful.

This shows her that you love her when she is at her most natural. 

Randomly kiss her

Kiss her in the middle of a street, when it’s pouring with rain or just when you are both watching a movie together.

These random kisses will mean so much to her. 

Be a gentleman 

When you are with her, always be a gentleman. Pull out her chair, hang up her coat, pour her a drink of wine and don’t look at other girls.

These are all nice things to do and show that you are a kind person that she wants to be with. 

Say sorry when you are wrong 

Everyone is wrong sometimes. It’s fine to be wrong but you should admit to it and say sorry for it.

That can often be the hardest step to take but it will make the girl you are with respect you so much more. 

Plan a romantic date 

Surprise her by planning a romantic date. You could arrange a candle lit dinner at home or surprise her with a trip to her favorite shops.

If you have planned it, she will find it romantic no matter what you do. 

Grab her up and wrap her in your arms 

This is something so small but girls just love being cuddled. 

Go out of your way to see her

I get it, you’re busy but show her that you care by going out of your way to see her.

She will understand that you are making time for her, and it will make her feel really special. 

Pull her in closer 

If she is sitting far away from you but within arm’s reach, then pull her in closer. 

Buy her the drink she likes 

If you have not been dating for that long, try to memorize what she likes to drink. The next time you see each other go up and buy her favorite drink for her.

She will be really happy that you have remembered what she likes to drink. 

Tell her about your day 

It’s nice to ask about her day but she wants to hear about your day as well.

Don’t wait to be asked, just open up and tell her about your day. Maybe something tricky happened, tell her about it and ask for her advice. 

Let her wear your clothes

You are probably quite protective of your wardrobe, that’s fair enough.

Letting a girl wear one of your hoodies is not the end of the world though. It makes them feel closer to you and when you are not around, they can smell you.

It’s one of the most romantic things a guy can do for a girl. 

Ask her about her past, present, or future

Find out what she wants her future to look like if she is happy with her present and what happened in her past.

You will get to know her more and it will also allow you both to see if you are searching for the same things in life.

It helps you decide if you would be good together. 

Share your food with her

It’s hard to share food but girls will always ask for a bite of your burger!

If you hate sharing, then order more so that you can give her some.

She will ask anyway and it’s cuter if you just say yes. 

Show an interest in getting to know her family 

Don’t just take her to meet your family, show an interest in her family.

Ask about them and get to know them before you meet them.

This will also allow you to make a better impression when you meet them. 

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