Girls Sexually Flirt Like THIS - Men Often Miss These Seductive Flirting Signs That She WANTS You

Girls Sexually Flirt Like THIS – Men Often Miss These Seductive Flirting Signs That She WANTS You

It’s not just guys who flirt sexually, girls do it as well.

It can be difficult to tell when a girl is sexually flirting as they are not always as obvious as a guy is.

You have probably had a girl flirting with you in this way on more than one occasion. If only you had picked up on it, you never know what might have happened! 

In today’s video I am going to tell you how you can tell if a girl is sexually flirting with you. Are you ready to find out more?

Want to know if it’s time you made a move?

When she hits you playfully 

Have you ever had a girl do this before? Girls often do it when a guy that they want to flirt with makes funny jokes or says something a little controversial.

It’s often not a hard hit and it might be to your arm or leg. It’s a flirty, playful thing to do but it also normally means they are physically attracted to you which shows they are sexually attracted to you. 

When she compares your hand sizes

This is a classic move that girls make. They do it to show you how small they are compared to you. History shows that men prefer smaller girls and are more attracted to them.

Girls still want to show you that they are smaller even though it is now more something they normally do automatically and don’t really know why they are doing it.

Also it gives them a chance to make the – big hands normally mean…well you know what I am going to say….. joke. 

When she locks the door to the room you are in

If she locks the door, it’s pretty serious sexual flirting.

This is when she will probably try and make her move. She might also wait for you to make your move and make a joke that you are both locked in together.

Either way, she wants things to go further in this moment otherwise she wouldn’t have locked you both in a room together. 

When she tells you she is free and bored

It’s the modern age booty call.

She wants to spend time with you and instead of beating around the brush she comes out and says what she wants! Surprisingly some guys still get confused by this and feel as though she doesn’t really want to spend time with them.

If a girl says she is free and bored then take it as a sign that she wants to spend more time with you! 

When she comes up with an excuse to touch you

She brushes a crumb off your shoulder or grabs your hand when she is scared.

She uses any excuse to touch you and get closer to you.

This is a girl’s way of sexually flirting with you. Touch is essential for sexual chemistry and this starts to build that. 

When she makes eye contact with you and smiles

Eye contact is so powerful and so is a smile!

Girls won’t make any effort with a guy that they are not interested in.

If she is looking at you from across the bar or flashing you a smile then she is making contact. She might be dropping these hints so that you will approach her. 

When she spends time with you 

Any free time she has, she spends with you.

She stops spending as much time with her friends and leaves work on time.

If a girl wants to spend all her time with you, she is hoping things develop. 

When she complains about being single

Hint, hint, nudge, nudge! A girl does not just complain about being single, everything that she says is for a reason!

If she is telling you that she does not want to be single anymore, it’s a sign that she wants more from you. 

When she grabs you

If she grabs you from behind or pulls you in, she is drawing you in closer.

She might be hoping this will lead to a kiss or even some heavy eye contact. 

When she models clothes to you

When she buys a new outfit she wants to show you. She puts it on and walks out, modeling it for you. It might also happen to be revealing.

It’s not that she really wants you to see the clothes, it’s that she wants you to see her in the clothes. 

When she makes drinks and dresses sexy 

Does she invite you over for a drink and then you notice she is in a sexy red dress?

First, in her eyes this is a date. Secondly, she has dressed in a sexy way because she hopes this is the night that she can seduce you. 

When she comes over late at night 

If she turns up at her door late at night, whether she was invited or not, it’s because she wants things to get sexual. I

It’s very rare that a girl will turn up at a guy’s house late at night for cuddles although she might want these as well. She wants things to turn sexual and she wants you to know this. 

When she texts you cute pictures

She does not just send you cute pictures, she also sends sexy pictures your way.

These types of photos speak for themselves; she is definitely sexually flirting guys. 

When she makes you breakfast 

If it reaches the point where she is making you breakfast, this is a bit more than sexual flirting.

She might have already tried sexually flirting with you but you didn’t quite pick up on what she was doing. She still wants you sexually but she also might want a more serious relationship with you. 

When she moves her hand closer to yours

We have spoken about how important touch is when a girl is sexually flirting.

Hands are a very sensitive part of our body. When we touch the hand of someone we like, it can send shivers up our spine.

If she moves her hand closer to yours, she is probably trying to get you to start to feel something exciting. 

When she wants to cuddle 

Cuddling often leads to a lot more than cuddling.

If she is asking to cuddle she might be secretly hoping that it leads to kissing and then onto a lot more. 

When she compliments your appearance 

She tells you that you look good, but it goes beyond that.

She does not just compliment what you are wearing but also your body.

She might ask if you work out or how you got the body that you did. This shows that she is really studying you and probably picturing getting sexual with you. 

When she tells you that she likes you

A girl might tell you this in a jokey way, but it does not mean that she doesn’t mean it.

Things might not be moving fast enough for her and in an effort to get you to realize how she feels, she jokingly tells you.

This is your chance to tell her how you feel. 

When she looks at you even when you are in a big group

Even when people are all around you, she is still looking at you. She makes strong eye contact with you and flashes you flirty looks.

This should show you that she is interested in you. 

When she straddles you

This is a very sexual flirting sign. If a girl straddles you, she wants it to lead to something more. 

When she asks about your love life

She inquires as to whether you are seeing any other girls because she wants to know if she is the only one and if she has a chance with you.

She might do it in a fun way but you should interpret it as, am I the only one you are sexually flirting with? 

When she says she will share a bed with you

If she does this after you have only known each other for a short time then it’s a flirty move.

She might see you as the type of guy that she can have a one night stand with or she might know straight away that she wants something sexual with you. 

When she falls asleep talking to you

You are both on the phone to each other and talk until you fall asleep.

This is ridiculously cute and more romantic than sexual. It doesn’t mean that she won’t speak dirty on the phone though. 

When she comes out of the shower in a towel

The girl you have your eye on walks out of the shower in a towel.

You would be correct in thinking that she is sexually flirting with you, especially if she looks your way! 

When she asks you for your phone number

If you have only just met her and she is asking you for your phone number, she probably wants to be able to sexually flirt with you via text. This is what a sext is and it normally shows that she means business. 

When she asks if you would like to dance

When a girl wants to dance with you, she wants to get closer to you.

She could be looking for an excuse to touch you or she might be wanting to encourage you to touch her.

Dancing can produce a strong sexual desire which is why girls often use it as a tool to sexually flirt with guys. 

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