How to have game with girls

How To Have Game With Girls – Key To Building Attraction With Women

How to have game with the ladies! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to have game and attract women. Learn how to have game as a man, what it takes to attract women and how to seduce them! 

Building attraction with a lady is about doing a lot of things right and avoiding obviously doing things wrong. This is often easier when you have something that in the dating world, is called ‘game’. Not to be confused with your video games guys. Game is when you are good at something, and it is simply just effortless.

Do you think that you already have game with the ladies or is it something that you would really like to have? Well, in today’s video I’m going to be teaching you how to have game with the girls so that you can dramatically improve your success rate when it comes to building attraction. Even if you believe that you already have the game, there is plenty more to learn so keep on watching like and subscribe, let’s go.

How to have game with girls

Believe that you are the best 

The first thing you have to do so that you can have game with girls is to believe that you are the best.

Now being obnoxious is never attractive and girls don’t like overconfident guys, but you don’t need to be like this to believe that you are the best. In fact, most people that believe they are the best are actually the most humble people you will ever meet. 

Believing you are the best is about working on your self-belief systems. As we grow up we often loose a little bit of our confidence, this can leave us feeling down and like everyone is better than us. To believe that you are the best, you need to gain this confidence back. But how do you do that? Well, you need to start with micro achievements.

Set yourself goals to achieve little things, and then mentally congratulate yourself for doing them. Over time you will think to yourself, wow look at all I have achieved, I really am the best. 

The types of goals you set yourself are important. It can’t be as simple as getting out of bed in the morning, but it could be something like getting out of bed early 4 times a week and going to the gym before work. You could also set yourself work goals like finish my report before the deadline.

Finally, set yourself dating goals like I will go on 4 dates this month and then set out to achieve that. 

Believing you are the best will come when you are being your best

Get over your fear or rejection 

We all fear the word ‘no’ or the disappointment of not getting what you want. The fear of rejection can really bring you down and make you not reach for the stars in case you fall. If you want to have game with the ladies, you need to get over this fear otherwise you will never have a chance to build attraction. 

Instead of thinking what if she says no, start thinking but what if she says yes? Re-framing your thoughts like this overtime will help to rewire your brain so that you automatically think of the positives instead of the negatives.

It’s not necessarily a quick fix but over time you will notice your game will improve. 

Deal with your limiting beliefs 

Limiting beliefs is another thing that we all struggle with at one time or another. Limiting beliefs make you believe that only certain things are possible.

For example, you might believe that you would never be able to win over a girl that you like at work. It is in your mind, impossible. Even though you could very easily win her over with your charm.

When we believe our limiting beliefs, they stop us from going after what we want, which is the enemy of having game. So, work on believing that impossible is nothing and you will find yourself on plenty of dates. 

Practise your conversational skills 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this video, when you have game, it’s effortless. Which means when you are talking to a girl, you need to make it seem effortless by having great conversational skills.

If you are constantly sitting in long silences or are struggling to come up with anything interesting to say then it’s not going to end well. You want it to flow from topic to topic.

You can practice on your friends by just talking to them, they won’t even know that you are practicing! Then go on a few dates to try it out. Remember, practice makes perfect. 

Demonstrate how valuable you are to others

Maybe the girl you are trying to have game with is a friend. That makes it the perfect opportunity to show her how valuable you are. The best way to do this is through others. You could offer some sage advice to a friend or help them move.

Doing small things to show how much value you add to people’s lives shows her how much she needs you which elevates your game. 

Have your own life

Dating can’t be the only thing you do. To have game you need to have your own life. That means having a great group of friends, a hobby, a passion, other interests plus a career that you enjoy. These things will make your life rich and exciting.

You will be so focused that when you meet a girl you might think to yourself, I like her, but you won’t try too hard to get her because you are too busy. This will make the girl want you even more and without even trying, you have her asking you out on dates. It’s a win, win. 

Use eye contact 

When you are in a room with a girl and you are trying to build attraction, eye contact is key! Look at her eyes while she is talking to you, make eye contact from across the bar or simply look back as you walk away from her.

Eye contact is such a powerful tool, and I would really recommend using it to up your game. It will make you appear more confident than you might be, and she will know straight away that you are interested in her.

Try to control your nerves

We all get nervous, especially around people that we like. If you want game, you can still be nervous, you just need to take control of your nerves. Don’t make it obvious that you are shaking on the inside because you won’t portray your best self which is of course what you want.

Push your nerves aside and focus on just being your best self and showing her all the great things about you. After a bit of conversation, they should calm down anyway.

Let her talk 

You need to let her get a word in. When your nerves take over it can be easy to stick autopilot on and just talk and talk. This does not give a girl a chance to talk and tell you about herself though which is important.

Try to ask her questions and then pause so that she can give her answer which should allow the conversation to flow.

You will look like you have done this a million times before which will impress any lady. 

Always be a gentleman 

Picture someone famous who has game. They are probably also a gentlemen. Very polite, respectful, and confident, all the things that gentlemen are. So, if you want game, you need to just like them.

Doing things like pulling a ladies chair out for her or taking her coat might look small, but they actually set you apart from all the other men who want to take her on a date.

Don’t underestimate the small gentlemanly things you can do that can help you have game with the ladies. 

Learn from your friends 

Finally, do you have any friends who have game? Someone that you look at and just think, how do they do that? Well, why not ask them questions about how they do that. Watch them and notice what they do so that you can replicate it and up your game. Do your friends lack game? That’s ok, you can learn a lot by sitting in a restaurant and watching other men on dates. 

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