Do You Want A Woman To Think About You Non-Stop? Do THIS & She Will Think About You Constantly

Do You Want a Woman to Think About You Non-Stop? Do THIS & She Will Think About You Constantly

Do you have a girl that you really like? Would you like her to think about you?

Well, I am here to help you achieve this because you deserve to have a girl thinking about you.

There are certain things you can do when you are around a girl or even not around her that will make a girl think about you even when you are not with her. 

I am going to tell you about the things you can do to make a girl think about you. 

How to get her thinking of you

Always give her a genuine compliment 

Paying a lady a really genuine compliment, will make her think about you for longer.

If a guy told a girl that she looks really nice, she will re-play the compliment all night in her head. Genuine compliments can also make a girl like you more.

She might not have thought of you in that romantic way until you pay her a compliment and it opens her eyes to the possibility of something between you both. 

Make her think about you through text 

Send her nice texts throughout the day to get her thinking about you. While she is at work, text her and tell her that you hope her day at work is going well.

She might not reply because she is busy, but she will keep thinking about you long after you have sent the text. 

Pay attention to small details 

Sometimes the smallest things mean the most. Pay attention to the little things she says, does and buys so that you can use them to do something nice for her. She might tell you about a place she loves to go to. If you remember where she likes to go, you can plan a surprise date there.

She will be so happy that you listened to her and remembered what she said, and the date will mean so much more. 

Don’t always be too eager to impress 

You want to get her thinking about you, but you don’t want to be looking for too much attention.

Try not to go over the top and act too eager to impress her.

This could have the opposite effect and actually make her feel as though you are too clingy. 

Accept her as she is 

All women want a man that accepts her for who she is. If you can do this from the beginning and show an interest in knowing the real her then you will have her thinking about you.

Other men might have shown an interest in her but not the real her. It’s important that you show an interest in who she really is from the beginning and if you do, you won’t be able to get her off your mind. 

Always be honest about your emotions 

Once you have known a girl for a while and things are getting a bit serious, you should have built trust between you. That trust allows you to be open with her and show her your emotions.

Men are often painted strong people who don’t have emotions, but this is simply not true.

Men do have emotions and women know this. They want to support you and help you through challenging times, but they can’t if they don’t know how you are feeling.

Be open with her and she will really bond with you more. 

Treat her as an equal 

Women are equal to men, and they hate it when men make them feel less than. Don’t do this and always treat her as an equal.

Ask her for her opinion, listen to everything she says and let her pay sometimes. This is what a modern relationship looks like. 

Make plans for your future 

You don’t want to scare her, but by making plans that include both of you in the future, you are showing her that you are not going anyway.

By showing her this, she will allow herself to start falling for you and thinking about you more.

It does not need to be something serious happening in the future, it could be you asking her to go to the movies next week. That is far enough in advance to show her that she is not just a one-night stand but that you are both dating each other. 

Be passionate when you are in the bedroom together 

If you want a girl to remember you then show her a good time in the bedroom.

Don’t make it all about you and pay her a lot of attention. You want her to walk away thinking that was the best experience she has ever had. 

Surprise her so that she thinks about you

Girls love surprises. You could take her on a surprise date or give her a surprise bunch of flowers.

She will be delighted that you have put in that much effort, and she will not forget what you have done in a hurry. 

Spend time bonding with her friends and family

Her friends and family are probably very important to her. Show her how much they mean to you as well by spending time with them. Obviously, this is a more serious step that you shouldn’t take until you are sure she is the girl for you, and you don’t want to scare her off by rushing things.

Once you are at the right stage though, getting to know her family and friends will show her how much she means to you. 

Always be patient with her and positive 

It’s important that you are patient and positive when you are around her. You want to be a positive influence on her life so that she wants to be around her.

If you are patient with her and positive, then she will spend time thinking about you when you are not around. 

Dress well whenever you see her 

Dressing well when you see her leaves her with a great memory of you. She will be impressed by the way you dress and your style. You expect her to put the effort in and she expects you too as well.

If you don’t have the wardrobe at the moment, take a friend to the shops or ask the shop assistant for help to find some great staples. 

Be her confidant 

If you can become the person that she confides in, then she will think about you and how kind you are to listen to her.

You will become more than just a guy she is dating but someone she needs in her life. 

Cook her something special 

Girls love a man who can cook!

Make her something that you know she will love or re-create a lovely meal you had when you went out together once.

This will be something she will always remember and is really important to her. 

Make her laugh 

If you can make a girl laugh, you have her heart.

Laughter can make a girl fall in love faster and want a guy more.

So, if you can crack some jokes that are not just dad jokes, you’ll really impress her. 

Keep a hint of mystery around you 

What is better than a guy who is mysterious. Don’t give everything away at the beginning.

Although you should open up and be vulnerable, telling her everything about yourself leaves her nothing to discover about you.

Being mysterious will keep her coming back for more and thinking, what is he hiding? 

Don’t just tell but show her

Don’t just tell her that you like her, show her that you do!

This will make her so happy and impressed. You can do this by doing nice things for her like taking her on dates or surprising her with a gift. It will keep her thinking about you definitely. 

Show her that you are listening to her 

You can show a girl that you are listening to her by repeating back what she has said to her. For example, she might say, I had a hard day at work and then you could reply, why did you have a hard day at work?

This shows that you are listening to her which will make her feel special. 

Be unpredictable 

Don’t always play by the rules. Show her your unpredictable side which will keep her guessing.

You could suddenly suggest that you both go on holiday next week or arrange a surprise date.

This kind of behavior will really pique her interest and keep her thinking about you even when you are not around. 

Don’t be her everything, let her have a life 

You might really like her and want her to be around all the time. When you do this though, you risk being clingy. Try to avoid doing this and instead let her have her own life.

This will make your relationship healthier and will make her want to spend more time with you. When she is off having her own life as well, she will be thinking about you and how great it would be if you were there. 

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