7 Surprising Things Women Like In Men More Than Looks (Dating Psychology)2

7 Surprising Things Women Like in Men More Than Looks (Dating Psychology)

The reality is that there are many things that women find attractive in men that have nothing to do with their physical appearance.

So, today, we’ll look at some surprising characteristics that women prefer in guys over physical appearance.

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Qualities more desirable than looks


Irrespective of physical traits, confidence is one of the most attractive traits a guy can have.

No girl likes a man who is shy or lacks pride. Women find confident men appealing because they exude strength and security.

They want to be secure, and a strong, confident man is more likely to provide that. Only a guy with high self-esteem and pride can give a sense of security to a woman.

Confidence shows that a guy is at ease in his own skin and can withstand any trouble that comes his way.

Self-assured men are more apt to be themselves rather than pretend to be someone they are not. Women like men to be genuine and authentic.

You see how important it is to be confident, but you should not be confusing it with arrogance. Arrogance is a false belief in oneself founded on an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance.

Arrogant men are often seen as unapproachable and unattractive to women.

The main reason is if you are complacent, you will not be open to accepting your mistakes, and women do not like that.


Your six pack abs won’t impress women if you are not smart. Also, intelligence does not mean your IQ level only; it is also about being inquisitive and open-minded.

Women value guys who can hold intellectual conversations with them and push them to think critically. Your intelligence corresponds to your maturity and responsibility, which many women find appealing.

They want a man who is capable of thinking for himself and making sound choices. Of course, if you can’t make good decisions for yourself, how can a woman trust you?

Intelligence is often linked with knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and creativity, but intelligent men are so much more. Women perceive intelligent men as interesting and engaging because they can contribute to conversations on a broad variety of topics.

If you want to have romantic connections with your partner, your intelligence would be a great advantage, as women prefer mentally stimulating partners.

Moreover, intelligent men are more likely to have a wide range of interests and hobbies, making them more fascinating and engaging partners.

Their intelligence helps them to understand their partners better and avoid unnecessary arguments. This helps in maintaining long-term relationships and building a solid connection with your partner.

A Sense of Humor

The ability to make the other person laugh in an instant without trying too hard to be funny. This one quality grabs the attention of many women.

If you have not worked on your sense of humor, you may have difficulty attracting women.

A good sense of humor demonstrates that a man is not overly serious and can make light of any circumstance. Women value men who can make them happy and bring pleasure into their lives.

They want to make the time they spend with their man memorable. So, if you can make your girl laugh, she will want to be with you more and more.

A sense of humor shows self-assurance and intellect, as being amusing necessitates a certain level of wit.

Men with a good sense of humor show confidence and self-assurance, which can be attractive qualities in a companion for a woman. This is because men with a good sense of humor are less likely to take themselves too seriously and are better able to deal with difficult or awkward circumstances. 

Women prefer a laid-back relationship, and guys with a sense of humor are often more relaxed and easy-going, making them more pleasant to be around.

They are also more spontaneous and daring, which can add energy and novelty to a partnership. Not only that, but their sense of humor also serves as a communication tool.

Men can use their chill nature to blow off the heat during an argument and prevent conflicts. This helps in building a healthy and strong relationship.

So, if you have a good sense of humor, you can amuse a woman, bring extra excitement and playfulness, and make a romantic connection. And this is what most of the women out there want.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are important in every aspect of life. If you cannot convey your words properly, you will suffer not only in relationships but in professional life too.

As a man, if you cannot convey your message properly, how can you make a lasting impact on the mind of a woman? Words always leave a strong impact. A crucial quality that women admire in guys is their ability to communicate effectively.

Communication is essential when interacting with women because they prefer men who can express themselves clearly and effectively.  Women like you when you try to understand them. Good understanding comes with effective communication.

Men who are excellent communicators can express their thoughts and feelings in an understandable manner, and they can also actively listen to their others’ point of view.

This is especially important since a woman expects you to understand effectively what she says, which helps build a good connection.

Women like to have romantic relationships. Good communication skills are essential in romantic relationships. Men who are excellent communicators can express their emotions without being threatening or aggressive, and they can also ask for what they need in a respectful.

Women like playboys, and if you can be that type of person without breaking the norms, you make them feel like they have won a jackpot.


Kindness is a universal quality that one must have. Your kindness as a person takes your respect to another level in front of another person.

Kindness is about being compassionate and considerate towards others. Yes, women do want a confident, handsome, and playboy type of person, but kindness comes as a pre-requirement for all these things.

Women want a man who is kind and caring, who will listen to them and support them when they need it. A kind man is also more likely to be patient and understanding, which are important things that women appreciate. 

Women will automatically perceive you as trustworthy and dependable if you are kind. These are the essential qualities in a long-term relationship.

Kind men are more likely to be sensitive to a woman’s wants and emotions, which can aid in the development of stronger bonds and greater intimacy.

Kindness also includes thoughtfulness. When we talk about thoughtfulness, we mean a man’s ability to be considerate and sympathetic to the needs and emotions of others, especially women. Thoughtful men foresee and respond to the needs of their partners, family members, friends, and even strangers.

Women want men to surprise them with wonderful presents or gestures, remember important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries, or attend to their needs when feeling down or ill.

Thoughtful men come with such qualities and become an obvious option for women.

Furthermore, thoughtful guys give careful attention to their partner, provide emotional support when needed, and are patient and understanding when they are going through a tough time. Women find all these qualities impressive.

In short, women want men to be attentive to them and keep them happy. So, by being thoughtful, you can not only impress a woman but permanently win her heart.

The next time you meet a woman you want to impress, impress her with your kindness.


Another quality that attracts women to men is ambition. Ambition does not always indicate a high-level position or a considerable sum of money. It can also apply to a strong interest in something, as well as establishing objectives and working diligently to achieve them.

Men who have a strong sense of purpose and guidance in their lives are valued by women. They want a man who is determined and inspired to be his best self.

When a guy is ambitious, it demonstrates his passion and perseverance. Ambitious guys are often concentrated and driven, and this can also inspire women in their lives.

They exhibit a sense of purpose and direction, which may appeal to those seeking a partner who shares their beliefs.

If you have no ambition, you will find yourself pathless in life. If you’re not going anywhere, no lady will take your hand.

Women value ambitious people who are diligent and devoted. Want a woman to find you attractive? Demonstrate her your passion!


Dependability is an underappreciated trait in men that women find surprisingly appealing.

A dependable man is someone who can be relied on to keep their obligations and promises. They arrive when they say they will and are dependable in both minor and large ways.

Women tend to depend on their partners for the smallest of things. So, if you are considerate of these things, you can win her heart.

Dependable guys are usually punctual and consistent in their behavior. They arrive on time for dates and appointments and never cancel or reschedule without a reasonable cause. They also fulfil their duties, such as paying bills on time and performing household chores. These routine things are very important in a woman’s view.

Dependable men are trustworthy in addition to being prompt and responsible. They fulfil their promises and communicate truthfully.

They don’t make promises they can’t meet, and they don’t justify their actions. These qualities increase their value in women’s eyes.

To conclude, a man who develops responsibility, self-awareness, and dependability will instantly attract a lady.

Physical traits alone do not make your personality resonate. The other qualities of your character matter a lot.

Of course, not all these qualities are present in a man. But having some of these traits will increase your chances of finding a girl.

Remember, it is not about the outside always, your inside makes a bigger impact.

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